PM to Panetta: Time running out on peaceful Iran solution
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 01.08.12, 17:00
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1. Eema always said
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (08.01.12)
"actions speak louder than words.". So far all Iran sees are words...
2. Why never a clear ultimatum?
Frank ,   Switzerland   (08.01.12)
Why is it that Israel always says that a military option is always on the table and not something like " We will guarantee to attack Irans nuclear facilities if a certain point is reached"? Wouldn't this be much more scarry to the Iranians?
3. Netanyahu & Barak
Frank T   (08.01.12)
Netanyahu & Barak should not fall for these time wasting tactics. Its absolutely clear the the West is collaborating with Iran in delaying tactics. Obama, the anti-semitic Catherine Ashton & Europeans are trying to save their economy, not in the least bothered about Israeli survival. Israel should attack immediately on their own as no one will help them.
4. You Speak The Truth, Bibi!
emanon ,   USA   (08.01.12)
Sadly, regardless of who is in the Oval Office, you will be hung out to dry if Iran is not stopped cold on the first try. Be careful, be sure and be accurate.
5. August, a perfect month to attack
Nora Tel Aviv   (08.01.12)
Yes, there is no logic Israel attacking Iran w/o Obama`s consent. Yes the $ and the Euro will suffer from a Hormuz blockade. But...nothing is more nightmarish to Israel than a nuclear Iran . Even if the price to pay could reach 30 000 thousand israeli home front fatalities.
6. Sanctions won't work. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.01.12)
It's time to end this stupid and very dangerous game. We all know sanctions will never work against an enemy that has invested billions of dollars to build nukes. Against and enemy which believes it will gain enormously from buildiing nukes. An enemy that almost has built nukes. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
7. It Feels Good to Say Bomb Iran
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (08.01.12)
There is no doubt that we can attack and bomb Iran destroying their nuclear facilities. We may even spread nuclear material around will cause illnesses resulting in a horrific death for individuals, innocent or not. If we simply bomb Iran we will accomplish nothing more than creating sympathy for Iran and its campaign of worldwide terrorism against Jews and the United States. The only answer for a military option is to completely decapitate the Government including the Black-Eyed-Mullahs who all must be done away with returning Iran to a secular nation with the ability to once again bring stability to the region.
8. Does the U.S. understand?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.01.12)
What does the current administration need -- flash cards? Whether via Gantz, Barak or Netanyahu -- the message is clear, and hasn't wavered: Israel is going to make its move, U.S. election year be damned.
9. Panetta...all hat no cattle
Sam ,   Texas   (08.01.12)
All he does is talk, while Iran continues to enrich. Israel is right to act in it's own interest, not in the interest of Obama, the megalomaniac whose #1 concern is getting himself reelected
10. Bunker busters a peaceful solution for all but iran.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.01.12)
11. Waiting Until They Have the Bomb is Not Kosher
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (08.01.12)
Iran has violated 4 UNSC resolutions re: enrichment. It deceived the IAEA for years, until an activist group revealed its secret. It consistently uses the same rhetoric..from peaceful purposes only, to we need to talk (again), to the added centrifuges are not intended for military purposes, to stopping shipping if attacked and finally, Israel will be history if anyone attacks Iran. Obama has no policy other than to appease the mullahs and Ahmad..he is looking to the elections and warri9ng with Iran will LOSE him votes now. (Can we be surprised at this?), Hillarys said if Iran nukes Israel, the US will attack Iran's military. Hey guys, what if Iran attacks WashD.C, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, NY, get my point and Tel Aviv, with suicide bombers, sleeper cells, and offshore missile boats? History revealed that had Germany been attacked afte 1933, most likely WW2 would never have occurred. And what have we learned really? Syria is a test for the West...and we are failing badly. Taking Assad out, and creating a democracy among the Sunnis..stops Iran, which stops Hamas and Hez. But dont hold your breath. A nuke over Tel Aviv, Haifa or Jerusalem..and its all over but the wailing. My question, why wait to attack Iran's nuke sites..until they get the "bomb". Then forget it.
12. To #8: Does Israel understand?
Frank ,   Switzerland   (08.01.12)
The message of the US to Israel is clear: If Isreal starts to do stoopid things on its own that threatens US- citizens lives or the recovery of the US economy, the US will have to clean up the sky or the deep sea, "the unshakebable bond" damned.
13. #2: Oh, you are scaring me
George ,   San Francisco, USA   (08.01.12)
Oh, you want to give an ultimatum to Iran? Be my guest. The world will laugh at you. Iran is not scared of the little bully or even the big bully.
14. Friendly relations
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (08.01.12)
Panetta has chastized Israel for not having good relations with other countries. Of course, those other countries want to destroy Israel. He is showing how it should be done. That is, how to have good relations with other countries. You smile, and shake hands, and say nice things, while your President eliminates any reference to Jerusalem as Israel's capital from US government policy statements. That's how it is done.
15. #5 Armchair generals will manage this war?
Jake   (08.01.12)
If the heads of all of Israeli security agencies, past and present, and the Chief of Staff of the IDF, the head of the IAF, etc. are OPPOSED to an Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities without American involvement, it means that they know something more about Israeli military capabilities than the armchair generals posting on the forums. It means they do not believe that Israel alone can destroy Iran's nuclear capablity, and failure to destroy it will lead to Iran accelerating its nuclear development, not abandoning it.
16. The constant menace
listener ,   jerusalem   (08.01.12)
Prime Minister informs us, everyday, since many months ago, that we soon attack Iran. What this means?
17. the IllEGAL regime in tehran Listen Up
Where There Is No Guidence, A Nation Falls, But in an Abundence Of Counselors There Is Saftey
18. There never was a peaceful solution
Jean-Pierre ,   Austria   (08.01.12)
Arab League Agenda- Destroy Israel, manipulate the world and its own people to believe all false facts and to be against Israel. US Corrupted Politicians Agenda - complex, cheap oil from saudi, suppress Israel to keep the arabs happy. Israel Agenda - Being a homeland for the Jewish people of Israel. A reborn of ancient Israel. It is really simple to make peace, make peace with Israel.
19. The world is not asking for Iran
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (08.01.12)
to halt it's Nuclear programme. The only person doing so is Netanyahu. What the world are demanding of Iran is that it enriches Uranium in a totally verifiable way to ally fears that they are enriching beyond the necessary percentage required to fuel nuclear reactors and for medical purposes. That is Netanyahu's major problem, alongside the really big one, which is that there is zero evidence that Iran is trying to achieve parity with Israel.
20. Unbelievable
Sarah B (No not her)   (08.01.12)
people talking of 30,000 dead Israelis as being a price worth paying. Israel on her own cannot stop Iran fro pursuing their nuclear programme. Get real people
21. #19 Zero evidence
Jake   (08.01.12)
Iranian parity with Israel? And what evidence do you have of Israel's capability in that regard? Nada. Zip. Just idle speculation. Knock yourself out.
22. We have hear the same story since 1992
George ,   San Francisco, USA   (08.02.12)
Bibi has been claiming since 1992 that Iran will have nukes within a year or two. We are still waiting. When will people realize that the little boy called wolf too many times?
23. # 5. 30,000 dead worth it ?
Philip . ,   Afula Israel   (08.02.12)
You must be out of your mind.
24. #23 a hard choice
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.02.12)
Harsh but true: 30000 dead Tel Avivians is preferable to 2 million dead Israelis. That said, I think that an Israeli attack on Iran is stupid, and Barak and Bibi are fools. In my opinion, they should have shut their mouths and let the US and its Arab allies handle Iran. But you should not be surprised by such stupidity. Remember that Barak is the man who has FAILED in every single military action since 1982. His only success is getting rich and getting elected.
25. #24 Too many coffins.
Philip . ,   Afula Israel   (08.02.12)
30,000 is far far too many. The state is not more important than its people . For whatever reason Bibi seems incapable of keeping things in proportion,in any event the decision is thank goodness, not his alone so that hopefully sanity will prevail.
26. #21 Jake
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (08.03.12) Explain that away then
27. Isreal&Iran
dazalax ,   west azerbijan/Iran   (08.03.12)
Do you not hear what you are saying? It is all threats from USA,EU&Isreal, but only defensive words from Iran. You all are threating Iran and what do expect Iran to do? Just sit quiet and take it? Also do you not realise that you all are helpping the islamic regime's cause to survive! This is helping the islmic "£$%^&* to surpress any oposition and if there are any attacks on Iran , obviously most opposition will rally behind the hated regime because of the country like when the "£$%^&* arabs invaded Iran in 80s and you can not trust the MEK trators either! So be go out and play nicely together!
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