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Olympics: Israeli sprinter blames loss on stolen shoes
Oren Aharoni
Published: 04.08.12, 14:03
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1. Spare shoes
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (08.04.12)
Shoes are pretty portable. Can't imagine why he didn't have one if not two back up pairs although I suppose the thief would have stolen those as well. And where was the security around the Israeli athletes lockers, etc.
2. Israeli Athlete beaten
John Smith   (08.04.12)
by man who is a double amputee. Blames shoes
3. I can understand how shoes can be importsnt in this case,
leo ,   usa   (08.04.12)
but I cannot understand how there can be only one pair of important shoes.
4. #2
Airborne ,   Jerusalem   (08.04.12)
If you are trying to be snarky it is not working. A lot of people, including Michael Jonson, are against prosthetics because they give an unfair advantage to able bodied participants. He doesn't have the same joint pain/ muscle fatigue as a regular runner. Oh, have you ever run the400? I have - for 4 years and I can tell you that this man does have an advantage.
5. stolen shoes
merle ,   usa   (08.04.12)
yeah I use that line alot when i miss work on monday.
6. You lost, no excuses.. a shame but true.
Benjamin Rothman   (08.04.12)
7. 2
all israelis, and i mean all of us, are very very happy that the athlete without legs may win the race and beat everyone. israel has experience with amputees, many amongst us, because of arab terror, wars and aggression. so, for you to come up and say that a man without legs beat an israeli is infantile, hateful and absolutely moronic. don't let hate consume your life because you sound like an idiot. israel wishes all a good race, not only its athletes. you know why? because the nobel prizes in physics, mathematics, science and technology goes mostly to jews and lots of them to israelis. this is what counts. not sports.
8. #3 Physical Training, State of Mind And
EQUIPMENT= Best Chances Of Winning! You obviously aren't a Athlete! New cleats NEED TO BE BROKEN IN! Stick to things you know leo You Sound Ignorant Here! שבת שלום/ברוך הא שם
9. #2 little johnny Acually Double Amputee's
Have an Advantage, You Moron! Read about the sprinter Who Had A Hard Time securing a spot against non-amputee sprinter! You can figure out why they have the advantage? שבת שלום/ברוך הא שם
10. should I LOUGH or should I CRY ? I fail my exam 4 my pen was
hot snow ,   tlv   (08.04.12)
stolen and they GAVE me a new 1.
11. sigh, be strong Runner.
Jean-Pierre ,   Austria   (08.04.12)
You were to run for your dreams and for israel, but the enemy took your shoes away, but that doesnt mean you failed, cause you atleast tried with a different shoes. Shalom be with you Runner.
12. Stolen by an obvious anti-Semite! TATA
13. we israeli now
ari ,   boston, ma   (08.04.12)
I guess Israel is a multicultural society that lets anyone in.
14.  True Israeli....never accepts personal responsability
Al   (08.04.12)
What a joker....
15. @ #4
Bryan ,   New York   (08.04.12)
As an above knee amputee, I can tell you that there is no advantage in running on blades. I would rather have my natural leg for running any day. What gives Pistorius an advantage is hard work and training. There is plenty of pain and difficulty running on stumps. I finished a half-marathon once in a lot of pain to notice I was covered in blood from the knees down. The difference between winners and losers is perseverance, not technology.
16. I bet it was the "palestinian" runner
Aharon   (08.04.12)
17. #12 tata - haha!
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.04.12)
We didn't know you were there! HAHA
18. Is he an israeli citizen ?
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (08.04.12)
Oh !
19. What a whiner,,,
Malone ,   Hfx   (08.05.12)
...this crybaby was beaten by a guy with no FEET,yet he claims he lost because he didn't have the right shoes???Give me a break,lol..
20. @18
yes he is. he is african american from the usa, but married an israeli woman a couple of years ago, resides in israel and has his own family with this israeli lady.
21. # 8, (Sabbat is over, next time), so how come
leo ,   usa   (08.05.12)
there is only one pair of broken shoes. PS. Is there anything else I missed.
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