IDF readies to enlist haredim
Ynet reporters
Published: 31.07.12, 14:45
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1. Its time to pony up...Israel needs every abled body to
Al   (07.31.12)
protect the country. If my Canadian born kids can serve then no one has an excuse save were they insane, handicapped or infirm. The enemy will not discriminate between you all. Their intent is very clear, they want to kill you all. Its time to pony up. God bless all of our soldiers.
2. simple solution
nadav ,   tlv   (07.31.12)
1) Draft the Ultra-orthodox men into the army 2) Draft Arab men into the National Service. 3) STOP the conscription of women into the IDF and national service, leave it voluntary, this will vet out which women want to serve and save hundreds of millions to accomodate the draft of ultra orthodox and Arab men into the IDF and National Service respectively...
3. Draft them or jail them
Haim ,   TA   (07.31.12)
About time those lazy bums got off their holy asses !
4. Noooooooooooo
Bianca ,   Rehovot, Israel   (07.31.12)
Please no. Leave them be. Imagine the trouble they will cause in the army trying to enforce their beliefs on the entire army. Nightmare. Take them to National Service for their crowded communities........Please, don't take them
5. Kedushah vs The Tumah MAY THE KEDUSHAH PREVAIL
Moe   (07.31.12)
While there are mass celebrations these days of haredim throughout the world celebrating a Siyum Hashas, another completion of the cycle of studying the entire Shas, the only thing the secular are worried about is drafting haredim into their immoral corrupt army in order to secularize the more haredim the merrier. May the Kedusha prevail.
6. #1 Simple Solution
Draft the 70% secular draft dodgers. They neither serve the state nor they serve G-d.
7. Why is no on talking about drafting Arabs?
Chaim T. ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.31.12)
stude ham   (07.31.12)
9. #2, All Arabs must be integrated into society, same as Jews
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.31.12)
...including Arabs in Israel, and in the future, Arabs in the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. Integrating all of Palestine Israel, Arabs and Jews, into Two States, One Country. Embrace the future.
10. great timing
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.01.12)
So everyone: the poor, senior citizens, handicapped, all will pay additional taxes so that Israel will have the money to draft Haredim that the army neither wants or needs. To starve the weakest member of society just to attack the Haredim is a new level of stupidity.
11. don't draft Haredim...
Josh   (08.01.12)
Just stop paying them their benefits and subsidies. They will quickly figure out how to find work, just like all able bodied people.
12. Hey aren't they supposed to serve too, from 20 up?
Az   (08.02.12)
WTF TSNF. Besides, zealots are badass.
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