Israeli officials slam Obama's 'wretched' Iran red line
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 05.08.12, 19:34
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1. Obama has an election to think about
zionist forever   (08.05.12)
With two months to an election the last thing Obama needs is another Middle East conflict especially one thats about weapons of mass destruction. If Israel attacks as soon as the first Iranian missile is fired at Israel if Obama wants to win the election he is going to have to go to its ally in its time of need and thats not only going to mean he can't go on the campaign trail but he can't predict how voters will feel about it or if the price of oil goes up short term at least will the American public blame Obama or the ayatollahs? Its also probable that if Israel attacks then Iran will attack America interests in the Gulf because to Iran America & Israel are two sides of the same coin and if one attacks then Iran will retaliate against both. Even though any war would be an air campaign only its still might cost him the election so he has to make sure Israel doesn't do anything without his permission at least until after the election. We can be angry with Obama but at the end of the day he is just a politician with a career to think about.
2. Obama doesn't get it
Shoshana Rubin   (08.05.12)
All Obama cares about is his re-election. Israel should take care of and defend Israel, plus Israel has the capacity better than the wobly Obama, to take out Iran's nuclear capability. Better soon than later.
3. relying on BHO will only get you..... a missile from iran
jack bauer   (08.05.12)
4. HaShem watches the heart intent of Obama
Galut ia ,   Selah   (08.05.12)
God will not be mocked by self serving leaders... Obama gives every impression that he has an October surprise that will assist him in getting a second term...without it he is not electable....
5. #1: Does that mean....
Frank ,   Switzerland   (08.05.12)
That you think Obama would take down Israeli Jets if they would not listen to his comand to not attack?
6. Guardian of Israel
Joseph ,   London UK   (08.05.12)
Put not your trust in princes or presidents. The Guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps! May we soon merit the Redemption, speedily and in our days.
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (08.05.12)
iran talks like a superpower but it is not1
8. 5
zionist forever   (08.05.12)
Of course he isn't going to take down Israeli jets but he can behind the scenes give Israel alot of political trouble. If Israel wants to pre empt it always gets American permission first. before a shot is fired. As long as we rely on America for political support, weapons and money we got to tow the line. If we started a war with Iran which the US would be dragged into if Obama won the election which it looks as though he will he can give Israel hell politically as he won't have to worry about another election. A second term Obama can and will be much much more anti Israel.
9. Obama is on Iran's side. That explains it all.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.05.12)
There is no mystery in Obama's contemptible hostility towards Israel and lack of actions towards Iran. We need merely realize that Obama is on Iran's side. That explains it all. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
10. Perhaps Israel will have to do it's own dirty work
Dan ,   NYC   (08.06.12)
...I know this is a hard pill for some Israelis to swallow. What's that? Not manipulate the only ally we have into a messy, unpredictable, and deadly war? Why I never! Look, the US has done more than any other nation to try to stop Iran's nuclear program. So stop whining so much at Obama. Why not direct your hatred toward the Europeans or, perhaps, China and Russia (who are Iran's big UNSC supporters)? Are you people really so stupid that you're willing to risk the support of the last nation on the planet that puts up with you? Seriously? And sometimes people wonder why you people have such a hard time fitting in....
11. we dont want to go to war again...
Mike ,   Milwaukee   (08.06.12)
especially for israel
12. 10 and 11
read this ,   New Zealand   (08.06.12)
"puts up with you"? "you people"? Your comments reeks of anti Israel attitude. Israel and the states are allies but not because America loves falafels. Israel is the one democratic state in the middle east and it gives America eyes and ears in the area. Anything from intelligence Israel gathers to technological and military developments. It's not a one sides relationship, if it was, America wouldn't do it. This world is built on interests. Also, the Israelis didn't ask the US to attack, they don't want to have to do it but they have to for their survival, they said that they will act alone if they needed to. America is the one asking then not to, they are not asking America to do it. Before you fuel your incompetent mind with arguments detached from reality, read a book, gain some knowledge, and express yourself intelligently. You're an absolute retard :)
13. Obama is a "good friend."
Steve   (08.06.12)
Everyone from Ehud Barack to Shimon Peres to Benjamin Netanyahu say so! Israel can put her trust in Barack Hussein Obama, America's first Muslim-born president with deep sympathies for Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama has your back Israel.
14. Chaim: come on!
Steve   (08.06.12)
PM Netanyahu has repeatedly told the American people Obama is a great friend to Israel! Doesn't Israel's prime minister want Americans to re-elect this dangerous man? If not why has he lauded Obama?
15. the sky is falling
bill ,   canada   (08.06.12)
hysterical israelis wonder why the world ignors them; its like little boy blue a hundred times; blow your horns loud because no one is listening; eventually you will go deaf
16. It looks like we had better go it alone!
Reuven   (08.06.12)
And soon!
17. #10 Dan
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (08.06.12)
How many US military personnel died in the Korean War? Ans. 36,516. How many in Vietnam? Ans.58,209 How many in Gulf War? Ans.258 How many in Afghanistan? Ans.about 2000. In Iraq?Ans. about 4500. No American military personnel have died defending the Jewish State! Are you just as upset over American deaths defending Korea,S.Vietnam, Kuwait,Afganistan and Iraq as you seem over the very remote possibility that they may be used to defend a close ally of the US? I don't hear you.Speak up or forever hold your prejudice to yourself.Remember one fact:When the coalition of US and its allies fought the Gulf War,Israel was told to but out and be quiet.They did and was subjected to Iraqi missile attacks and sustained physical damage, many wounded and some killed,but they did not retaliate.It was easy for the US to do more to than any other country to stop Iran's nuclear program.Our close allies followed the US lead,while our friends in Russia and China ignored our concerns.
18. Red Lines
Lynn ,   Knoxville, USA   (08.06.12)
It seems to be clear to even a layman, although not necessarily to the Israeli political leadership, that Hussein has been running political interference for the Iranians, vis-a-vis their nukes, for his entire term. HBO is not a Jewish sympathizer and Israel had better awaken to that fact. It will soon be too late. Send HBO a message he doesn't want to receive, from Natanz.
19. Gaza sounds more like H*ll RIGHT ???
M.S. ,   mpls america   (08.06.12)
I realize 15 dead Egyptian border police a tank stolen sounds like a Hollywood movie will life ever be any thing but H*ll in the middle east hard to believe these things happen but I guess Israel causes people to want to attack it some times is just as responsible as those who run Gaza Hamas talks peace 1 hand no recognize in the other even Adolf Hitler was either pro for and or anti against how do they do it Morsi sounds the same way all double talk alas my own parents family cheated me the same way people can do this I am either for or against lack the brains finesse to do all this double talk alas may be another Arab Jew war would solve more than this double talk peace after 1973 allowed America to force a peace treaty by buying off the Israeli leaders America is just as much at fault to blame American policys American money I hope America pays for it some day at 68 I still hope things may happen to save me from old age death then may be I can do more to get back at America Osama Ben Layden dared he had the forces America runs every thing controls every thing has the money to do it money always money if I ever get money any way it is all over they no tell how many did this15 dead police border troops must have been a good sized force of guerilas called terrorists whatever any way which is the terrorist to me Egypt Israel terrorize America terrorizes even Olympic athletes terrorize RIGHT ??? Thank You... M. S.
20. Dan @ 10 ,...
split ,   US   (08.06.12)
There's a reason why the Jews got expelled from 109 countries and places since 250 AD ,...
21. Israel and US will do it the right way.
DOV ,   USA   (08.06.12)
We are allies. You idiots who think otherwise are talking out of their a++
22. Time to get it done
Jack ,   Toronto   (08.06.12)
Operation Caste Lead Two needs to happen now such that Hamas does not act on contingency based on an air-strike. They could finish off Gaza in three weeks. Then hit Syria and Iran at the same time while pushing the battle-hardened Gaza troops into Lebanon. Three weeks in Lebanon without sorting through peas and carrots and everything will be finished. Hopefully.
23. George W. Bush told Israel not to attack Iran in 2008
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.06.12)
...history repeating itself... "The Iranians, according to Israeli security sources, will have an operable nuclear weapon by 2009." "Israel's message is simple: If you don't, we will"
24. Do it yourself!
Doug ,   US   (08.06.12)
If Isreal is so concerned, then do it yourself! Stop relying on the U.S. to bail you out. Grow some balls and put your money where your mouth is!
25. The lying Obama is expanding hi-tech collaboration with Iran
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (08.06.12)
Want proof that Obama and Panetta are liars, that the Obama "sanctions" and "red-lines" are a complete fraud? You can find it on the pages of the July 27 issue of the US scientific journal SCIENCE, page 429, which details how the Obama White House is using the US science community to build stronger ties to Iranian universities, expecially in the field of Physics (!) - the science area involved with nuclear weapons technology. Included is placing a US Nobel laureate in an Iranian university physics department, to enhance technology collaboration and the training of Iranian physicists - the very people who are behind Irans nuclear program. Sanctions? Red Line? Its a hoax, designed to protect Iran from israel, not the other way around. Leon Panetta in particular has a reputation in this country as a liar who will say anything his boss tells him to say. Obama is not opposed to letting Iran build nuclear weapons, he is PROMOTING it! Israel is being played for suckers by the lying Obama and Panetta, and must go public, blowing the whistle on this duplicity, so America can get this lying bastard out of the White House in the next election.
26. #8 not exactly
Vlad   (08.06.12)
Though I don't support any Iran attack at this time, Israel is not as reliant on the USA for weapons as it used to be. US aid is now only 1.4% of Israel's GDP, and Israel has a booming arms industry. As it proved with the IAI Lavi and IAI Kfir, it also has the capability to make its own combat aircraft. Plus, the Israel of today is more strategically secure than the Israel of rthe 1970s and 1980s. So Israel can afford to defy the US. But I wouldn't recommend an attack on Iran for other reasons.
27. multiple officials can't say the same words verbatim
made-up-quote checkr ,   philly, usa   (08.06.12)
this article should be removed because the following paragraph is made up: "The Americans say that the ayatollahs' decision to construct a bomb is the red line," the officials noted, adding: "It's a wretched red line. Who knows when they'll decide and what they'll decide. How can multiple officials say the same exact thing?
28. #10, #11 Dan & Mike - two typical anti-Semites, no question
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (08.06.12)
#10 states of Israel/Jews....... " you people have such a hard time fitting in " What an anti-Semitic troll you are. Get the heck off the Israeli Ynet if you don't like Jews/Israel. #11....Mike, you have plenty of wars already and your troops are in many different countries - YOU can just blame yourselves , no one else !
29. @11
Belinda ,   Texas, USA   (08.06.12)
Speak for yourself!!
30. #11 mike milwaukee Speak For Yourself
I Would Go To War Side by Side with the IDF, IAF, Shin Bet and Mossad!!!!! And BE DAMN PROUD OF IT; THIS A WAR WITH A CAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So You tend to your dying corn and bean fields. And Leave The Real Work To The MEN! hey mikie how many mosques do you have in milwaukee?
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