IDF: Rise in sexual harassment complaints
Noam Barkan
Published: 05.08.12, 14:33
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1. Army is not a place for women, except ambulance
HUSAIN ,   Peshawar, PAKISTAN   (08.05.12)
2. Thats what happens when Jews don't follow the laws of Torah
Issur Yichud   (08.05.12)
3. how many of them were false complaints?
how many of them ,   il   (08.05.12)
4. Response to no. 3
Gila ,   Beit Shemesh, Israel   (08.05.12)
Probably very few, if any. Sexual harassment is all about power; it is a deliberate attempt by someone who feels insecure deep inside to humilate, to degrade and even to destroy another human being. It can be extremely damaging to be on the receiving end of such appalling behaviour which should have no place in a civilised society. Kol hakavod to the IDF for taking it seriously at last: sadly too many sexual harassers in wider society still get away with it.
5. #1 That's what the Rabbis have been saying
since the IDF started. But, of course, the secular G-dless judges and G-dless government officials know better...
6. Not only in Israel
Joe ,   Baltimore, USA   (08.05.12)
Once America put men and women together in the armed services they had spiralling complains from women about harassment and discrimination. In most services it is probably better to have men and women parallel rather than integrated.
7. Reply #5 Because of the harideem women have to serve
Haim ,   TA   (08.06.12)
Because the harideem have not been drafted in the past women have to make up the numbers. Yes women have to serve their country the very same country that the harideem milk dry without contributing a thing. Your hypocracy knows no limits.
8. to #3 Gila
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (08.06.12)
I wonder what makes you imagine that a =woman= would not also ever feel tempted to exercise power by filing a false complaint. Once a complaint is filed: the complainant is automatically in the category of "protected", whereas the complainee is stuck in the category of "guilty until he proves himself innocent, and pays his own lawyer bills".
9. #1 Husain - not at all true
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (08.06.12)
The American Army has thousands of women in COMBAT positions, who are quite proud of their services
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