Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Israel realizes: Only US can stop Iran
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 03.08.12, 14:51
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1. Dont expect any American help
Amos J   (08.03.12)
America never came to help during WWII despite knowing millions of Jews were being exterminated., they only entered the war when Japan attacked them. America talked peace when Saddam was building Osirak reactor, but after Israel did the hard work, was able to invade & take over Iraq easily. America is 10,000 miles from Iran, Israel is next door. America is more worried about their economy, Israel their survival. Israel - do what has to be done....before its too late.....Attack NOW !
2. Absurd, did America act
D Kaplan   (08.03.12)
Absurd, did America act against North Korea, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq when they were building nuclear reactors ? No, the just emitted a lot of hot air just like today. Israel acted promptly against Osirak & Syrian nuclear reactors (against American & European objections), else those Scuds that hit Israel in the Gulf War in 1991 would have had Nuclear warheads on them. And who benefitted the most from Osirak attack ? Obviously America, they were able to throw Saddam out from Kuwait & invade Iraq easily. If Saddam had a few nukes, he would have been the Emperor of the Middle-East by now !
3. Beware of
Beware of Obama, Europeans & their cunning stooge Catherine Ashton to pull the wool over Israel's eyes. They are more concerned about saving their economy by delaying an Israeli attack with prolonged time-wasting talks with Iran, which enables Iran to build a nuke secretly & facilitate the 2nd Holocaust easily. Its clear Israel has to help itself, not trust others, attack NOW !
4. Iran again calls for annhilation of Israel
Ted Dexter   (08.03.12)
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has once again called for the annihilation of Israel. Speaking in advance of International Qods Day, Ahmadinejad poured out a litany of anti-semitism for the Jewish State in a meeting with ambassadors and embassy personnel of Islamic nations in Tehran, according to the official state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), quoting from a statement posted on the website of his presidential office. So what further evidence is needed ??? Tell Obama, Ashton & P5.1 to jump in the nearest sewer. Bomb Iran now or be nuked.
5. America is unreliable
Shlomo Dan   (08.03.12)
During 1944, Jews were helpless..the USA never came to help despite repeated appeals. They only entered the war when Japan attacked them. Now Israel is not helpless and should take action quickly against Iran. Don't fall for Obama's syrupy words, sanctions and rationality won't work against fanatics & madmen. One has to help themselves. Once bitten, be TWICE shy !
6. Why America not helping in Syria ???
We are the "Friends of Freedom". If you have Oil we form a grand "coalition of the willing" instantly [even without UN mandate] like Iraq and invade with great glee and enthusiasm to bring you "democracy & freedom" on a platter. Freedom in Libya, freedom in Iraq, freedom, freedom everywhere, but....errr... no oil ?...sorry, you can shove it...period..ha ha !
7. Defeatism, defeatism; so much defeatism.
Steve Klein   (08.03.12)
8. Politics Aside There Is Reality.
There once was a black mamba on his travels and while finding his breakfast and Then all of a sudden there is a Large family of elephants with their PATRIACH Leading the Herd. Just before the mamba strikes his prey the Hudge Male Bull Starts To Step on The Mamba Does The Mamba Have Time To Flee? Does He Strike? If He Strikes Should Give A Dry Bite or Full Invemenation? Two Days latter park Rangers Found A Lage Bull Elephant Dead? Necropsy stated This Bull Elephant died from a black mamba bit! Can You Translate This Metaphor? שבת שלום/ברוך הא שם
9. The future is ominous
Tom W ,   USA   (08.03.12)
Since the birth of Israel the US was led by rather pro-Israeli presidents and public opinion. Still, these Israel-friendly American gov.ments imposed arms embargo on Israel every time when she was under attack. Truman, Johnson, Nixon...all tried to weaken Israel defenses with arms embargo. It was then and what we have now is worse than ever. The US has profoundly changed: Obamao represents the Muslim interest and the American left now is in alliance with Islam, including many leftist American Jews. Just read T. Friedman's N.Y. Times latest vituperative conniption against Israel to size up their hate. The leftist media is full of Israel hating opinion pieces and their readers are gushing hateful posts. Unless Romney wins - doubtful - Israel will be on her own: Obamao's America wont stand by us.
10. israelis are kind of slow but eventually they get it
Sara B. ,   U.S.A / Israel   (08.03.12)
11. Thank you Ron Ben-Yishai! this is the best...
Robert ,   USA   (08.03.12)
analysis I have EVER read about the Iran nuclear issue -- not overly technical or over political, just very clear and concise. Thank you.
12. US exhausted from iraq and afganistan
marv   (08.03.12)
The uS even under romney will not attack iran under circumstances as they are exhausted from wars unless they are attacked directly. BIBI does not have the spine to make any major decision period, though he means well. Barak is an empty bag of wind, finished as a general and left to mouthing remarks of an idiot( I don't need a gas mask or paintball guns on the marmora). Lieberman and yaalon are the only israelis in the government who can author an attack.
13. Wrong my dear friend
Yosi ,   Gilo, Jerusalem   (08.03.12)
The time is now or never. We are up against a wall. You and I know that all the comments from generals on, is hyperbole. But Bibi must make a decision now, before the destruction.
14. Appears Netanyahu is trying to find
Sarah B (No not her)   (08.03.12)
a face saving way of avoiding having to attack Iran on his own. So expect over the next few days briefings to occur in the press showing examples of Israeli officials and politicians reassuring Netanyahu that Iran will never achieve parity with Israel. Then expect briefings along the lines that Netanyahu the true diplomat has gained assurances that Iran will not go nuclear and that you should forget his promise to go to war with Iran, and re-elect him as Prime Minister in 2013. Not sure the Israeli electorate will buy a sudden change from we will not rely on anyone to defend Israel, to we will put all our eggs into Obama protecting us.
15. Don't be too surprised if Israel acts unilaterally...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (08.03.12)
despite this report. I have great respect for Ron Ben Yishai, but I don't know if Bibi and Barak will have a sudden change of heart due to his assessments.
16. Israel will not attack Iran, no matter who says what.
Miron ,   USA   (08.03.12)
17. Attacking Iran like treating rabies
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (08.03.12)
Historically when Rabies is treated they attack the symptoms as they arise rather than the underlying cause, the agent that causes rabies. Similarly attacking Iran, and I believe Iran MUST be stopped and the Black-Eyed-Mullahs removed, is simply treating another symptom but ignoring the underlying cause. After Iran Sudan, Yemen, Somalia or whatever Middle East Islamic country will be next. Maybe the Islamist's Pakistan will nuke India just for grins & giggles. The polluted and evil message of Islam that has created millions of Islamic terrorists must be attacked. The TV stations promoting Islam and hatred of Israel & Jews must be shut down. 70+ Years ago the world ultimately made a moral choice to fight Hitler and Nazism. The world is again at the precipice but this time it must fight a Fascist and polluted religious philosophy, a cult. Does the world still have that moxie?
18. Iran??
postroad ,   usa   (08.03.12)
1. Israel will need US2. 2. Obama said in public he would not allow Iran to get nukes 3. elections very soon and that will most likely keep any strike on hold. 4. Iran seems determined to get a nuke despite sanctions and is preparing for strike against them. 5. In sum: nothing will take place till Nov, after elections, at earliest.
19. Stopping Iran
Abdullah ,   Jordan   (08.03.12)
Only the USA has the full military capability for a sustained large scale military effort against Iran. Israel must take the back seat.
20. Blah blah blah......BOOOOOM ! (The End)
Nora Tel Aviv   (08.03.12)
21. No not true. there is multiple options
Jean-Pierre ,   Austria   (08.03.12)
Iran could just make peace and accepts Israel rights of existence for the Jewish people, on historic grounds. if the world really cared, China could stop them, russia could stop them, there doesnt need to be a war... but why are they soo blood thirsty for jewsih blood to be spilled... it is a very sad reality here. and ofcourse, Israel is strong enough to stop Iran...but under the Israeli government... they expose soo much online.. you can hardly know whats going on.. blah blah. iran this and that and blah blah.. this is no progress. I think Israel needs to stand on its ground strong and firm.
22. What will Egypt do with the peace-treaty if Israel attacks?
Jouko ,   Finland   (08.03.12)
23. A voice of reason from one who wants to survive. Good job!
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.03.12)
24. Get Netanyahu out
Robin Jobin ,   US   (08.03.12)
"It must be noted that at the time the social unrest in Iran threatened to topple the conservative regime led by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei." When was that? There were protests in 2009 and it was all about the presidential election, both camps were devoted to the Islamic Republic. With lies, nonsense and make beliefs, you Israelis will destroy yourself, no need for anyone's nukes. This is amazing, how a person makes a story line, where the option of aggression of a country on another is boiled down to the choice of either Israel to attack Iran, or Israel by all hook and crook makes US to attack Iran. How about no aggression on the part of Israel, for a change?
25. Obama's a Chicken
Dr. Langhorne ,   NY USA   (08.03.12)
The fact that he at best used covert support for Syrian rebels proves his deep dread & fear of the ayatollahs. Election comes first in his view. Bombing Gaddafi was a chicken move too. Everyone hated him and he had no support in the Muslim world.
26. #17: Dan, spot on! You know the answer though....
tom ,   tel aviv   (08.03.12)
27. iran will create the fait accompli.periode
inconito   (08.03.12)
whole substance of this article is the arrogance. no way to destroy the Iranian program, the " know-how " is there to stay. if the united states are brought to bomb iran this is the CENTCOM which will load, and the head of CENTCOM is James Mattis, who told the Senate Armed Services Committee "the best we can do is to delay them " and " only iranian people Can stop this programm" Mr Ron Ben-Yishai, seriously are you more aware than, James Mattis about what US military can do, and what they can't do? you can say whatever you want, but you can never claim to know better than americans generals themselves, the limits of air power. you can not speak in their names! and they were clear, "U.S.military can't stop Iran from making nukes ".periode Iranians are smart enough to work at full speed in small facilities hidden, and create a fait accompli, your hopes are based on "if" and "with a bit of luck" the americans simply will not find all the news Iranian nuclear site, as said Gen cartwright. what israel, and U.S. will do? to bomb each building in iran? to round back, and create the surprise. korean model
28. After Sept. 21, America won't have a
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (08.03.12)
dime to spend on any war effort. It will be too late, as the world will turn away from the petro-dollar. Goodbye America, let's see how you treat Israel after, Russia, Iran China and India put the nails in your coffin.
29. a new bigmouth who knows nothing strikes again
30. israeli defense establishment is coward. Israelis are strong
The israeli people is very strong and resilient . The top army, intelligence chiefs are cowards.
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