Hamas' Haniyeh blames Israel for Sinai attack
Elior Levy, Roi Kais
Published: 07.08.12, 10:45
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1. I wonder what he have been smoking
Moses Mafora ,   Johannesburg   (08.07.12)
How can someone ochestrate such a coward acts against his people? Did he drinks his pills because its like all islamic people are obsessed with Mossad planing everything starting from Tsunami to floods that is happeing Noth Korea. Just ignore them they are doing their PR while Isarel is quite, thats were it lacks.
2. The more I read about
Mr Mc. Q.   (08.07.12)
the muslim brotherhood and in particular fatty Muniyeh, the more pain I get laughing at those halfwits called hamas and all their offshoot. those brutes need to read the Bible, not with their blind eyes but with their open hearts. Pigs are better than them. Go home killers and get your act together!
3. Wait for "Haaretz" journos blaming Israel too
ab   (08.07.12)
4. Egypt
lona ,   israel   (08.07.12)
G.od help us !!! what a bunch of losers... end.
5. 'it's definitely Israel, who is behind it'
tiki ,   belgium   (08.07.12)
Moron is to much of a compliment for these 'born without a brain creatures. "Human" is not the term to describe these brainless freaks, just a compiling composition of cells polluting the air.
6. Smelly rotten fish
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (08.07.12)
7. Yes Hamas, please, by all means display your ignorance
Charles   (08.07.12)
I'm sure in their hysterical paranoid alternate reality this makes perfect sense. To the normal person with a functioning brain, well, we're embarrassed on your behalf.
8. Haniyel your ignorance shocks me..
Ivan ,   South Africa   (08.07.12)
9. you must all think for yourself...
brian   (08.07.12)
we must all think for ourselves
10. Why wait? Check out today's edition.
David Stern ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.07.12)
11. Hamas
Philip Smeeton ,   Oslo   (08.07.12)
This just shows how insanely full of hate Islamists are. They have no contact with reality and are incapable of being logical and objective. The majority of Muslims have chosen to believe that Mossad is behind 9/11.
12. Now I am convinced.
Israeli ,   Haifa   (08.07.12)
Egypt orchestrated this attack in order to cut ties legally with Israel. Its time we take back the Sinai and Gaza.
13. Stop The Insanity
Fred ,   Boston, USA   (08.07.12)
The Middle East is quite insane. Everyone hates everyone different than themselves. Murder of others is completely acceptable in the name of God. You are all quite doomed to live lives filled with fear and hatred. Very mature, my little children.
14. To: Israeli at No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.07.12)
Exactly. But I would like to point out that the 1979 treaty is constructed in such a way that any unilateral abrogation by Egypt causes the Sinai to revert to Israel. Israel does need to be a little careful here, because Egypt is engineering these incidents in order to have an excuse to re-militarize the Sinai which, in and of itself, constitutes an abrogation of the treaty. Egypt didn't count on being humiliated in this incident. But you are quite right -- the time to stop them is now, and taking back Gaza and the Sinai will solve quite a number of Israeli problems in that region. Of course, we don't want the rag-tag denizens of Gaza and the Sinai -- they'll be sent to Egypt, and Israel will be able to keep an eye on that rabble from its coign of vantage at the Suez Canal. Egypt's playing a very dangerous game. But the key is making very sure that Egypt does not re-militarize the Sinai. It won't stop Israel, of course, but there is no reason to make it harder than it need be.
15. Unbelievable
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (08.07.12)
but, aren't their lies always so? If not so sick this would be funny. Soon, neither of these loons will be able to hold onto power. At least with Mubarak, Egypt had peace and relative prosperity especially when we see Egypt today.
16. Oh dear Oh dear, is there any hope for these idiots.
Arlene ,   Israel   (08.07.12)
..I think not. Taken note that lately the Bro's are killing the Bro's, so why shouldn't Egypt continue to do so. BTW Israel is used to getting the blame for all their troubles, so best leave Israel alone or who will you nutters blame?? What a bunch of loooossseerrs!
17. Hamas
Michelle Wayne ,   Australia   (08.07.12)
Hanie lost control of his people, everyone id doing they own think, everyday new terrorist organizations, doing what ever they like chaos in Gaza and blame it on Mosad??? What ells is new? everything bad in Arabia is blamed on Mosad ))) only not them self.really))
18. They are such consummate liars
Emma ,   Arab Occupied London   (08.07.12)
They are incapable of knowing the truth even if it hit them head on.
19. Hanieh the Hogwash!
Another Lackey!   (08.07.12)
20. #13 Fred from Boston
Mike ,   Israel   (08.07.12)
Your correct my child it kind of reminds you of the good old USA. Random and sensless murder on the streets, movie theaters and place of worship. Very Mature son.
21. Israelis are to blame
Nora Tel Aviv   (08.07.12)
They refuse to die at the hands of those fundamentalist cihadists.
22. Aren't they great ? Undermining arab credibility again & aga
Nowhere Man ,   Metropolis, Zion.   (08.07.12)
23. (13) Fred in Boston
tiki ,   belgium   (08.07.12)
You're absolutely right, so tell those living in the insane & violent Middle East your magic recipe for change & coexistance from a wise adult from a peacefull USA, where except crazy young lunatics going on regular killing- spree's, everybody lives a quit live, without guns under the counter or in nearly every household for 'self protection.
24. We are surrounded by 16the sentury
Dato ,   TLV   (08.07.12)
These people are just without any brains. How the hell Israel is intetested in it, and IF so, how the hell can Israel organize such action, with arab militant terrorists etc. i want to look in Hanniyas eyes and ask him:" are you nuts son?"
25. apparently lying is Ok
ishamel   (08.07.12)
Whether its the brotherhood erdogan and now hamas, lying by god is permitted. They can lie to their wives, kids, governemnt and it is endorsed and approved. Israel should have its eyes wide open.
26. As usual Arabs are not responsible...
Ralph ,   Caesarea   (08.07.12)
27. Hamas is admitting they have no control over Gaza
Potash Katiftof ,   Safed, Israel   (08.07.12)
Hamas has absolutely no clue who pulled off this attack so they are blaming israel. Basically Hamas has lost the respect of their people over time and now they are just about irrelevant. It was someone from gaza though that did this attack, since they launched mortars from gaza as cover fire during this attack.
28. islamic jihadists' killing of Egyptian soldiers-not us
mimi jacques ,   oob,usa   (08.07.12)
The ultimate cowardly response is from US Pres.Obama himself-endorsing Morsey's stance,ready to help his comrade in arms with help.Not one word of condemnation for MB/Morsey/Hamas/Palestionian refuseniks-terrorists blaming Israel/Mossad. Rearming Sinai is Obama's goal in hunting down the bastardly terrorists coming from outside Egypt. The PFLP from Syria are allegedly now in Gaza Strip too.
29. Hamas blames Israel for global warming too ?
fanatics !
30. MB & Hamas blames Israel for Sinai attack
dapperdanman, ,   Karlovy Vary, CZ   (08.07.12)
Comparative, superlative & (the new) hyperlative adjectives: Dumb. Dumber. Dumbest. A . . b.
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