Online pedophile ring exposed in Israel
Eli Senyor
Published: 31.07.12, 08:04
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1. castration is a good cure for them
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (07.31.12)
2. Use these scumbags instead of testing on animals!
Talula ,   Israel   (07.31.12)
They are bacteria - they are the lowest vilest people on earth. I hope that after such a huge operation, they will be sent to prison for a long long long time (preferably hanged). The judges need to think about the innocent and vulnerable children who could get caught up in their disgusting web.
3. Herzl Won
Larry ,   Israel   (07.31.12)
We are a nation like all nations, with any pretense of holiness gone.
4. the boys
pedofiliza   (07.31.12)
UGH!!!!!!!!!! what abnormal horrors!
5. To catch a predator.
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (07.31.12)
They are usually filmed and arrested on the spot in the US. Chris Hansen interviews them when they arrive to meet a teenage girl and then they are arrested upon leaving the residence. Those disgusting people come from all walks of life, so don't be surprised to find out who was caught in your sting. They need to be exposed so people know who they are and how they operate. Way to go N !! I hope you catch all of them.
6. computerized operation
observer ,   Egypt   (07.31.12)
suspects are educated, with experience in identifying minors on the web... Advances in chip production haven't included advances in safe use of those ships. how might have they identified minors on the internet if those hadn't uploaded their images. ENEMY FROM WITHIN.
7. No one from north TA
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.31.12)
They are a protected class. That's also why the media cannot be completely free to run wild with its own exposés.
8. So the Rabbis are right after all
Moe   (07.31.12)
that internet is dangerous.
9. good
sr.b   (07.31.12)
punish the caughted ones the un....ones will fear .. and to the girls famiy must learn them not to fall in these traps by using this operations
10. How Disgusting of You
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (07.31.12)
I find it disgusting of you , and certainly not of them , to try to preach morals and protect kids from sexual abuse when you often caused the death of children and women in times of war . American soldiers often rape Iraqi teens and yet they get away with it citing their tormented lives back at home . Also, the US Army officer who was held responsible for "My Lai" massacre of children and women in Vietnam was able to escape justice ( US president Richard Nixon pardoned him !!! ). And Mohamed, " prophet " of moslems, entered his second wife,"Aisha", when she was barely thirteen . Well , murdering children is surely a heinous and unforgivable crime . But that's not case when it comes to having some fun with them... Abdel Karim Salim Sharif Jerusalem
11. To #8, Moe:
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (07.31.12)
I was waiting for this. The internet is not dangerous, and the Rabbi's espousing this kind of nonsense, do more damage than good. Pedophiles are dangerous, NOT the internet. The same argument holds for making women dress modestly, to prevent men from attacking them. Very poor logic. Pedophiles are criminals. They use any and all means to trap children. Rather than blaming the internet (which is stupid), parents need to be better parents, and children need to be educated. Blaming the internet only worsens the problem.
12. #8 Moe yes you should destroy your computer now
Haim ,   TA   (07.31.12)
13. #11 of course internet is dangerous, needs regulations
lilo ,   tel Aviv   (07.31.12)
It is idiotic and irresponsible to say the contrary. Internet allows the worst things to be online because of lack of any control, limits or regulation. Hence the worst guy can act in total impunity, and the bored one can just follow, "watch" and therefore become an accomplice and sometimes dependent, and in the end an actor himself. Like everywhere else, regulations and LAWS are needed, and f course SANCTIONS. No impune place is good for human beings, esp when it comes to sex and we are surrounded with it all day long everywhere, and guys who are frustrated and not very elevated and able to say "no". Online cyberpornography and pedopornography is maybe 99% of the web, I heard, and goes to amazing extremes, including rape, etc, so time to clean all this and put limits to those people who can't masterize themselves and find a girlfriend/wife. Even their brain is polluted for ever with horrors after that and they usually repent. It is a drug. Poor schmucks, poor world, poor us.
14. And now ZERO TOLERANCE ! !
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.31.12)
for these beasts.
15. Hard to believe that supposedly intelligent
m r ,   israel   (07.31.12)
men, some with families, would stoop so low. Let's have names to shame these perverted beings.
16. #10 Grow up!
Jew ,   Israel   (07.31.12)
This isn't a platform for you to shout off at thefirst opportunity you get about how much you hate everyone. You clearly have absolutely NO idea of how many innocent people are targets of Islam - just because they happen to have been born Jewish. First take a good look at yourself, get your own house in order, then go knocking at othe doors your Idiot!
17. #11, Right, Guns Don't Kill People; People Kill People
Rachel ,   Jerusalem   (07.31.12)
The internet is not dangerous, pedophiles are. Iran is not a threat, nuclear weapons are. Infiltration doesn't steal jobs, illegal migrants do. And of course, Haredim don't dodge the draft, draf-dodgers dodge the draft. You wouldn't play innocent if someone announced that firearms are dangerous and could lead to innocent deaths.
18. Haredi Rabbonim
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (08.01.12)
Just in case you didn't take too seriously the poweful condemnation by Rabbonim of children accessing the Internet, you've now heard from secular sources just what lurks out there in cyberspace. Protect your children.
19. Internet to blame?!
Cassandra ,   Israel   (08.01.12)
Do you people know what is going on in nachlaot Jerusalem?? About 100 children are being treated for rape and sexual abuse by a ring of pedophiles operating over years--the biggest story of its kind in Israeli history. Most of these kids do not have Internet! We need to protect our kids and know what they are doing--online and in "real life." unfortunately I have seen many poor and haredi children who have no Internet become victims of pedophiles. Internet is not the problem.
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