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Lebanon: Cosmetics sector boycott comes under the knife
Published: 31.07.12, 18:09
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1. Even Nassrallah uses Israeli Suntan and Beauty Machines .
Alan ,   SA   (07.31.12)
in his dark underground hideout.
2. They use so much money boicotting, that the are dum
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (07.31.12)
Are they befeting from the products? Ate these products are making the people better? Or are they being poisson but such products?. They should also boycott all the computers they have since most of the procesors are made in Israel, The shouldnt use Windows XP, Winndows Vista and Windows 7 since those systems were developed in Microsoft Israel. If they really want to boycott Israel maybe half of the country will be paralized jajajaja
3. Quality Wins Out Every Time
emanon ,   USA   (07.31.12)
4. Yes, I heard Nasralah uses AHAVA products for his rough skin
Efraim ,   in Virginia   (07.31.12)
5. Hypocrites
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.31.12)
Just wait until they or somebody they care about gets seriously sick and likely only Israeli medication can save their lives, curious whether they will stick by their principles then. Oh yeah and somebody should tell them to get rid of all their computers and other high-tech stuff, because that's all from Israel as well.
6. I sure do hope...
zelig ,   memphis u.s.a.   (08.01.12)
I sure do hope that the Lebanese don't mind having their pictures & conversations recorded by those "medical" lasers. And I hope that they don't mind that the information & data gets piped STRAIGHT to Mossad headquarters ; ) And by the way,Mr. & Mrs terrorist in lebanon,the secret ingredients in your ahava products don't come from the Dead Sea.They come from Dimona . Better dust off your geiger counters before making an application ; )
7. If the Lebanese are upset about Israeli products
William ,   Israel   (08.01.12)
then shouldn't they be ending their usage of computers, Internet security, arid irrigation systems, and return to landline phones in place of mobile phones?
8. We're not all like that...
Joe ,   Sydney, Australia   (08.01.12)
Dear William, this hateful campaign does not speak for most of the Lebanese. The bulk of us have only ever wanted to live in peace with all our neighbors but unfortunately, our Syro-Iranian "masters" dominate just about everything we do and take just about everything else we have. The only people in Lebanon today, who are allowed to have a voice are those who stand by Pan-Arabist, Syrianist, and Persian ideologies. If it's not too much to ask, I hope you will let your people know that most Lebanese have great respect for Israelis and the Jewish community - it's just that we are currently not allowed to show it.
9. In case you didn't know...
Joe ,   Sydney, Australia   (08.01.12)
Dear Zelig, in case you didn't know, Israel has had many Lebanese allies in the past and in the last few months, many of these allies are being caught out by Hezbullah and other freedom hating communities. This is proof that this so called "boycott campaign" does not speak for all Lebanese. Most Lebanese want peace and respect to flow both ways across the Lebanese-Israeli border but at the moment, that is not possible because our government is merely a puppet of Syria and Iran. I hope you can understand what that means.
10. Stupidity at its finest
David ,   Israel   (08.01.12)
Nowhere Man ,   Metropolis, Zion.   (08.01.12)
As reported in a former Ynet article, israeli porn websites that have registrated the highest popularity among foreign arab internet users are those featuring female israeli soldiers in uniform playing sexually dominating roles.
12. thank you
Rhea ,   lebanon   (08.01.12)
thank you for all the equipment and cosmetic products, i hope they will reconstruct what israel missiles has done to the people... to bad we are living in a world strictly and highly depending on hi tech product...
13. More Lebanese ethnic cleansing?
SG ,   Teaneck   (08.01.12)
14. to #12 great return to basics, that means
ghostq   (08.01.12)
donkeys as transportation, and for heat you neat to rub two stones.
15. #8 - Hi Joe - I do know that
William ,   Israel   (08.01.12)
I've met a great deal of Lebanese who knew me as Israeli and welcomed me warmly. I'm sorry to give an impression that I thought all Lebanese were violent racists. I was only responding to the article. It may be worthy for you to know that many Israelis want peace with the Lebanese and to travel to Beirut for the food and sun, trek through the Bakaa Valey hills, visit ski slopes, exchange stories and wisdom, and enjoy life together. Alas, as you said, we're all victims of the Syro-Iranian and Pan-Arabists who sacrifice everyone on all sides for their own hateful agenda. I pray for those like you in Lebanon who are under the yoke of violent Islamists and would be used as human shields in a war with Israel.
16. Why go halfway?
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (08.01.12)
Why not ban all products and technology invented by Israelis and Jews? Cell Phones, Polio Vaccines, Radio Scanners, hundreds of new types of medical technologies, Intel Computer Chips.....etc. That should throw these hypocrites back to the Stone Age where they belong!
17. Thank you William
Joe ,   Sydney, Australia   (08.02.12)
Thank you William. May God bless you and your people and have mercy on those who oppress us.
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