Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Iranians disregard Israeli threat
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 31.07.12, 20:43
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1. The New Month
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (07.31.12)
"Israel may reach this point by the end of the year or the middle of 2013 – depending on Khamenei's actions." Mark my words...August 2012 is going to be a very interesting month.
2. iran will be nuclear, dont wast your time
inconito   (07.31.12)
you lose your time, and energy. the Pentagon and American military have already gotten a head start by stating publicly before the commission and the senate, that American military force cannot prevent a nuclear Iran. bomb if you want, it will change nothing the "know-how" is there and it's possible to destroy it, the Iranians can rebuild all they need from zero and in secret places impossible to discover. your hopes are called, a chimera
3. iran i would not cash that check
mark ,   usa   (07.31.12)
Historic irony is a work... My hunch is after olympics and before election we're going to be so up close n in your face you will be crying uncle that you did not load your stock pile of U235 on a pallet and called Washington to come and pick it up when you had the chance. Historic irony = Obama needs to look presidential. The flip side of american politics.
4. as long as Bibi and Barak are in charge Iran is safe
CHAIM.S 54st. ,   brooklyn ny   (07.31.12)
Iran has nothing to worry about,they know full well,that as long as these two self hating leftist cowards " Bibi and Barak" are running Israel,nothing will happen to them, They and the rest of the world have been watching for the last 4 years,as thousands of rockets have been launched from Gaza,and these two criminaly insane leftist arab loving cowards,did not lift a finger to put a stop to this
5. #1...We should be friends !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.31.12)
6. Iran is not a joke ...End
Prace makers ,   Palestine . Hebron   (08.01.12)
7. Slightly naive
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (08.01.12)
I don't think Israel will be worried about its "image" by being blamed for deepening the economic crisis when its existence is at stake. Also, while the foreseen oil crisis would be bad in the short term, it might be a blessing in disguise if it gets US politicians off their lazy, lobby ass-kissing behinds and authorize new drilling in the US. We have decades worth of oil here that we can't touch because environmentalist whacko hypocrites would rather see us go bankrupt on "green energy" before drilling a 5-acre oil field.
8. Just hold me back game
Peace makers ,   Hebron , Palestine   (08.01.12)
warmongering and threats are illegal under the United Nations, Israel just play the game hold me back with the international community to blackmail the US military weopons and funds
9. Good analysis, but no Iranian nukes, they don't need one
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.01.12)
...unless they are attacked, then they will need one, or two, or three. Iran is a sleeping giant, let them sleep, do not attack Iran, you will be sorry for the next 100 years, if you still exist as a "Jewish State." But, maybe that is what Israel wants, perpetual war to justify Greater Israel, and to divert attention from the occupation of Palestine, all the while the world pays with blood and treasure for Israel's religious insanity.
10. P5.1 & Ashton are back-stabbing Israel
Frank Baum   (08.01.12)
P5.1 & Ashton are back-stabbing Israel. Its been confirmed that even though the P5.1 talks are dead, the process is being being kept alive & dragged on indefinitely through "expert-level talks" and other such technicalities by Ashton solely to prevent an Israeli strike. Netanyahu and Ehud Barak should note the P5.1 devious tactics and take action against Iran on their own.
11. Enough is ENOUGH !
Enough is ENOUGH ! And the next round of talks scheduled in Tahiti or Hawaii. Obama, cunning Ashton & Europe are stringing it along nicely ! They want to prolong the talks so that Israel will have its hands tied while Iran continues merrily on its nuke work. The zone of immunity is almost reached. Israel should attack immediately.
12. they will run
jeff ,   miami/jerusalem   (08.01.12)
bomb their one oil refinery and that will destroy their economy. if it comes to survival give the mullahs a taste of the kosher H-Bomb. by by iran.......can u spell annihilation
13. Seal The Caves
Brett ,   Florida   (08.02.12)
I've said it before, but YNet won't post it. To put a stop to Iranian atomic warfare, is the same thing they have planned for the rest of us. EMP their asses back to the year 700 AD. They like living that way anyhow. But obumbler won't move the U.S. ships out of the way. Iran knows full well that even a low yield detonation over Israel, or the U.S. would melt and fuse every semiconductor in range = goodbye ALL electronics. So do it to them first!!! No immediate deaths, just a return to the stone age.
14. Netanyahu will do anything to remain in power
Sarah B (No not her)   (08.02.12)
and that is the real danger to Israel. Declaring a war on a country with more combat veterans than Israel has people would be a stupid mistake. I have sent my son away, my daughter is about to join him, I am not prepared to sacrifice my children so that Netanyahu can lengthen his political career. Their future is away from Israel in America
15. The Iranians have spent the last 35 years
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (08.02.12)
figuring out how to defend themselves from US attack. This is why both the Israeli and US military are very actively trying to prevent an attack on Iran - they know how futile it will be and what the terrible consequences for Israel and the US will be. Iran may not "win" in the end, but the US and Israel will certainly LOSE everything when it is all over. Only a suicidal fool would attack Iran.
16. Feverishly working on nuke
Brod ,   USA   (08.02.12)
The fanatical Islamist-Jihadists-Ayatollahists are feverishly working on their nuke so that they can accomplish their evil intention of annihilating Israel as Ahmadinejad has announched to the world repeatedly. If the world does not get it, it is sleeping. Why they are not deterred by sanctions is because it is all part of the show. They know that the closeted Islamist is just spewing craps to fool the world. They know that he is helping them by stalling Israel from defending itself. This would enable them to have ample time to hide and attain their nuke. Israel should not be fooled and distracted by external interferences and clouds of craps to insure its survival. The clock is ticking.
17. #9.benass - blaming Jews for all the World's problems
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (08.03.12)
Nothing new from the Anti-Semite's playbook as we have heard this all before a thousand times before. From the church, nazis, commies, arabs, the failed U.N. countries, and all the losers who look to shift the blame away from their own problems and failures.
18. #17
David ,   NY   (08.03.12)
wake up brother, iran did not bomb anybody. they have not started any wars with anybody. It is israel that can not live without wars. they just can not look in the mirror and see the ugly truth about themselves. it is not antijews. it is just the way Israel is. War mongering state.
19. #18 --:"brother" David -- you are not related to me !
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (08.03.12)
Iran is biggest sponsor of state terrorism in World. Iran - Iraq war lasted from 1980 to 1988. 100,000 civilians on both sides. Iran had about 500,000 soldiers and militia killed.. Iraq had about 250,000 soldiers and militia killed.. Nice freindly people you support #18. YOU should wake up !
20. #15 spyguy
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (08.04.12)
And what would you suggest: sit down and relax while Iran develops nuclear weapons? A very clever idea. By the way, Seattle looks like a perfect target for an Iranian ICBM. Duck and cover!
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