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Obama to give Israel $70M for Iron Dome
Yitzhak Benhorin, AP
Published: 27.07.12, 18:08
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1. US taxpayer here
sk ,   USA   (07.27.12)
One of the FEW things that Obama has done right!!! This is one of the best uses of my taxes, to help our ONLY true friend in a sea of hostile non-democratic nations in the Middle East. Ideally we should force the Mexican government to compensate us for the upkeep/expense of the 12 million citizens of Mexico in our country ILLEGALLY, which would free up more money for our buddy Israel.
2. Don't buy it!!!
Rickey ,   NY, NY   (07.27.12)
Everything with Obama is timing. He wouldn't give Israel a dried fig if it wasn't going to help him G-d forbid, win election. He is also timing it with Romney's visit to Israel. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, come visit Israel, etc. Be VEEEERRRRYYYYY suspicious of this man!!!
3. 70 m$ is a symbolic sum.
Eli ,   Raanana   (07.27.12)
4. Like the song says, "Can't buy me love".
Jake   (07.27.12)
5. Fixed it for you...
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (07.27.12)
"President announces 'unshakable commitment to his campaign' with the attempted purchase of the Jewish vote." He's just completely shameless at this point.
6. In addition to the Iron Dome I'd like to offer ...
J Galy ,   Hidden Valley, USA   (07.27.12)
a seven year peace plan. Be very careful Israel. Put your trust in Elohim not the US president.
7. Obama Gives Palestine $400M More Aid
Tom W ,   USA   (07.27.12)
Source: Guardian This fact must be repeated when the resident antisemite trolls arrive.
8. Obama and His 70 mil
Lynn ,   Knoxville USA   (07.27.12)
This character, Hussein O., is offering up the "princely" sum of 70 mil? Not because of his love and concern for Israel and its security of course, rather to try to influence many (most?) of the deluded Democratic Jewish voters who haven't been perceptive enough to accept the fact that HBO is an anti-Semite who feels some election heat and needs their votes and cash. Should he be reelected, God perish the thought, Israel will be in dire straits, as he turns on Israel. And what about recognizing Jerusalem as the legitimate capital of Israel along with the 70 mil? Won't happen.
9. Jerusalem as capital of Israel
david ,   montreal, canada   (07.27.12)
10. SK, USA #1..please read
Gideon ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.27.12)
I appreciate your love of Israel, However, what you do not realize is that this money from America, makes Israel the son and America the father, or Israel the man on welfare, and Israel the guy giving the welfare check. We can develop our own planes, weapons, bullets, etc....or recieve them from china, india, russia, etc. we will never really be independent of this leach called american foreign aid. you cannot buy our friendship, give us a green light to defend ourselves and that's all we ask....and we shouldn't even be asking for that. If Israel cannot survive without America, then maybe we shouldn't be here....We should be independent able to defend ourselves by ourselves...Thanks but no about stop giving aid to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and us as well, save that money to buy your country back from china....and pay people to better defend your borders....and let us deal with our own problems.
11. just a fraction
logic ,   usa   (07.27.12)
This money is a drop in the bucket considering Israel has been asking for help from Obama so that it can cover more territory with the Iron Dome, since Obama's policies have distanced Israel and empowered her enemies. One rocket from the Dome costs $50k. That's like shooting up a new Mercedes Benz car into the air for every Kassam rocket.
12. elections
Fad Egypt   (07.27.12)
it is just for the elections , nothing more , Obama also made a surprise to Israel he okayed cruise missiles to Egypt !!!! vote obama out next NOV !!!! shalom
13. media just repeats itself over and over
moti ,   usa   (07.27.12)
the $70 mil is part of an annual $205 million military partnership between rafael and raytheon. 205mil is indeed a grant which the US releases in increments 70mil over here 50mil over there, as of 2012 it stands at $205 for the whole year, the $70mil also rose up 2 months ago when barak came to the pentagon so it not just money always handed out, but the media loves to repeat it self to make the sum look huge as if israel is always looking for money
14. $70 million ? A bribe for "Jewish Suckers"
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.27.12)
16. Obama friend? Wht friend starts a fire in your backyard?
tf ,   herzliya il   (07.27.12)
I am of course referring to the Muslim Brotherhood and events in Egypt. None of which I would describe as an act of friendship or concern for Israel and her long time security.
Zimbi ,   NJUSA   (07.27.12)
18. #2...right on
Malone ,   Hfx   (07.27.12)
Nobamaman wouldn't have done this if Romney wasn't slated to visit Israel..Romney visits...nobamaman sucks up...he is so obviously pathetic..
19. As "unshakeable" as Arafat's quivering lower lip.
Jake   (07.27.12)
20. $500 aid per Israeli per year is enough, pay for it yourself
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.27.12)
21. #10
sealift67 ,   northern calif   (07.27.12)
you are nuts! without the F-16 we would have bankrupted the IAF with the Lavi even with US engines. Without re-supply in 1973 after the tank battles and air losses there would have been mushroom clouds across our borders. US goes well beyond dollars. Joint exercises, joint technology including anti-missile technology. There are no "leaches" here rather a shared commitment. The aid to Egypt was agreed to by Israel with the Treaty. For Saudi it is not aid it sales, $, otherwise going to Russia. Oh, I forgot, AWACS recon, dozens of other programs. Israel has greatly reduced non- military aid. You must have a self-esteem issue.
22. Its his Ramadan Gift? Also Cruise Missiles to Egy[pt
Alan ,   SA   (07.27.12)
23. Coool...
Israeli1   (07.27.12)
more free money, keep it com'n america... suckers!
24. No amount of US $ will make up for Obama's
Shep ,   Memphis, tn USA   (07.27.12)
Screw-ups in foreign policy. Just look at Syria ornEgypt to see what Obama would do.....nothing but sit there like a bump on a log.
25. a political bribe from a liar who has worked tirelessly to
endanger Israel ,   jack bauer   (07.27.12)
26. Obama fools only those who want to be fooled
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.27.12)
Obama has demonstrated his unremitting hostility towards Israel for the almost four years of his presidency. Obama urges Israel not to save herself by destroying Iran's nukes, because he things it might hurt his election prospects! Now, on the eve of a hard fought election, he makes a show of being nice to Israel. Obama fools only those who desperately want to be fooled.
27. $70 Million
Andy ,   Canada   (07.27.12)
Likely the best investment America could make. The rule of thumb for R&D between Israel and the U.S. is that Israel develops weapon systems or high tech or bio science for a third to a quarter of what it costs in the U.S. As Israel's ally, the U.S. gets full access to the weapons systems and can use them in challenging areas like South Korea. Best yet, the Iron Dome is already battle tested and has proven itself to be successful when used appropriately. The next waves of technology to make this defensive system even better are all underway now. This isn't a gift for Israel. It is a new defense system developed by Israeli brains, Israeli money and U.S. money. It is a defensive system for all liberal democracies the world over.
28. #9
Harold ,   USA   (07.27.12)
Tell me one country has its ambassy in Jerusalem because it is not. Tel Aviv is the recognized capital of Israel.
29. $70.00 million for Israel security
Harold ,   USA   (07.27.12)
We, Americans, need this money here to help the poor and the needy and not paying for weapons that Israel can use for its security. Wealthy American and International Jews can help Iseael if they realy respect and love Israel. Take Edelson as an example.
30. It's all politics
Bertram ,   London,UK   (07.27.12)
I think across the political spectrum most would agree that US presidential candidates - like politicians everywhere - attempt to manipulate the media to their advantage. So this announcement quite rightly should be put in its place. Two points, though: 1. The demonizing of Obama is at the expense of putting Romney on a pedestal. The latter failed, in leading the Salt Lake Olympic Committee in 2002, to call for any event (not even a minute's silence) to mark the 30th anniversary of the Munich massacre. I guess he will want to redeem himself in Israel following his less than diplomatic behaviour in London. 2. Re international recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, am I right in thinking that no country has an embassy there? In which case, the current US administration is simply reflecting this and continuing the policy of all previous governments.
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