Israel, West need Romney in White House
Shaul Rosenfeld
Published: 29.07.12, 20:26
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PHARAOH   (07.29.12)
2. isreal and west need romney
cory ,   tampa, usa   (07.29.12)
The writer of this article is incredibly biased, with no appreciation of reality. The numerous false and misleading statements and assumptions about president Obama are staggering. Have you ever heard of stuxnet? What about the numerous economic sanctions against Iran? Are you blind to reality, or can you not accept anything but war mongering in the image of George Bush. Romney is a puppet of the rich, a complete fraud and flip flopper and somehow Obama is the bad one. Obama has done more in 3 years as far as the war on terror and numerous diplomatic issues than Bush accomplished in 8 years of waging war with the hubris of a teenage cowboy. The world is not black and white, it is numerous shades of gray and a multitude of close calls that should shape people's thinking, not the incessant need to wage war against people you disagree with, Grow up!!!
3. Mitt Romney & Israel
Matthew Lubic ,   Talent, Oregon   (07.29.12)
Neither the U.S. nor the West needs Mitt Romney in the White House. Irael's needs to give him a seat in the Knesset. Would you please send someone to come get him? Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.
ZIMBI ,   NJUSA   (07.29.12)
5. the united states
marshall garneau ,   minneapolis, mn.   (07.29.12)
non-lefty Democrat: Of course some in Israel want Romney to be the President of the United States. Someone so ill informed that Israel can call the shots on our foreign policy. There is rising anger at the grass roots about Israel in the U.S., and eventually you reap what you sow.
6. the world
sue ,   jerusalem   (07.29.12)
needs romney to win. OBAMA is a dangerous man that cannot be trusted. his word is as good as toilet paper.
7. What is this crap?
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (07.29.12)
Obama sided with Islam? Are you serious? So sided with Islam that he made kill Ossama Ben Laden !
8. Romney Will Not Win
AbY ,   Canada   (07.29.12)
It is exactly these kind of inflammatory, racist and bigoted comments that will ensure President Obama will be re-elected and increase his wide support over Romney amongst American Jews. I suppose after that you will come begging for forgiveness and ask the U-S to bail you out after you launch your much anticipated strike on Iran. Don't be offended when the White House puts your call on hold.
9. Promote moderates
Steve Brown ,   Phoenix, Arizona, US   (07.29.12)
By speaking highly of the good portions of the Islamic faith when in Moslem countries, Obama is trying to convince the Islamic world that the West is not wholeheartedly against them. This can only HELP Israel by promoting Islamic moderates and taking away arguments often made by Islamic radicals.
10. Romney and Israel
Ben Kafka ,   California   (07.29.12)
Hasn't Israel learned that Romney will say anything that seems popular at the moment.. Ben Kafka
11. CORRECTION: Israel needs BIBI to go to the Kotel and fast...
Sarah ,   Jerusalem   (07.29.12)
for Israel.... Our nation needs to return to G-d wholeheartedly.... We don't need Romney or the US. WE NEED G-d!!!
12. The need for Romney article.....
Dave ,   Memphis, TN USA   (07.29.12)
It is sad that it takes a column from Israel to point out what I have seen for so long - that Obama is a farce, even a front. He IS a puppet of the far left, liberals mainly in America and supported by others from Europe and elsewhere. What happens when he gets off the teleprompter? His genuine views come out, though they have no depth, but this act is what he has bought into and what has bought him power and fame and fortune. He really doesn't know what he believes other than he loves living in the limelight and off the public dime and he will love being out of the White House - even more than Clinton - where he can truly be ogled by the media and adoring supporters. How dumb is America to be so duped? Bush was far from perfect, Romney will be as well, but at their core they have the right intentions, unlike Obama. I hope that all supporters of Israel will subscribe to the views you have presented here. Also, let's all HOPE AND pray for the needed CHANGE in Washington, for America, for Israel and for the world.
13. always blame another
bill ,   canada   (07.29.12)
Obama is left; israel is right; your leaders have nothing in common with Obama; the right wing has proven itself incompetent in advanced nations; more suited to struggling police states like israel north korea iran and others
14. #2. cory: "isreal" -like "montreal"?
Tom W ,   USA   (07.29.12)
Your inability to properly name the subject you are opining about, is a sign of diminished mental capacity. As for bashing the "rich", mind you, the biggest plutocrats are members of Obamao's supporting circle: he can charge millions for a dinner plate and your hated "rich" - like Soros and Hollywood moguls - pour billions to support the "community organizer". Sorry, Israeli Jews are not falling for the N.Y.Times propaganda pieces and the DNC PR pamphlet.
15. Gun control may be the issue to decide the election
Tracy W   (07.29.12)
It may not be the economy or Israel, but it may certainly be the government's attack on American citizens' right to bear arms. Those who want Romney to win must concentrate on this issue. The media will try to tell you that the anti-gun ownership move by the US and the United Nations has failed. This is calculated strategy by the media to make voters complacent so that this issue can be taken off the presidential campaign. The U.S. State Department announced, however, that the effort to coordinate the banning of small gun ownership by citizens with a UN treaty will be revived after the November US election.
16. to #6
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (07.29.12)
It is easy to claim that obama has done so much. Care to spell it out? Do you know more than rhetoric? Yeah--he has done so much that unemployment has made no progress in lessoning. He has insulted small business owners. He has instituted a health reform tax!! ( yeah, call it what it is) He has basically declared war on any American citizen who works for a living and is not on an entitlement program. He has hung Israel out to dry. ( and yes, that is last because if Israel were the only issue--but Israel is just one in a long list of wrongs done by Mr. Obama!
17. obama is bad for israel
david ,   new york   (07.30.12)
but worse for america
18. Mitt Romney
Sergio ,   Rehovot, Israel   (07.29.12)
Mr. Rosenfeld, You are making ridiculous and false statements about Obama. Romney is nothing more than a scam artist politician trying to gather votes. Most Jewish voters in the US can tell the difference between a real friend and a politician. Judging by his actions, Obama has been a real friend to Israel and he will have my vote again.
19. 8 you dont know a hud about Israeli determination
Israel will takes its decision as it took it many years ago against Irak. Even against the ok from the Americans
20. War with Iran
Bonnie Thompson ,   Lagrand, USA   (07.29.12)
I agree that we should back Israel if Iran does more than threaten. It is my thoughts that this could bring on another world war should it be allowed to escalate. Please use every means available to negotiate with Iran and the madman that runs that country so that weapons won't have to be used.
21. Romney said he will renew ''Anglo-Saxon'' ties with Britain
Ron Paul ,   USA   (07.29.12)
which gets my vote but I'm laughing to myself at how much that comment ( not reported in the American MSM funnily enough) must have made US Jews and Israelis spit. LOL . Some Jewish writer called Max Fisher wrote an angry op-ed suggesting that my tribe of Anglo-Saxons does not even exist. Boy, was he pissed. Too funny!
22. Romney = G. W. Bush
Vik ,   Oakland, CA, USA   (07.30.12)
Romney will follow party politics and thus it is probably safe to believe he will be another George W.
23. Obama supporting Israel
Mike j ,   Guthrie,Okla.   (07.29.12)
Being a friend of Israel doesn't mean we should hate Muslims...
24. You can keep him
mrxexon ,   Pacific NW USA   (07.29.12)
Romney is a zionist bootlicker. He's owned by big business and the Israeli lobby any. If this man gets in the Whitehouse, we'll have to add another wing for Netanyahu. x
25. dear shaul the checkbis inthe mail
Sheldon A. ,   las vegas   (07.29.12)
26. Hello
Joe ,   New York   (07.29.12)
Obama is no good to Israel
27. Lies
AmericanJane ,   New York YSA   (07.29.12)
28. Republicans Will Sell Out Israel - Again
Doug Workman ,   Los Angeles USA   (07.29.12)
Ronald Reagan sold Israel (and the US) out to Iran and Hezbollah *before* he got in to office, George H. W. Bush tried to cut off aid to Israel if settlements weren't halted. Gerald Ford stood idly by while the UN passed Resolution 3379 declaring Zionism Racism. All three while declaring there support for Israel. They are friends of Israel when it is politically expedient but will flip-flop there position when necessary. Obama *privately* disagreed with Bibi only on new settlements. But the majority of American Jews trust Obama.
29. Absolutely right
Brod ,   USA   (07.29.12)
Rosenfeld is absolutely right. Romney must win to save the Free World from Islam-Jihadism led by Obama. Romney needs to counter Obama's negative ads defamining Romney by producing negative ads on Obama. Obama should be exposed as an Islamist who bows to the Saudi King whose Saudi terrorists attacked America on 9/11. Romney needs to recruit more aggressive and brilliant political strategists and managers to run his campaign. He needs to do this quickly. Time is running out.
30. Nobody needs Romney to win!
g ,   Israel   (07.29.12)
If anyone has been paying attention to what he's actually been saying about his so called policies - he wants to go back to exactly the same ones as they had under Bush Jr. The world cannot afford to go back to the kind of policies that gave us the global economic recession and the Iraq war. And his Republican cronies all care about the ultra rich and telling women when they can or cannot have an abortion - God help us if Romney becomes President!
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