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India says Iran behind Feb. attack on Israeli diplomat
Published: 30.07.12, 09:43
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1. 'Iran behind Delhi attack' ... duh!
tf ,   herzliya il   (07.30.12)
2. The time is HIGH, to kick the mullahs asses !!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.30.12)
3. How Many Times Has the ILLEGAL regime in tehran
Been Caught Committing TERRORISM/FOMENTING TERRORISM? The Is Right To Bomb All Nuclear Sites And Rufuges Of government and military!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Since India admits Iran attacked it, it's time for sanctions
Avi   (07.30.12)
The aspiring super power should show this war-like attack cannot be made without severe consequences.
5. Orders from on High
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (07.30.12)
It must be determined how high in the command and control structure did the orders come from. Also, the trust dynamics between the Iranian and Israeli leaders have changed dramatically for the better in the last six months since this attack. In April 2011 very few people would have believed there was a chance Gilad Shalit would be released in October of that year. There is a way to measure trust just as there is a count the bullets left in a chamber of a gun. Obviously however trust must be tempered with caution and reason. Wearing rose coloured glasses can lead to dangerous myopia.
6. #5
yosef ,   williamsburg US   (07.30.12)
No clue what your point was.
7. It would be better to enter talks.
Az   (07.30.12)
People with nothing to lose have no reason to cooperate. Iran has things to offer, you have things to offer in exchange. Pushing Iran to the brink and provoking a war helps nobody.
8. Correction
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (07.30.12)
"There is a way to measure trust just as there is a way to count the bullets left in a chamber of a gun."
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