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Israeli sailors disqualified from 2nd race
Oren Aharoni
Published: 03.08.12, 23:36
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1. why were they disqualified?
k ,   US   (08.04.12)
I would love to know the reason, I am sure the IOC did not hesitate to disqualify the Israelis if a European complained, but was there a reason?
2. Disqualification
Donna ,   Tx   (08.04.12)
Complete BS. Danish will get what's coming... Losers
3. #1 I am sure Ynet know the reason but for the sake of a
Oleh hadash ,   USA / Israel   (08.04.12)
story to show the world hates us then they wont show all the facts. Propanganda continues.. and you guys suck it all in.
4. Was the Danish appeal due to racism against Jews?
Ray ,   U.S.A.   (08.04.12)
And did Jews accept to become subject to racism?
5. #4 ray
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.05.12)
While it would be better reporting to let us know the reason for the appeal, I would say no, the appeal was not due to racism. 1. Sailing has many rules of racing and rules of the road. Appeals are common. As the Israelis reviewed the GPS tracks, it could have something to do with the course they sailed; a buoy missed? interference? 2. Every single thing that goes against Jews, myself included, is NOT due to racism. Many things? Yes. All things? No. To suggest so is, in my opinion, a form of racism itself. Could that be you?
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