Watch: IAF strikes Sinai terror cell
Yoav Zitun
Published: 06.08.12, 19:43
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1. the latest bust up
morty ,   IL   (08.06.12)
point of information: per chance, did the egyptian gov't happen to thank the israeli gov't for their quick action in apprending/disabling those who killed their soldiers. i can read that my gov't was mighty quick offering condolences we have something to be ashamed about, automatic action....sorry and serve cake.
2. as it attempts to breach Israeli border
cc ,   is   (08.06.12)
it was already 2 km in Israel whene the IAF strike .
3. God bless Israel
Fad Egypt   (08.06.12)
God bless Israel and its army , kodus to the IDF and the security establishment , they have acted properly in the face of terror , Israel is the only country fighting terror in the world and it is the only democracy in the middle east although i am angry about what happened but i am relieved because no israeli casualties happened because of the attack which came from our side Israel just needs to ignore Obama who wants its destruction and the destruction of all the moderate countries in the region as he did with my country shalom
4. "collaborate" is correct but cooperate might be nicer ;-)
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (08.06.12)
5. Attack
Marco ,   Milan,.Italy   (08.06.12)
While Israel is fighting the war against nazi islam, we Europeans are quietly sleeping with the enemy. I feel shame of our EU leaders that stll refuse to stand with Israel against muslim fanatism. In the meantime our cities are turning into muslims city and we are foreigner in our own land.Is there a place for me and my family in your beautiful country?
6. #5. Marco: Europeans voted for it
Tom W ,   USA   (08.06.12)
All European leaders were voted into office by the people. The bitter fact is that the European people condone and support Islamisation. Whomever dare to protest it like the late Oriana Fallaci R.I.P. - will be persecuted. Eurabia is here.
7. Good job
Salahuddin ,   Chicago   (08.07.12)
Good Job Israel. xoxoxo :)
8. Marco #5
Keren ,   IL-BR   (08.07.12)
I want you to know that I appreciate very much the Italian People and that my best friends in Brasil ,since childhood ,were always Italian descendents. Thanks for your beautiful words!
9. Is this a joke
Jerry Diamond ,   Highland Beach USA   (08.07.12)
WTF the army had knowledge of a possible attack and not one soldier had a rocket launcher or shoulder missle launcher to blow these guys away with the first shot. Somebody's head should roll for that. Didn't you guys learn your lesson with the Turkish ship the Mavi when they equipped the soldiers with paint guns. Who in the hell is running the show there. I thought Perez was long gone. At a border as dangerous as this every available arms should be on the ready for such a situation. Unbelievable that they were able to penetrate 2 miles and all the army could do is fire bullets. I'm shocked
10. #5
Mike ,   Haifa   (08.07.12)
im sorry to say this but you guys in Europe havent seen the worst of it yet. Europe will be plunged into chaos and possibly sporadic bloodshed here and there in 15-20 years time. A worsening economy coupled with growing Islamic fundamentalism will cause this. my suggestion is get active, gather like-minded people around you and raise awareness no matter how unpopular it is. good luck.
11. To # 3 Shalom
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (08.07.12)
We want Peace...if the Terror Org. does not get it .. ! ? Well we will have to continue the Targeting Game
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