Israel, PA ink first economic deal since 2002
Avital Lahav
Published: 01.08.12, 14:25
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1. It's a bad move and more proof Likud must replace Bibi.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.01.12)
The last thing Israel should do is empower the terrorist P.A. This is a bad move and more proof that Likud must replace Bibi. This is yet another betrayal of everything Likud stands for and everything most of Israel consistently votes for.
2. Its a bad move also for us palestinians
Marek ,   germanya-westbank   (08.03.12)
because Bibi is supporting Fayyad and Abbas collecting taxes from people who are under so much economical pressure. If Bibi stays away, the PA will get the hell away from us and we will live peacefully. PA is just a group of thugs who want to steal as much as they can from palestinian people and they do not care what manipulation they can use of the people of west bank! whether provacating them (us) to blame israel or whatever, i am typing since long time, ciao.
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