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Iran tests upgraded version of short-range missile
Associated Press
Published: 04.08.12, 11:26
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1. When will Israel take care of this 'existential' threat?
TaylorT ,   Earth   (08.04.12)
Never, I'm guessing. Too afraid. Perhaps if they hadn't gotten beat up so badly in Lebanon they would have a little more courage. Probably for the best. Israel would only mess it up anyway.
2. Can missiles be hijacked in flight?
sam ,   Texas   (08.04.12)
If they can, I would bet the Israelis are the best at it
3. TO NO 1
sam ,   cairo   (08.04.12)
Do not be afraid all this only show the current time does not need to any risk of any party and any error, especially at this time will be a war no one knows where to will arrive
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