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In message to Peres, Morsi expresses hope for peace
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 31.07.12, 17:27
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1. Decent 1st step
Aiman ,   Jersey   (07.31.12)
no one should be upset this took place.
2. don't get excited. his definition different from ours
ralph   (07.31.12)
3. Blessings
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (07.31.12)
Credit where credit is due. This attempt at opening up the lines of communication and trust building in the region by Egyptian President Morsi should be commended. If the right command and control structure and vision for the Middle East is heeded, all parties and nations will benefit. Win/win is not a trite concept. Prayers for Egypt.
4. Mohamed Moooorsy !!!
5. Arafat would be proud of him....
6. Makes sense:Get to the Weakest Link! (also most calcified)
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.31.12)
7. Not bad but ... !
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (07.31.12)
I trust him as I trust Cobras.
8. co-existing would be on egypt's head, not Israel's.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.31.12)
9. With all due respect to Peres, what does he have to do with
leo ,   usa   (07.31.12)
matters of peace and war. Shouldn't it be a prerogative of a government and PM first of all.
10. @1
agreed. and hope that this letter is not a form of islamic takkiya.
11. president elect Morsi Question
Do You consider yourself a eygptian first or a arab first?
12. Remarkable
N ,   N   (07.31.12)
The letter of the Egyptian President is quite short but remarkable nonetheless: (a) It has been sent to the "President of the State of Israel" (b) And futhermore the "Israeli people" are recognized as one of the peoples of the region. (c) And peace is considered a common aim of the two countries ("I am looking forward to excerting our (!) best efforts..")
13. Everything will be very ok as long as ...
Keren ,   IL-BR   (07.31.12)
...he doesn´t push Israel into land and other concessions with the already known "peace process". We have had enough of such an old lulling/stab-stab/lulling. They-muslims-have a long way to prove to Israel they are trustful. As of now,I haven´t seen in the horizon any clue about such proving besides the current pat -on -the -shoulder changing between silly Peres and probably very cunning Morsi (and his friend Obama).
14. Saudi Arabia will replace US foreign aid to Egypt
Mike ,   Haifa   (07.31.12)
Morsi is playing his hands very smartly. With one letter he portrays a moderate image to the international community and gets himself out of under US pressure and threats of cuttng foreign aid. But gradually Egypt will throw off this us umbrella. And the Saudi regime will be more than happy to supply Egypt with the 2-3 billion dollar aid which for them is mere pocket change.
15. Morsy has denied that
observer ,   Egypt   (07.31.12)
he received congratulation lettern from Peres in Ramadan. That letter posted on the internet is fake, end of story.
16. because it's fake
observer ,   Egypt   (07.31.12)
why isn't the letter stamped with presidential seal as usual?
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