Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Jihadists' goal: Israel-Egypt war
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 06.08.12, 23:59
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1. That one sticks of al-Quds
Matt   (08.07.12)
Basically that is what al-Qaida has been trying to do, this attack more about getting a hostage and murder. The fact is the Jihadist cannot remove the Egyptian military and for an Islamic Revolution they need to remove them. So they need a war between Israel and Egypt to weaken the military grip. At the moment Iran's vital goal is saving Assad and spreading the conflict. Pressure Israel security wise to force the US to get the Turks, Qataris and Saudis to stop supporting the opposition.
2. I fail to comprehend why this is a tennis match
Shmuel ,   Jupiter USA   (08.07.12)
So tell me, why does not Egypt take care of this situation. We gave the Sinai in return for no more rockets. We get rockets anyway. Give us back the Sinai and there will be NO MORE ROCKETS. Simple.
3. Very good and accurate assessment of status quo. Spot on !
Alan ,   SA   (08.07.12)
4. The strategy could work given Israel's penchant for war.
Eli   (08.07.12)
5. Wrong!!! Global Jihad and Muslim Bros have same idealogy
tf ,   herzliya il   (08.07.12)
They differ only in strategy and competing personalities.
6. Probably you are right.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (08.07.12)
But it is not sure their final aim is a jihadist state. I think they try simply to gain some freedom from egyptian opression. Egyptian fellahim and sinai bedouins just like portugese and breton frenchmen, completely different traditions, culture and etnicity.
7. #4 funny
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.07.12)
You are funny. You allege that Israel has a penchant for war, yet in reality Israel has never started any war. Every single war was started by the Arabs.
8. other similarities
tom ,   toronto, canada   (08.07.12)
this attack also resembles the 2006 hezbollah attack in which un uniforms and vehicles were used to get close enough to israeli forces to attempt a kidnapping. nobody has pointed a finger at hezbollah, yet, but there are very good reasons why they, and their iranian masters, might be involved in an attack on israel at this time.
9. muslim brotherhood is not moderate simply clever
ygalg ,   israel   (08.07.12)
and patient while other jihadists impatiently and hastily trying to bring down the free world. the muslim brotherhood shares same goals. they're jihadists. they using different methods tho. but unlike their impatient counterparts, muslim brotherhood methods evidently bear fruits. I suggest not to deluded oneself, to think, muslim brotherhood moderate and possible partner for peace. they're not. they're the enemy of free world. they're the enemy of peace.
10. ATTACK IRAN!!!!!!!!
Miron ,   USA   (08.09.12)
11. #4 nothing but lies !
American ,   Usa   (08.25.12)
Israel penchant for war I don't think so it's low life like you and your turban friends the Muslims who kill not only anyone who s not Muslim but kill each other it has been going on forever so if theirs anyone to blame it's the extremist Muslims in middle east countries who have put not only the middle east at war but affected every corner of the globe !
12. What happen to Iran
nini ,   Toronto,Canada   (12.18.12)
All this time bibi has been suggesting that iran and shia's are the problem when in reality it is the psycho wahhabi-salafi's that are the real threat to Islam and the World. they are at his door step in jordan, Palestine ,egypt and soon in Egypt!
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