'Israel has enough gas to last 150 years'
Published: 05.08.12, 13:33
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1. No matter how much gas they find, we will
jason white ,   afula, israel   (08.05.12)
always pay for increases in the price and the government will see little if any money from the sale of the gas.
2. we can do both and ask noble to contribute
zionist forever   (08.05.12)
Lets keep a reserve obviously, use what we need and export what we don't need. If there is 150 years worth if Israel alone was using it then I think its safe to say we can export just a tiny little bit. We should though be asking Noble to contribute toward the cost of buying new missile boats to protect those rigs. The rigs are privately owned, Noble a country worth billions and getting the lions share of the profits wants the navy to protect their rigs 24/7 then its only fair they contribute to the cost of buying new ships which are being bought mainly to protect those Noble owned rigs. Asking them to fund the acquisition of all the boats would be chicken feed to a company like Noble so I am sure they can pay for a couple of ships if we DEMANDED nicely.
3. The absolute world record
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (08.05.12)
of promises what the media makes since years with these phantom gazfields. Geologists predict that the Mediterranian Sea will be drained within 100000 years. Just when the first israeli gaz wells will operate finally.
4. #1
You forgot to mention that we need to serve the IDF so that the gas can be extracted easier from the bottom of the sea.
5. #3 - That's a pretty conservative estimate there.
Henry from New York ,   Currently in Israel   (08.05.12)
Half the time it will take the Jezreel Valley Railway to be rebuilt.
6. to #1 Jason
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (08.06.12)
it happened at the Malampalaya gas field in the Philippines. The then-president Gloria Arroyo and her husband Mike and their cronies made "forward sales" of all the gas, collected the government's royalties all at once, and disappeared the money. The gas will be pumped out of the ocean floor for many more decades, but the mooted "government's share" is already in private Swiss banks. Ask your filipinit.
7. to #6 What filipinit?
jason white ,   afula, israel   (08.06.12)
I rechecked my apartment and only found my cat. There is no Filipino here. If the money has been stolen from these gas fields, then we should chop the hands off of all the thieves. We do not have to subsidize those that steal from us!
8. Israel should open a Sovereign Fund like Norway
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (08.06.12)
Israel should open a Sovereign Fund like Norway for the future.
9. Now Israel should find some oil
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.06.12)
Now Israel should find some oil.
10. 9
israel did!!!! they are now in the process of extraction with the cyprians.
11. Israel oil # 9- Israel has more oil than
Earl ,   UAS   (08.07.12)
Saudi Arabia 290 bb oil reserves. Israel's shale oil on land is estimated at over 290 billion barrels and is considered 3rd or 4th largest in world after US,Canada & China. Further Israel is testing new fracking technology less costly and far safe environmentally, developed by Dr Winegar former Chief Scientist for Shell Oil. See Israel Energy Institute web page
12. oil and gas
B P Prasanna Kumar ,   Bangalore   (08.07.12)
worlds 99% problems are depends on oil. so Israel should find alterate energy source. and it is capable of that.
13. Save your mineral resources!
Mark ,   London, UK   (09.05.12)
UK had "windfall" of north sea oil and gas and it was all frittered away. We are back importing again and dependent on imports. Hang on to the reserves for your own use and import substitution. Use the windfall to be really competitive and export products which have high human value add. whether manufactures or services.
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