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Palestinians welcome IOC's rejection of moment of silence
Roni Shaked
Published: 27.07.12, 10:11
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31. #13 JR
Mark Wilson ,   U.S.A.   (07.27.12)
No idiot, those Olympians were not killed because they were Olympic athletes. They were killed as a result of a political conflict that has nothing to do with the Olympics.
32. #14 Meghan
Mark Wilson ,   U.S.A.   (07.27.12)
No Meghan, you are the confused one here. Those Israeli athletes were not murdered because of their affiliation with the Olympic games. They were murdered for political reasons. They were murdered for a problem that has been festering for decades. Sports and politics have nothing in common. I.O.C made the right decision and I applaud them for that.
33. We pray for the QUEEN and for the strength of the nation
Eliau ,   Manchester   (07.27.12)
and this is how the Brits interact with the Jews. BBC denying Jerusalem as Israel's capital, the Olympic Committee deciding that it IS NOT WORTH to commemorate how the Israelis were massacred in 1972.
Tomi Budapest ,   Hungary   (07.27.12)
Brilliant idea from No.2 (Cohen). The FM or the PM can immediately act ! Let the Israeli flag have the black ribbon across. The IOC may reject the pain of the Jewish state,the PA may rejoice because of this. But Israel has the right ( and the duty )to commemorate even during the opening ceremony.
Israeli ,   Haifa   (07.27.12)
Precisely what it is! Pure hypocracy! Well said sir!
36. Londonistan Olympics
MK   (07.27.12)
Indeed its very hard to find the balance between honour and arab cash. Indeed its hard for this bunch of IOC crooks.
37. Show of Greatness
Neta ,   TX   (07.27.12)
Great Britain had the chance to show Greatness and missed it. This was a Great opportunity to remind the whole Great world we live in that the Olympic games are and should for ever be only a show of solidarity and unity among the counties and its peoples. NEVER AGAIN mix sports and politics which was exactly what the terrorist in Munich did, they "mixed". Great Britain missed a Great opportunity to show Greatness and!
38. @ Mark
Daniel ,   Belgium   (07.27.12)
Imagine a situation where you are walking on street and a 10 year old kid points a gun on you. You've got two options here, kill a child with all the moral and psychological consequences it represents or get killed. That's the reason why Muslim terrorist organisations use kids, while their parents are extremely proud that their children are taking part in Jihad against infidels like you and me. Read the reports about Syria, Irak, Lybia, Lebanon and so on. The same methods are used in each Arab country, terrorist bases, torture chambers, military warehouses are built under hospital, schools and even civil apartment buildings. So who has blood on his hands, Israel, USA, UK, France and every Western country who took part in a war against an Arab country, or the Muslims with their disgusting methods? Hiding among civilians, torturing people and attacking western civilians while they take part in competition, doing tourism or having a lunch in their own country. A tragedy occurred in 1972 during Olympic Games in Berlin. Israeli athletes were cold bloodily murdered by some reckless Muslim barbarians, while the Games weren't even postponed. Nothing was done in order to commemorate this tragedy 40 years ago and nothing is done today. Moreover, a Palestinian's Authority official sends a thank you letter to the IOC official, while they are responsible for this massacre, which represents an additional disgrace for us. If as a human being you don't feel the injustice and a new tragedy for the families of these athletes and for the whole Jews, then you are an insensitive pig and you don't even deserve to be called or even treated as a human. I suppose that 9/11, Madrid's, Mosows, London's and Belorussian terror attacks don't represent anything at all for you either? You have an extremely "wise" philosophy - "Live on people, shit happens, Arabs blow bombs all the time, one more, one less, who cares..."
39. #30 Kana
Andrew Brehm ,   Zurich   (07.27.12)
The children of Kana slept peacefully in a building next to a Hizbullah missile launchpad. Would you?
40. What a cheek !!!
GENESIS ,   Johannesburg   (07.27.12)
I cannot believe the chutzpah. Of the palestinians !!!! Just to remind you. IT WAS PALESTINIANS THAT MURDERED ISRAELIS IN MUNICH. Was this an act of " Love unification and building a bridge of peace among nations" !! Absolute crap ! His nation are the murderes who wrecked the peace of the Munich games. They should not even be allowed in the stadium. All the Arabs are threatening not to compete against the Israelis ! Is this building a bridge !!!!! They should feel guilty as hell and have a ceremony to apologise to Israel and the world. I have lost all feeling for them now ! I hope every Arab has to face a Jewish athlete and SUFFERS ! Am YISRAEL Chai !!
41. Tell me who lauds you
Mira ,   Vienna   (07.27.12)
and I tell you all about your state of mind!
42. IOC, when you lay with dogs, you get up with fleas.
leo ,   usa   (07.27.12)
We don't need your love....... We have the Almiiighty G-d's love and we are his CHOSEN PEOPLE and this is the reason why the world hates us. They can't come to terms with the fact That Israel is named a Nation of Priests and a Beacon of light for the nations. JEALOUSY that what it is .
44. So what's new?
Sidney ,   USA   (07.27.12)
Avery Brundage /; September 28, 1887 – May 8, 1975) was the fifth president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), serving from 1952 to 1972 These included Brundage's admiration for Hitler's apparent restoration of prosperity and order to Germany, his conception that those who did not work for a living in the United States were an anarchic human tide, and a suspicious anti-Semitism which feared the dissolution of Anglo-Protestant culture in a sea of ethnic aspirations.
45. SO why are the Palestinians considered a country at Olympics
What   (07.27.12)
If these decisions where not so off i would laugh each time. Alice in Wonderland indeed.
46. one minutes silence
richard ,   MANCHESTER   (07.27.12)
any decent human being will keep one minutes silence today. it was an evil act of terrorism against athletes not politicians or soldiers who were slaughtered because they were Jews. The IOC should hang it's head in shame
47. #30, #31, #32 mark (#13) - no, idiot...
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.27.12)
1. They were killed AT the Olympics; a venue that should be separate from politics but isn't. What would have happened if (G-d forbid) American athletes were killed? Would the IOC have a moment of silence (at least)? You betcha! 2. Please enumerate how Israel has the blood of children on its hands. You will, of course, count those children behind whom Hamas and Hezbollah hide, and those sent by them as human bombs to IDF checkpoints. Yea, right... (Thank G-d many of them were too scared and told the IDF that they had a bomb on them.) Read #13 JR instead of ignoring it, then respond.
48. #26 - (I can’t bring myself to write your nom de plume,...
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.27.12)
given your post I consider it an insult to our country.) They were killed AT the Olympics; it DOES matter. It’s a venue that should be separate from politics but isn't. What would have happened if (G-d forbid) American athletes were killed? Would the IOC have a moment of silence (at least)? You betcha! (Read post #13 JR. Warning: it is enlightening, so you may not like it.) We are lucky enough to be in the US. We have a lousy economy. People are struggling. But we are NOT being targeted by missles, suicide bombers, entire nations sworn to wipe us out. Yes, everyone has their own problems, but it is you who have lost perspective, not the others. Respect people of other nations and they will respect you.
49. Abbas the POS
Paltalk Doctor ,   Nanuet USA   (07.27.12)
Why is it surprising that Mohammad Abbas the POS that financed the Munich Olympic Massacre of Israeli athletes praises the Olympic Committee for not devoting a minute of silence.
50. # Mark Wilson
dapperdanman ,   Karlovy Vary, CZ   (07.27.12)
In those 120 years of modern Olympics, 187 million (Eric Hobsbawm) - 231 million (Milton Leitenberg) human beings were killed or allowed to die by human decision, hundreds of millions were put on run, vast majority of them became refugees who weren't allowed to return and were newly settled, deprived of their properties. None of those, who survived or were driven out of their homes, who were raped, tortured, bestolen of their childhood, none of all the Jews, none of all the Vietnamese, none of all the Basques, Czechs, Germans, Poles, Armenians, Chechens, Georgians, Russians, Philippinos, Serbs, Bulgars, Greeks, Ethiopians, Cambodians, Laotians, Tibetians and scores and scores of other tortured souls, most of them of genuine nations, found it necessary to go and murder athletes at the Olympics. And that's, what makes the murdered Israeli sportsmen special and that's also the reason, why the Arabs don't want the minute to be held. It would remind the entire world, what special scumbags they are and what have the Israelis to deal with.
PHARAOH   (07.27.12)
52. My Child gave the answer.....
GENESIS ,   Johannesburg   (07.27.12)
The IOC was responsible for the death of the Israeli athletes as they were "in charge" and had to provide everyone security. They FAILED and now they feel guilty and they want to stay as far away from their disastrous mistake. They are cowards. We have just had our own minute of silence and lit a candle to remember the brave Israelis at our Shabat dinner. IOC hang your head in shame "twice"
53. Mark # 6 The IOC not political....?
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.27.12)
They just booted a lady from Greece because of a post she made on Twitter! I remember the first time China entered womens gymnastics. The judges docked the entire team points because they didn't like their uniforms. The atheletes are supposed to make a fashion statement and they make it a part of the competition at the judges whim? The IOC is a joke. They have always been political.
54. #6 What are you talking about?
babawawa ,   new york, usa   (07.27.12)
The people who need to be commemorated were athletes murdered while participating in the Olympics, not some mythical maybes who might have done it. They were murdered because they were Jews, and they aren't being commemorated because they are Jews.
55. Why are these ladies determined to spoil Great Britain's big
Ivor Evenbiggerstaff   (07.27.12)
moment? There is going to be a commemoration to 1972, during the opening ceremony which will also encompasss 7/7 when British citizens were massacred on London's transport network. If anything I am hoping the crowd holds a respectful silence as the Israeli team enters the stadium. This would be the best way to show solidarity, and would send a message around the world
56. @48 Soloman it doesn't matter
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (07.27.12)
If Israel feels so trongly that there should be a commemoration of the Munich OOlympics. Then Israel should bid to host the Olympics pay up £9.2 billion to host it, and they can have as long a commemoration that they like. A plaque has already been unvieled in London, there will be a ceremony in Munich, that should suffice. Tonights opening ceremony is all about Great Britain and rightfully so, you can show your displeasure by not watching it.
57. If Only Life Had Any Value...
Neta ,   TX   (07.27.12)
We could only hope the IOC would heed the advice of President Obama and of Hilary Clinton to have a moment of silence and remember to respect their athletes who were murdered in Munich by terrorists. Then, all humanity and the Olympic athletes of today in particular, would feel they are truly respected and their life is valued (not only as athletes) but as human being. If only life had any value for the IOC.
58. REPEAT #13
FACTS: 2002 Winter Olympic - moment of silence for 9/11 victims. Well done!1990's Olympic - moment of silence for Bosnians. Well done! 2012 Olympic - moment of silence for Olympic athletes victims. Closing ceremony? Maybe? IOC save your face in the name of Olympic Spirit for the sake of future Olympic Spirit!
59. its a stain on the honor of the world. As for the arabs
they have no honor ,   jack bauer   (07.27.12)
60. Next one with 2 moments of silence
Palestinan   (07.27.12)
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