Official: Hezbollah attack more dangerous than Iran missiles
Attila Somflavi
Published: 06.08.12, 11:07
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1. Does not ring true the other side of the fence...
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.06.12)
First South Lebanon is a tiny area and you cant hide 50000 missiles from the public. The locations of the missile dumps, C and C locations are an open secret Second There is a limit to how thinly you can spread the locations of these missile dumps. Mostly they are concentrated in around a fifteen vast underground bunkers and their locations are an open secret Third The so called bunkers built in a hurry are fragile to say the least. At least two are reported to have faulty and dangerous electricity cables for lighting and one is reported to be semi flooded. Would not take much to take out the bunkers from the air or even direct artillery fire along with all their missiles Fourth Whereas before Hezbollah were feared now there is no fear from Lebanese - just contempt and hatred. There is a score to be settled
2. #1 Sammy
Marco ,   Spain   (08.06.12)
What are you smoking Sammy? The IDF would be happy to share your smoke if it help ease their fear of Hezbollah...
3. Hezbollah is in direct violation
Devorah   (08.06.12)
of U.N. Resolution 1701 which forbade them from re-arming after the last war. The UNSC does not appear to care one way or the other. Oh no, it's more concerned with telling Israel to use "restraint" when defending herself.
4. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.06.12)
Fear? Fear? Of terrorist scum that live thirty feet underground and wear portable toilets on their heads? Oh, I don't think so. One itty bitty nuke will settle their hash pretty quickly, don't you think?
5. The UN only ever gets involved when the Arabs are losing
the wars they start. They have done nothing to prevent the illegal arming of Hezballa,they need to be ignored till Nasrallah meets his 72 virgins and the army of Allah is dispersed and no longer able to fight. The UN Moslem bloc run travesty only has a problem when Israel hits back, they are part of the problem,not the solution. Israel has the means to make the army of Allah a shadow of itself,the normal Lebanese who hate them,can do the rest and bring peace and freedom back to Lebanon
6. Lebanon
jay abouaf ,   jaffa   (08.06.12)
Moses looked upon Lebanon favorably. Israel was the best influence that Lebanon ever knew. I believe now and I knew it 'then', that we should never have surrendered Lebanon. The same with Gaza and the same with Sinai.
7. #2. Thanks for the offer - Dont smoke
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.06.12)
Still shows Marco how little you really know about Hezbollah and South Lebanon and how much ordinary Lebanese actually know And I wouldeny suggest you take a holiday there either!
8. this is why we must destroy the WMDS
zionist forever   (08.06.12)
If we do not attack Syria to destroy Assad's WMDS the result will be when Assad falls. Hezbollah, the FSA which will start to splinter once the objective of deposing Assad has been achieved and possibly others will potentially be able to get their hands on chemical weapons. Hezbollah may be able to get their hands on some of Assad's Scud missiles which would be disastrous for Israel. Are we better off having a conventional war now with a much weakened Assad and possibly a conventional attack from Hezbollah or a war which involves the use of chemical weapons by Hezbollah later or potentially Assad who is not thinking straight or one of his successors?
9. # 6 jay abouaf, Jaffa
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (08.06.12)
What Israel giveth Israel taketh away. I couldn't agree withy you more. Who gives land won in wars away to their former ( still ) enemies? Only Israel these days.
10. Israel will erase Lebanon from the map if it attacks.
naro ,   nyc   (08.06.12)
I dont believe that Hezbollah will attack Israel with it's big rockets even if Iran demands it because it would lead to the complete devastation of many cities in Lebanon. Lebanon will be devastated and become uninhabitable. I dont believe taht Nasaralha is so stupid or heartless.
11. "I dont believe that Nasaralha is so stupid or heartless. "
Jewishness ,   ATLANTA GA USA   (08.06.12)
WRONG... he is ego driven, wants to be a Pharoah...therefore a danger to all.
12. # 4
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (08.06.12)
Perhaps Sarah, but it would be best to check which way the wind is blowing first..........
13. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.06.12)
Don't you know anything? Prevailing winds over Lebanon always blow eastward or westward. Never south. But perhaps you may wish to acquaint yourself with Israel's arsenal before you launch stupid remarks.
14. #2 Marco - You would have to be a bigger
BEN JABO (ISRAEL) ,   ISRAEL   (08.06.12)
foll that you already are if you weren't afraid of missiles. Last time around, half of Lebanon disappeared in puffs of smole, next time there goes the other half, to join the first, while Nasrallah heads back to his rats next in Iran
15. a preemptive attack means instigating war.
a preemptive attack means instigating war.
16. Hezbollah only has 72 hours to launch
Stephen in New York   (08.06.12)
after which all their launching facilities up to the Litani will be overrun.
17. enough, you too Sarah
Alon ,   Toronto canada   (08.06.12)
as a former paratrooper from 93 to 96a lot of people will die. Sarah you dont know of combat so stop please. have you held you brothers hand as he bleed to death fro a bullett to th e neck?? please stop writing cheques you will never cash yourself... please.
18. A Blood Bath either way!
Froike ,   NY NY   (08.06.12)
Alon is right....those who have never experienced combat or a bombardment shouldn't be so excited about missile exchanges. People will die in the hundreds or thousands on both sides. The misery, damage, and emotional toll of this coming war will be horrid and all sides will pay dearly. G-d willing, if it cant be avoided, I pray that colatteral damage will be limited. May Hashem protect Israel and our brave children in the IDF.
19. To No. 17 I'm sorry
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.06.12)
Thanks for your service and you are right when it comes to the true understanding of war I have no clue. My husband always yells at me "it's ok not to know everything".
20. The post at No. 19 is not mine
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.07.12)
21. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.07.12)
My husband was a medic, and subsequently a battlefield surgeon in Israel. Don't tell me what it's like to see death and devastation first-hand; while I haven't seen it up close and personal, I have had to live with my husband's occasional nightmares. So shut up and show a little respect. I do not write any checks that I am not willing to cash.
22. #21 Sarah B
Marco ,   Spain   (08.08.12)
Of course Sarah B, when it comes to checks and money, you are the expert... I mean being a "successful attorney at law with over fifty years experience with the same law firm in New York" you must know a thing or two about sucking every penny from poor people's misery... Shame on you Sarah B, that is if you know the meaning of 'shame'...
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