Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Iran brings forward nuclear timetable
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 30.07.12, 00:05
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1. The CIA said 2014
Matt   (07.30.12)
So that is what you have to create a 2014 deadline, that is what covert action achieves, create history. MI6 comments on Iran and the bomb. No mistake that all US forces were to leave the Stan by the end of 2013.
2. With Obama & Ashtons blessings
Amos J   (07.30.12)
With Obama & Ashton's blessings, mushroom clouds will be rising over Israel very soon. Its been confirmed that even though the P5.1 talks are dead, the process is being being kept alive & dragged on indefinitely through "expert-level talks" and other such technicalities by Ashton solely to prevent an Israeli strike. Netanyahu and Ehud Barak should note the P5.1 devious tactics and take action against Iran on their own.
3.  its ISRAEL thats being fooled.
For everyone's benefit, its ISRAEL thats being fooled. There is a huge nexus that has formed between Obama, Europe & Iran under the leadership of crafty Ashton to create an illusion that the problem is being solved to prevent an Israeli attack. All of them benefit if there is no war while Israel alone loses when Iran gets the bomb. Netanyahu should go ahead and attack immediately before its too late.
4. And the next round of talks
D Kaplan   (07.30.12)
And the next round of talks scheduled in Tahiti or Hawaii. Obama, cunning Ashton & Europe are stringing it along nicely ! They want to prolong the talks so that Israel will have its hands tied while Iran continues merrily on its nuke work. The zone of immunity is almost reached. Israel should attack immediately.
5. Bomb technology is 60 yrs old.They just need refined Uranium
Which is why they are insisting on continued uranium enrichment. Amazing how the EU and the useful idiots don't want to know what Iranian stalling tactics are all about.
6. No proof they're building anything
Good ,   USA   (07.30.12)
If the war like occupiers can have them other countries should too even though this is a civilian nuclear program. Israel started the nuclear proliferation in the ME no need to cry over it now. What do the settlers say build baby build? Build baby build! How does it feel to build baby build now ;)
7. Who's afraid of big, bad Iran?
TaylorT ,   Earth   (07.30.12)
Israelis, of course. They're absolutely petrified of the third-world, shithole that is Iran. To add to their paranoia, their nation is completely helpless to stop Iran. That's why they've been incessantly whining for the US to do their dirty work for them. It's hard to have hatred for such people. Pity, however, is easy.
8. If Iran is no threat to the US
Stephen in New York   (07.30.12)
why is Iran developing ICBMs that can reach the US? And why does Iran experiment with launching short range missiles from cargo ships?
9. Good is nop damned Good!
Reuven   (07.30.12)
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