Treasury: Proposed tax hikes not draconian
Gad Lior, Yuval Karni
Published: 06.08.12, 12:37
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1. Taxation an indicator
Carl ,   Lincoln, NZ   (08.06.12)
In a good functioning economy, i.e. society, taxation should decrease over time. The reason is people’s moral, social, and academic development improves over time, hence we grow in social responsibility. The present world is going the opposite way requiring more tax funds to keep law and order. For your information Google The World Monetary Order to Come”.
2. But where will the money go...?
Nachum Ben Daniel ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (08.06.12)
This issue is not the 1%, but where the money will end up. Will Netanyahu and his cohorts pump more funds into the yeshivot and West Bank settlement building? If so, then the WHOLE COUNTRY should protest about this. And where is all the revenue from the boom years that Israel has recently been experiencing? And what about the windfall from all of the gas we're about to pump in from the Mediterranean - enough to supply Israel's needs for the next 150 years, apparently? Just who has been managing this economy?
3. "Not Draconian"? What Rubbish!
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (08.07.12)
Thousands demonstrating about the social injustices. How many lamenting the dead dream? What does the current total of taxes, etc., etc. levied on Israelis reach? Fifty percent of earnings? More? Shrink the government. Make the Haredim support themselves. Less perks for politicos. Sure... what's another 1%? Bibi wonders why the economy isn't doing so well? Take some lessons from your American Conservative cousins.
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