Israeli officials slam Obama's 'wretched' Iran red line
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 05.08.12, 19:34
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31. Yowsa, #10!
Cameron ,   USA   (08.06.12)
Man, you pulled no punches with that one! Agreed, we have no desire to open up yet another front, but these Persian fools are determined to play it right up to the line. Time really has run out, and I'm afraid we'll have to hit that lot like the hand of God. Damned unfortunate. No other options left.
32. so ok
mike ,   chi town us   (08.06.12)
you dont need usa so shut up n attack
33. #4 & #6
Fedup ,   Toronto   (08.06.12)
I wish that people like #4 & #6 will stop bringing god (by whatever name he may be called) into a serious political subject. Talk to god in the synagogue and not in a talkback. When was the last time that god helped anybody, whether Jewish, Moslem, Christian or whoever. This constant mention of god as a protector casts other Jews as ridiculous primitive superstitious fanatic idiots. No better than the crazy Mullahs. If you want to mention god, get another blog going. The subject of Iran has nothing to do with god. If it had, he would have solved this problem a long time ago.
34. #6
Enoch ,   Toronto   (08.06.12)
"The Guardian of Israel" falls asleep all the time, if he wouldn't have, I wouldn't have a family tree truncated by the holocaust.
35. to #10 nobama send others to do his dirty job
ghostq   (08.06.12)
even the new health bill isn't his, to the ME he sends Hilary or Biden, while he sit in his office with legs on the table, and the last friend in the Me USA got now is Israel but USA burned that bridge too, cause the other arab narions do not like USA at all.
36. Iran with the Bomb!
Bigizz ,   USA / Israel   (08.06.12)
# 11. I don't see why you think USA would. Be going to war for Israel. USA will do what is good for the USA interestes. USA's only true ally is Israel in the middle east. Israel is a small country but very powerful in the middle east. Israel's interests are very different then USA. Because of the strong relationship any attack will include both countries. Nobody wants war. But understand if Iran is not stopped sooner than later. Then this issue of having a nuclear Iran is not going to go away! This issue is going to affect the American people directly....Don't be near sited....Nuclear Iran news will soon let the world know they can strike any country in the world even American Soil. What is the free worlds options? ....This problem is not only Israels. Israel just happens to be the smallest free democratic county closest to Iran. Iran has bigger plans with thier nuclear aresnel they are producing. Th Nukes will be used to leverage Iranian interests in the world. Today they want to wipe out the State of Israel publicly. Iran has being going through world sanctions and doing everything possiable to get thier hands on Nukes. They have some much oil reserves why would they need nuclear energy? Why are they doing everything possible to produce nuclear weapons? For get that it's for energy...(They will not allow inspectors to inspect the plants to see its for energy!) Don't forget once Iran gets nuclear weapons USA super power will Be diluted. Iran will be a super power as well, because they will be as to level New York City!
37. #8 - zionist forever
Devorah   (08.06.12)
I don't think Zero nor Pinocchio would think twice about shooting down Israeli jets under the guise of maintaining regional and global stability. It would be the jewel in Zero's crown because, at long last, he could "prove" to the world that Israel is a "pariah" state. Remember how he took all the credit for the alleged assassination of UBL? His ratings shot up. And remember how, three months later, Seal Team Six was killed in an A-stan chopper "accident?" What a sad coincidence, eh? So, by downing Israeli jets, he could, conceivably, kill two birds with one stone: He puts the final nail in Israel's coffin and comes out looking like a hero who saved the world just in time for the election.
38. Take action Before the election
American ,   America   (08.06.12)
If you dont take action before the election it will be too late. America Is with you even if Obama is only interested in election results. Which is why you need to do it before the election, he will have to support you. Just do it. in the long run we will thank you for it. Even I am worried that Obama will fail to act if you don't force him to.
39. Obama is our freind,But Ha-shem is our father and protector
hadad ,   u.k   (08.06.12)
40. An Israeli war will become an American war
zionist forever   (08.06.12)
Dan ( 10 ) and Mike (11) If Israel attacks Iran which if the US doesn't it eventually will pressured to try then America will be dragged into it. Iran sees Israel & America as two sides of the same coin and if they have to attack one they will also attack the other. Israel drops just one bomb on Iran and Iran will respond by firing missiles at Israel and American assets in the Gulf. When that happens its no longer an Israeli war its an American war and America has no choice but to respond because its a direct attack against them. America has three choices 1) Let Iran get nukes, drive up oil prices, create a regional nuclear arms race, increase the chances of terror groups getting nuclear materials for dirty bombs. 2) Go to war, start it and finish it on Americas terms. 3) Go to war because Israel started it and let Iran fire the first shot potentially resulting in American casualties. Your president's choice
41. Reply to #11
RobG ,   Chicago (USA)   (08.06.12)
Mike, wait long enough and the war will come to you. There were a lot of Americans who thought the way that you do in 1941, and that didn't work out so well when we were totally unprepared to defend ourselves from Japanese naval attacks and German submarine attacks along the East coast. Sometimes negotiation and diplomacy won't work, especially if the other side has no intention of negotiating in good faith.
42. obama isn't Israel's friend
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (08.07.12)
and most American's have had enough of this social experiment that has led to the worst economic recovery including the great depression. Health care ( UG!) jobs, houses, bailouts, cronyism, dealing with crooks and muslims and, worst of all, America's very standing and prestige dashed by this rank amateur who is anti semitic to boot.
43. # 1 and when did America ever go to war for Israel?
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (08.07.12)
NEVER. obama is so distrusted that israel wont forewarn him IF Israel decides to attack Iran.. Why? Because they suspect he's aiding and abetting the enemy. ( as do " We the people.")
44. ok number 43
mike ,   mt us   (08.09.12)
so stop requestin money n show where Israel sent aid or help to US in our catasrophes.
45. The Obama "red line"
DEB ,   Wash DC   (08.10.12)
for action will be a moving, dancing thing, set to suit his political and perhaps religous purposes, versus the needs of Israel. As his current election tactics show, he and his leftist supporters will tell any useful lie to enhance his campain for re election. They are not particularly friendly with the truth. Israel's leadership should be on guard.
46. #38 Take action Before the election
Julia ,   Southampton PA USA   (08.11.12)
Let not the election be the deciding factor. Let the safety of Israel always be the priority.
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