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US fears major Iranian threat in Persian Gulf
Published: 27.07.12, 11:36
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1. the US doesn't need its warships to begin with
zionist forever   (07.27.12)
Nuclear submarines that can fire Tomahawk missiles whilst submerged. Heavy bombers like the B2 which are invisible to radar launched from land bases to deliver a heavy blow early on in any conflict. Launched from either the US bases in the Gulf or even Israel if the US wants it. In Desert storm the B2 was used and it was used to knock out radar sites in the opening days of the war. Why not use them this time to not only destroy radar sites but also naval forces? Warships should not be used until the main threat to them has been eliminated but once it has then let those little sail boats go in and kick some ayatollah ass.
2. Fear not,Bambi will engage Mullahs and sing Kumbaya with the
ab   (07.27.12)
3. While we engage Iran what will our cowardly Jewish friends..
Mark Wilson ,   U.S.A.   (07.27.12)
be up to?
4. "Fear" not USA: fortunately we Israelis are here!
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.27.12)
5. But the plans DONT STOP at Hormuz
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.27.12)
The plans are open for anyone to see... First they are not planning a first stike of US Naval Forces. The idea is to simply turn up and 'police the Hormuz' and 'politely turn back unfriendly shipping'. 'Should any tankers though resist they will be sunk' Second and heres a bit of typical Ahmadinejad cynicsm. We fiirst attack 'soft targets..that are unlikely to retaliate..(and India Japan and South Korea singled out) to avoid confrontation with the US but will send a clear message to the US to note the might of Irans Navy and stay out of the Gulf Once the world accepts this new reality Iran will demand total control of the Gulf and 'its rightful historic claim to Bahrein and parts of South East Iraq and finally engineer a full coup detat in Lebanon And when? Only yesterday a SN comment from an excitable naval rating stated...'August will be Irans Olympic Showdown' Any clues?
6. 'Bout Time
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (07.27.12)
It is long since time that this information was released. There are no cakewalks. The US military has long known that there are no cakewalks. Maybe it will start to penetrate the thick skulls of troglodyte politicians.
7. So there is some work for the scenario planners
Yael Schlichting ,   Rosenheim (Germany)   (07.27.12)
The work is not to tell the public, how frightening Iran is. Their work is to solve the problem and find ways to neutralize Iran's military capabilities! By postponing action and appeasing Iran, the Obama administration helped Iran to build up its force! And now, the U.S. finds itself in the uncomfortable situation, that it must act from distance, so that its ships are out of reach for Iranian missiles. In case Iran blocks the straits of Hormus, this would mean, that it would take much longer to clear the straits. In an updated scenario, it would take weeks, until the straits is free again. I have the impression, that the Obama administration still did not learn, that Iran is using every possibility it gets to improve its military capability and whenever the West buys time for Iran, Iran uses for its aggressive strategies and purposes.
8. No surprise
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (07.27.12)
I predicted this scenario already three years ago, not because I am smart or have special information, but because even a nobody Talkbacker can see reality. What it means is that Obama has no excuse for having wasted three years of his presidency attacking the Jews and delegitimizing Israel in his attempt to make a new Arab state while abandoning American interests. He could have supported the Green Revolution, he could have challenged Hezbollah and Assad, but instead he did everything he thought would hurt Israel with no regard for America. Despite the Obamabots who will come to his defense, the fact is that Obama's will cause the needless deaths of innocent people and American soldiers. The only question is why did he do it, stupidity? racism? evil? I d not know?
9. Catherine Ashton is anti-Semitic
Ted Dexter   (07.27.12)
Catherine Ashton is anti-Semitic and pro-Hamas. She is well known for being friendly to radical Islamic preachers & making frequent statements against Israel. Its obvious that she is helping Iran (in collusion with Obama & the Europeans) by extending the talks indefinitely. Already 3 rounds of talks over with many months wasted. Next coming up are "expert-level talks", then "deputy-level talks" then more "P5.1 talks". This enables Iran to continue their nuclear work easily and rapidly. Its time this charade is trashed and Israel acts independently for their own safety & survival.
10.  Sanctions EPIC FAIL !
Ahmed Reza ,   Qom, Iran   (07.27.12)
Obama's much trumpeted sanctions against Iran have failed miserably ! Countries like India, Turkey, China are all actively helping Iran easily bypass the half-hearted sanctions efforts. Successful use of barter system, routing payment thru tax-havens, smuggling oil & goods across border etc....all effectively nullifying the weak sanctions attempts. Obama is a liar & wimp, only interested in his re-election. Only fools believe him. Sanctions EPIC FAIL !
11. Iran strikes again and again
Iran strikes again and again. So what do Obama, Ashton, Meir Dagan and their peacenik & liberal friends say now ? Wait till the mushroom clouds bloom over Tel Aviv and Israel, and still keep yapping "all options are still on the table".
12. In the first hour
Consideriser ,   Melbourne, Australia   (07.27.12)
the Israel and US Navy assets will be under water.
13. Why does it say that Iran has growing naval capabilities
Henry from New York ,   Currently in Israel   (07.27.12)
under an image of a US aircraft carrier?
14. hopefuly Iran can win
brian ,   Dublin Ireland   (07.27.12)
15. Isaiah 2:1-5
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (07.27.12)
This conundrum for all the Persian Gulf military strategists ties in with somthing I couselled on four months ago... "Russia Gave Israel Codes for Iran’s Missiles" How did Georgia feel about this ? A dud sale perhaps. This is reminiscent of the French giving the correct codes of the enemy exocet missiles to the Brits at the time of the Falklands war. The avarice of arms dealers is now clashing with the constraints of realpolitik. The ultimate logic of arms dealing is win/lose. Such myopic shenanigans are leading to dead ends of trust. They are proof that Isaiah's "Swords into Plowshares" prophecy can no longer be resisted. There is a peaceful way forward on the Iran/West front. Another dynamic must kick in. P.S. I repeat...Any "genius" strategists out there who are currently doing the math and deciding that a little war is justified and it is ok if 1,000 Israelis, 10,000 American servicemen and 1,000,000 Iranians die are actually extreme dunces. They should be moved to an easier government department like garbage collection perhaps. G-d has a funny way of working, nu ?
16. US leadership is the key
ky   (07.27.12)
And I have no doubt that Obam and Hill have the Churchillian qualities to win through, ( if you believe that then you will believe anything)
17. #3
Yaron ,   USA   (07.27.12)
First, the US will not engage Iran until it is too late. More than likely the US will enter the war once it is started by IAF destruction of the Iranian nuclear program. The US does not lead at anything but mucsle flexinig as can be attested to in the run-up to where we are now. The Israelis can defend is for our Saudi masters that we "engage" Iran. The only coward is you my friend....but that is not new news I am sure.
18. Brian from Dublin
Yaron ,   USA   (07.27.12)
You cheer for the forces of evil? Mark my words, you ignorant Irish will become the backwater hell hole that killed your countrymen during the potatoe famine. The Irish hatred and anti-Jewish behavior is unmatched even amongst the most despotic regimes. The economic hardship that has befallen your country is well placed and well deserved.
19. the endless stream
bill ,   canada   (07.27.12)
of misinformation from jewish sources; its lucky israelis are uniformed; any real information on israel would be depressing; keep up the good work misinforming israelis
20. To #3
David ,   montreal, canada   (07.27.12)
your cowardly Jewish friends are used to defend itself in a 360 degree and don't make a fuss out of it. The USA is no coward country, but you.....
21. 3
zionist forever   (07.27.12)
Whatever Barak says or the idealists would like to believe Israel does not have the capability to do this. Maybe about 3-4 years ago but since then Iran has modified its air defenses, buried sites underground and so today only the US are the only ones in the world who have the power to knock out the Iranian nuclear sites and destroy the program for good. If the US does nothing and allows Iran to develop nukes its consequences will reach far beyond Israel. First thing that will happen is Saudi Arabia, Turkey and possibly Egypt will all develop their own nuclear weapons programs. Saudi Arabia will just buy from Pakistan so they will get them very quickly and so we are going to have a situation where this region is the most concentrated nuclear weapons zone in the world and its one of the most unstable ones. Iran will be in a position to bully the arabs and once Iran gets nukes the US is not going to want to tangle with them. Iran has an advanced missile program, give them 2-3 years they will be able to deliver a nuclear weapon to mainland America then its going to be Cold War all over again but this side the MAD doctrine won't apply because one side is run by jihadis. What will your cowardly Jewish friends be up to while your bombing Iran, the answer is probably batoning down the hatches preparing for an Iranian missile salvo while you guys do what your best at ( dropping bombs on bad guys ).
22. There will be no war on Iran, only containment
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.27.12)
...and if war does happen, Israel will sit this one out, like the other regional wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to prevent the Coalition of the Willing Arab members from dropping out.
23. Air power rules.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (07.27.12)
24. # 12
Eagelbeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.27.12)
Only if they are submarines.
25. Some of the silliest talkbacks ever
esnuffnstl ,   USA   (07.27.12)
Firstly for being so naive as to trust this article, secondly for making this all about Obama. #8 by israel israeli takes the prize as being the stupidest.
26. #24
Consideriser ,   Melbourne, Australia   (07.27.12)
let me clarify for you. Your navy will be placed under water PERMANENTLY. That's in the first hour.
27. There is No Need for U.S. Ships in the Gulf
Edward ,   New York, USA   (07.27.12)
A show of force of large ships in the Gulf is not a deterrent its a target opportunity. The Navy should withdraw its ships from the Gulf and fight a standoff battle until the threat is eliminated. The US Air Force and Navy- based carrier fighter bombers can reduce the Iranian Navy, Iranian radar and missiles, the revolutionary guards, and the the Ayatollahs to dust. The is no contest.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (07.27.12)
Because,according to Sarah of USA,all computers in Iran are controlled by the Israel forces and any missiles fired from Iranian ships or land,will go roun the USA ships and come back to Iran to cause the destruction.Why worry?:)
29. "3
meir   (07.27.12)
your " cowardly friends" saved thes asses of your boys quite more then one time.In case your president husein would not bind our hands Teheran would not exixt anymore nor any threat .
30. ass-ton
JB   (07.27.12)
This aristocat is behaving the same way as most of the british aristocats did do during the nazi time. They cant get over that Britania does not ruling the waves anymore.
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