'If I were an Iranian, I would be fearful in coming weeks'
Published: 02.08.12, 10:49
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1. Shut up...learn to shut up you fool...
Al   (08.02.12)
2. Better high explosive now
Shlomo Dan   (08.02.12)
Better high explosive now than nuclear warheads later. One can live with the former, but the land will be contaminated after the latter. Nip the Ayatollahs in the bud ! Iran already has enough 20% enriched Uranium for 4 nukes (just 1 is enough to wipe out Israel). Attack Iran now !
3. Not before the RG
Tim ,   Brighton   (08.02.12)
seize Hormuz It is their one best chance of least resistance to secure extreme leverage to break sanctions
4. Problem for Israel
Sarah B (No not her)   (08.02.12)
is that the Iranians are not scared of Israel. Hence the increasingly desperate and more bloodcurdling threats we hear from time to time by the same faces. I find they usually occur when netanyahu is falling in the polls. The problem is Netanyahu wants Iran to stop all nuclear activity, whilst the rest of the world just want a verifiable enrichment process. Netanyahu realises that when this agreement is reached in the next twelve weeks he will be in an impossible situation with the Israeli electorate. Hence within the next three months Israel will be at war with a country with more combat veterans than Israel has people. And you wonder who the crazy person is.
5. Iran
Sarah B ,   nahariya/london   (08.02.12)
It seems to me that the only people supporting an attack on Iran are the self haters on the right, who are trying to destroy the jewish people, not from evil, but through ignorance and stupidity and a lack of vision. These self hating Jews have nothing positive to say. Not about the diaspora, nor about Israel nor about the Jewish people. These are our true enemies.
6. Now or later
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (08.02.12)
one way or another Iran will be hit. With obama's weakness and his game playing no wonder Israel can't count on obama. obama's unreliable and the Israeli's know that and, so does Iran. If Israel does strike Iran, America has no choice but to join her as an ally. That's what obama fears most. He can't sing this one away and, he knows it and, so does Iran.
7. # 4 Wondering who the crazy person is
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (08.02.12)
Hence within the next three months Israel will be at war with a country with more combat veterans than Israel has people. Remember how Israel was outnumbered in 1948?
8. @4How do you intend to move troops from Iran to Israel in
large numbers? By seasoned combat troops do you mean the martyr children sent running over landmines or the veterans of Sadaams war decades ago, now in their 4 th 5th &6 th decades? Talk about out of contact with reality.It certainly is not the real Sarah or Netanyahu who has access to up to date intelligence as opposed to your half baked,ignorant polemics.
9. #4 Sarah B (No not her)
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (08.02.12)
And what would you suggest: sit down and wait until Iran has (and uses) the bomb?
10. You can never be an Iranian thanks God...
Iranians are dedicated people that know no fear...
11. war between Israel & Iran is inevitable now
zionist forever   (08.02.12)
Even Obama has come to realize that diplomacy was dead before it was born and sanctions have not had the desired effect and so we either do something now or deal with a nuclear Iran later. If Iran get nukes Saudi Arabia will buy nukes from Pakistan whilst Turkey and possibly Egypt will start their own nuclear weapons program. Israel of course already has the things. Try and imagine Israel, Saudi, Arabia, Iran, Turkey and Egypt all nuclear powers. Iran also has an advanced missile program and its only a matter of time before they develop ICBMS which can reach mainland America. Stick a nuclear warhead on top of it and Obama better move to a nuclear bunker so this is about alot more than Israel and after the election whoever wins Obama or Romney will probably attack Iran in 2013. Israel will of course end up in the firing line of Iranian missiles even if its America that attacks because Iran sees America and Israel as part of the same pie so they will fire missiles at Israel. Hezbollah will also probably open up another front from Lebanon and if they get hold of Assad's chemical weapons they will use them. Unless Iran decides to use diplomacy and give up their nuclear program odds of which are very low then no matter who attacks Iran Israel will be attacked.
12. Go Israel, Go
02.08.2012   (08.02.12)
You can count on God for sure, but NEVER, absolutely NEVER count any other country who will come to your aid. Remember one important thing, I know of not one country on the face of this Planet who has the courage to lift one little finger. They are all boo hoo hoo mummy boys!
13. Have courage Israel...
Moragh   (08.02.12)
and remember you have a God mightier than all of the enemies bombs! And by the way, I wonder where their "god" hides out? I guess it's just another 'man on the moon'!
14. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah...
Israel Watchdog ,   Akko, Israel   (08.02.12)
I'm surprised at you Sarah. You usually have a more positive attitude. We have 2 choices. Either do nothing because we are outnumbered, which will be signing our own death knoll with a future atomic attack, be it suitcase or whatever. Or, we attack and maybe suffer some loss. Remember, G_d is and always will be on our side. Not for us, but for His great name. The numbers are against us, but then again, they always have been. However, numbers are not a problem with G_d. I love my country, but there comes a time in a man's life when he "must" make a tough decision, and Bibi's is drawing near. He knows what needs to be done, it's a matter of wisdom, timing and most of all - giving the glory to G_d. If G_d be for us, who can be against us?
15. #7 Ignorant argument (and from the safety of America)
ZionistBill ,   Israel   (08.02.12)
I always love how gung-ho you Americans are for Israel to get into a war with Iran. There won't be missiles raining down on your cities, now will it? What happened in 1948 is irrelevant. What happened in 1967 is irrelevant. You probably don't know this (I'll assume you're a Christian fundie who supports Israel because your Bible tells you to) but all that needs to happen is for Israel to lose ONE war. Then we're finished. So why not shut your fundie mouth and let the adults decide what to do?
16. Iran not afraid
sk ,   USA   (08.02.12)
Yes it is true Islamic nations and groups are "not afraid" to go into battle. They are consistently deceived into thinking they will win but only to receive a good a$$ kicking when the dust settles. This has been the story consistently throughout human history. Speaks volumes about all that they are...
17. If I were an Israeli, I would be scared shitless.
Persian CAT   (08.02.12)
18. Ehud Barak Obama
Gil Michaeli ,   Seabrook, USA   (08.02.12)
Apparently, you missed Ehud Barak's assessment of Barak O'bama as the most pro-Israel American President EVER!
19. #9 - yes, wait for the day that never comes.
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (08.02.12)
The US has been sitting and waiting for Russia and/or China to nuke it for 50 years and it has not happened yet. India and Pakistan have had nukes for decades and neither has nuked the other yet. India and China have not nuked each other. Iran with nukes would be no more danger to Israel than Pakistan, China, Russia or India having nukes. How do you know that China won't nuke Israel after Israel attacks one of its major energy supplies?
20. #17 When You Eat Crow MAY YOU
choke on the FEATHERS! Is It HOT in persian territories?
21. Persiaqn pussy
X'   (08.02.12)
I think you have forgotten that Israel has 400+ nuclear weapons and the means to deliver then accurately at Iranian targets. Your lack of fear is a prelude to the suicide of your country, Syria and Lebanon. Start practicing kissing your a$$ goodbye.
22. #16 sk
But you are not Muslims and yet you got a "good a$$ kicking" in 2006!
23. You people want to challenge Iran...
After having your a$$es kicked by Hezbollah over and over again?
24. #13 you say we have a God mightier
miri ,   israel   (08.02.12)
than all their bombs ! Do you really believe that will save us ? Where was he during the shoah ? I hope the sanctions imposed on the Iranians will deter them from creating an atomic bomb. Let the countries of the world come to the rescue !
25. More talk.. no action....
Penny   (08.02.12)
"If I were an Iranian, I would be very fearful of the next 12 weeks" After about a decade of hearing such empty rhetoric coming out of Israel nobody believe such veiled threats, least of all the Iranians. But hey continue on with the claims of turning Iran into a glowing cinder and other such rubbish as it is amusing to hear.
26. The new Sarah has her head screwed on 'right' this time...
Edithann ,   USA   (08.02.12)
27. would the sarah B troll please grow up & get lost
zionist forever   (08.02.12)
28. if we're an Iranian mullah, id be a sad sack'o'shitte
the mad zionist ,   sf-ny-is   (08.02.12)
29. #4 Well, look what the cat dragged in.
Jake   (08.02.12)
Not a single thing you have said is verifable or holds any water. One wonders if you are not an Iranian or Hizbullah agent provocateur. That would certainly explain your tendency to write false-flag posts under other people's names, coward.
30. #5, Cut the false-flag posts, idiot!
Jake   (08.02.12)
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