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Erekat: Romney's comments unacceptable
Associated Press
Published: 30.07.12, 15:26
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1. You will have to get used to it!
Mira ,   Vienna   (07.30.12)
Jerusalem (not only the Western part, but the whole of it) waw, is and will always be the centre of the Jewish World, even every Christian will admit it, their Lord being a Jew. It has never been one of your capitals, you took it by force and now the Jews are taking it back. With the coming on of Romney as a president you will not have such a biased supporter as Obama any more. Your last chance: Come to the negotiation table without preconditions! The tides are turning! Beware!
2. Boohoo, Jerusalem was the Jewish capital
Mikey   (07.30.12)
3,000 years before the Palestinians were invented.
3. insolence
joemoer ,   Israel   (07.30.12)
of course jerusalem is our capital..what did this so called palestinian saeb think. just because these settler arabs can fool half the world does not make it fact....
4. Erekat! They all promise to do this!
Yerushelami   (07.30.12)
Every US presidential candidate has promised to move the US embassy from TA to Jerusalem, and they never do. To a man, they have all found a reason AFTER being elected, to reneg on this promise. As for Jerusalem being the eternal capital of Israel: GET USED TO IT BUB!
5. Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel!
E1   (07.30.12)
Without taking in account the facts will never be possible to reach a lasting peace
6. Yep as the good Book says
Galut ia ,   Selah   (07.30.12)
Jerusalem is a cup of trembling for the nations.... of these days their going to take the good book seriously
7. I wish to ask Mr. Erekat: When has Jerusalem ever been the..
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (07.30.12) city of ANY other people or ANY other state, other than that of the Jewish people, in both ancient times as well as in the modern era.. You know the answer, as well as we do: Never! So, on what basis do you deny Israel's RIGHT to have Jerusalem as its capital city and for others to recognize as such? And, on what basis, other than arrogance, do you claim to have it as the FUTURE capital city of a state that doesn't exist and has no basis in law to come about? P.S. The Chief Negotiator refuses to negotiate. Have you ever thought about it...??
8. "Absolutely unacceptable?"
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.30.12)
To: the ersatz "Palestinians" So, have the ersatz "Palestine" Authority declare war against Mitt Romney. Idiots! You could have had 95% of the West Bank and East Jerusalem as a capital, but you chose to start the second intifada instead. That was a mistake, but it was YOUR choice. Now you want everyone to forget about your stupid actions and your stupid decisions, and start from square one. It isn't going to happen. You had your shot (actually, you have had several), and blew them all. Sorry, but you're fresh out of chances. Your pathetic attempts at reinserting yourself upon the international stage when no one wants anything to do with you losers is patently obvious, and laughable. Your day in the sun is over. Start packing. You're going home.
9. No such thing as "West Bank"! Only Judea & Samaria!
Father Abe   (07.30.12)
and Jerusalem is it's capital!
10. Romney stated a fact. you can't argue with facts
ygalg ,   israel   (07.30.12)
11. Erekat , for god's sake , go home !
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.30.12)
12. @Sarah B.
PaulZion ,   Israel   (07.30.12)
I agreed with everything that you wrote except for your last sentence. Besides that, what you said is absolutely right! Just one additional rejoinder to Erekat: Giving in to the PA and not declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, would be a reward for terrorism and butchery. There is a Hebrew saying: Yachas gorer yachas, or in other words, if you want consideration? Show consideratin, Mr Erekat!
13. salma @ 11
Moragh   (07.30.12)
Except for some arab country or other, where is erekat's home? For sure it aint Israel! Is he... in all truth.... a desert man like the rest of all the so-called Palestinians?
14. # 8
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (07.30.12)
Yes Sarah, you raise some cogent points. Then you say they are going home. OK, but where exactly is this "home" you speak of?
15. I Love Sarah B!!!
Eran ,   Melbourne Australia   (07.30.12)
Bad Ased Jew ,   United States   (07.30.12)
My hero one US Presidential candidate says it like it is. Jerusalem, ALL of Jerusalem belongs to the nation of Israel. There is no palestinian nation, there are no palestinians, just fakes who've held Israel as a ransom for their continued threats to the Nation of Israel. This formerly democratic family is voting for ROMNEY!!!
17. #13 Moragh , his home is in Jericho .
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.30.12)
you know where is Jericho , don't you ?
18. Tough luck, Erekat
Russ ,   Tzfat   (07.30.12)
If Romney gets in and stands by what he says, the arabs living in Judea and the Shomron will have to adjust accordingly. Bezrat hS.
19. They only upset about Jerusalem
Israel   (07.30.12)
Because it further legitimizes Israel as a Jewish state! Their claim to it as the capital is absurd and purely is used as a means to create conflict and delegitimize Israel. How big of a deal is Jerusalem to Islam if it's barely mentioned in the Koran in comparison to Mecca.
20. # 14 Mike
Bad Ased Jew ,   United States   (07.30.12)
I personally know a "palestinian' who admitted his home is in Jordan. Given the chance to 'return home' many honest 'pals' ( I remind you there is no palestine) will go to the arab nation they came from. Certainly, no muslim wants to be considered a Jew by living in the "Israeli" "Jewish homeland" as stated by the UN.
21. Romney's comments unacceptable
mat ,   uk   (07.30.12)
palistinians dont like to hear the truth just like it was said by a us senator palistinians state is a big bluff what were they before 1967 arafat has drumed it all over the media and he succeeded tell enough lies all the time and people will belive it
22. The Palestinians seek to establish a state in ALL of Israel
Sam ,   Canada   (07.30.12)
The Palestinians are just playing propaganda when they say they seek a state in the West Bank and E. Jerusalem. They say this because they seek an easy handover of this territory. In fact, they seek all of Israel through a right of return but for political correctness purposes they can't say this. It's about time that Jews, at least, stopped being so naive and stop contributing to Palestinian propaganda.
23. He's not worried - next war not far away
NudNik69 ,   Displaced by ARABS   (07.30.12)
...all these no-hopers will be forgotten OR more than likely - DEALT WITH PROPERLY as they should have been done 65 years ago. New ME Order coming and it wont include these filth.
24. To All Commentators
Harold ,   USA   (07.30.12)
No Country in the world exept Israel and Romney feel that Jerusalem is actually the capital of Israel. So Romney and who believes his ideas are just building castles in the air.
25. #4 They all promise to move Embassy
ltrail ,   United States   (07.30.12)
Every US presidential candidate, to a man, have NEVER, no not EVER, promised to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. I know. That has been my desire for forty years. This man, the only man, is the FIRST one. God. Please bless the State of Israel beyond all measure.
26. Erekat enraged by hearing the truth!!!!!
Jouko ,   Finland   (07.30.12)
It is very healthy for the Palestinian leaders also to hear somebody to speak the truth to them. The truth may hurt somewhat but it has finally healing effect for all the concerning parties.
27. First Good Thing I've Heard About Romney
emanon ,   USA   (07.30.12)
But I still would not vote for Rommel, I mean Romney. (They are so close politically, it is hard to tell them apart sometimes.) I think he will see America out to the arab oil interests as soon as the threaten his net worth. Same for any position Romney has about Israel: it is for sale if it will boost his net worth. All Romney cares about is himself and his money.
28. Harold the capital is not felt, it's where parliament is
Baruch Shimshon   (07.30.12)
And the Knesset is in Jerusalem. Every country knows that. Once the USA shows the way, many countries will open new embassies in the proper place.
29. Maybe its because Fayyad was right
William ,   Israel   (07.30.12)
the "Palestinian cause" IS marginalized. But let's face facts. Regardless of what Ramallah and the Munich terrorists turned leaders today want to believe, the fact is - Jerusalem is, at this moment in time, the capitol of Israel. You don't have to like it but it is a fact, just as the sky is blue, and no amount of ignoring it will change it.
30. 24
illiterate, it id castles in the sand, not castles in the air. where did you learn your english? is saudi arabia?
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