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Chinese destroyer enters Mediterranean via Suez
Roi Kais
Published: 29.07.12, 19:07
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1. Another hungry guy who wants to become a global player :)
Obsessive ,   Turkey   (07.29.12)
2. It only takes minutes for our I.A.F to...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.29.12)
Sink that Chinese ship. Judging by the quality of Chinese products, I am sure that I am being too generous by giving minutes. A more correct estimate would be seconds...
3. Funny, Sarah
Larry ,   Israel   (07.29.12)
So you think BibiBarak are going to sink a Chinese ship?
4. Chinese war ships
Roxy ,   Israel   (07.29.12)
Maybe they will bring us decent chinese food!
PHARAOH   (07.29.12)
6. Not One Of These Rust Buckets R A Threat
INETFRAUD ,   US/IL   (07.29.12)
Ridiculous maneuvers just to create a 'presence'. On the water, these old world vessels would be obliterated in minutes by the West. No way China can bring its naval forces en-mass to the Med and abandon their positions protecting their mainland. This is a pathetic move. So China supports genocidal dictatorships: so be it. Perhaps a slow weening off of business with them will create some realism. As far as Russia; they're there just to show a presence also; they're already talking about evacuating their people from Syria (in case of war) because they know they just don't have the metal to deal with it. Just posturing. I can't wait until the iranian 'navy' (if you could call it that) is obliterated along with all of its ports for constructing warships (if you can call them that LOL!). Their whole naval presence and ability to launch anything but a skiff will be taken away from this reckless brood of war-mongers. And they deserve it.
7. SDarah dont wory.Its Chopsuey delivery from Wongs Takeaway
Alan ,   SA   (07.29.12)
8. China is already a global player...
peter   (07.29.12)
To be a global player is not just having lots of military hardware. It is the economic .. a sustainable economy . In wartime, the economically bankcrupt nation would not last long and may have to sell their carrier on Ebay.... LOL
9. Your IAF lost to Hezbollah without air force...
Peter   (07.29.12)
What makes you think IAF is superior against Chinese tech.. Heck , you guys lost to Hezhollah in electronic warfare ... There are many not shown.. 3 minutes... hahahaha 3 minutes your entiere IAF get shot down.
10. yes,... I cannot wait to see China fire her ..
Peter   (07.29.12)
Carrier destroyer missiles. Floatting coffins are outdated .. today it is the missiles that rules the world ..and China has the technology to finish of the carrier groups with Russia and Iran .. all have developed missile tech years ahead of any US has. But then China is more a trading nation ... and that is important. Dont play play with Chinese people... they within Just 20 years became the world's number 1 country and still grouwing without talking about the wealth of the overseas Chiese as well. Good thing China is there to show solildarity with the Russians, Iran , syria..... Dare to take on ? Have the money? Dream on if you still have a job after the war and defeated.
11. #3 Larry
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.29.12)
And why not may I ask? I have full confidence that our air force can and will sink the whole Chinese navy if need be... Don't be a chicken butt Larry, have faith in our military...
12. You really want to get into a war with China?
B ,   NYC, NY   (07.29.12)
And you really think the US will be interested in fighting China for Israel? China has some pretty nice technology actually, and they are more than capable of dispatching a small country like Israel if they need to. All of your posturing is frankly comical. You might want to demonstrate that you can take out Hizbollah before you graduate to a power like china.
13. Sarah B
walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (07.29.12)
Don't overestimate the power of Israel, USA, Europe... etc. China can crush our global economy and military, they have all they need to destroy the Earth. Finally, if you don't appreciate their manufactured products, stop to buy your clothes : your rags in the nearest Wallmarts... Ha ! Ha ! Ha !
14. Chinese Takeout
grodd ,   USA   (07.29.12)
How much are they charging for delivery?
15. I strongly pity Sarah B she is out of touch with this world
John ,   Jerusalem   (07.29.12)
16. That ship is not about us!
Tom W ,   USA   (07.29.12)
Please cut the inane bravado. The Chinese/Russian military maneuvers are messages to the West to back off Syria. Israel is not a participating actor - at least, not yet in the Syrian saga. Nevertheless it's clear that the Russo-Chinese military alliance will protect their vested interest and it means Iran as well. Mind you, the public has no influence over the Russo/Chinese gov.ment's actions, whereas there would violent anti-war protest in the West - as always - should a conflict arises. Obamao is no match for the Russians. The West is in chaotic socio-economic conundrum, not in a position to challenge Putin.
sam ,   cairo   (07.29.12)
To your knowledge, the China have degrees Industries although the industry is not good what they were America imports so many from Chinese industries
18. Peter#10
Aaron ,   Toronto,Canada   (07.29.12)
Peter you haven,t got a clue regarding Chinese technology.I,ve done business with china for over ten years and they couldn't draw a straight far as technology,theirs is what they stole from somebody else.To bankrupt china all the Americans have to do is put a 200% import tax.
19. it could dock in Haifa
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (07.30.12)
China is not an enemy of Israel.
20. Mark it down as an interesting, but empty bit of symbolism
Cameron ,   USA   (07.30.12)
Just symbolic projection & imagery. Hardly the move of a truly serious player.
21. Delivering egg rolls, maybe?
Arik Silverman ,   Chicago USA   (07.30.12)
22. #12 B
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.30.12)
Are you aware that we have the best air force in the world? Are you aware that we can destroy the Chinese navy in less than 24 hours? Don't underestimate Jewish resolve idiot...
23. Sarah B.
Dovid ,   Paris, France   (07.31.12)
Please stop talking, you're making us all look really stupid
24. Israel and China
Josh   (07.31.12)
Don't overlook the fact that Israel sells a lot of goods and services to the Chinese, including even some defense items. China is becoming an excellent market for Israel to export to. And, Chinese generally like, admire and respect Jews. There is even a book in China called "How to Succeed Like the Jews" or something similar to that. So please, calm the rhetoric, the Chinese are NOT Israel's enemies!
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