Haniyeh's brother-in-law was treated at Israeli hospital
Elior Levy
Published: 07.08.12, 20:27
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1. Well, I guess ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.07.12)
... that is what makes us so different from them.
2. Apparently when it comes to medical care ....
Manny   (08.07.12)
... on account of Israeli tax payer, not only do they recognize Israel, but also become its best patriots.
3. What a lying hypocrite... And Israel is stupid for letting
David ,   Israel   (08.07.12)
these people come to Israel. Israeli citizen's tax money probably paid for the whole thing too. Israeli politicians are just stupid.
4. "Do as I say not as I do."! BDS fools eat you hearts out !
Is there something your knee jerk slogans aren't telling you?
5. @1, @2 OK.
abdullah ,   Jordan   (08.07.12)
@1 Israel caused the mess to begin with so Israel is responsible for those who die from lack of medical care. Saving some persons is great and honorable, but will not compensate the thousands killed and even more injured, and yet even more displaced. @2 And Manny, I once saw a video showing story of gazan woman and her child who was severely sick. The doctor was inspired by how happy and excited she was that her child would live but was shocked when she told him, she would be just as happy if he was martyred fighting for jerusalem. A few good acts, can do little to change the fact that Israel uprooted a people and occupies Jerusalem. Israel has blood on its hands, and a long list of crimes.
6. Who knows ?
Gabe ,   Canada   (08.07.12)
Suhila's husband might have fired the projectile that killed the little boy in the school bus. We are different, all right.
7. next we'll hear is
arne ,   chicago usa   (08.07.12)
that haniyeh himself was taken by magen david adom to israel for treatment having been shot in the batzum by his wife.
8. #2, actually, the Palestinian Authority foots the bill
Mark ,   VAncouver Canada   (08.07.12)
The Palestinian authority pays for all medical expenses of patients transfered to Israeli hospitals.
9. Take him in for Shock Treatment too.
Roland Seener ,   London England   (08.07.12)
10. her brother can go to the hospital morgue
zionist forever   (08.07.12)
Maybe we can give him some Polonium treatment as was supposedly done to Arafat
11. unbelievable!
Marina   (08.07.12)
12. Arab mentality: Take what you can take
Nora Tel Aviv   (08.07.12)
(such as treatment) until you destroy what you can destroy (of israel). For that, they are even ready to klll the israeli doctors that saved their lives if the occasion arises.
13. Careful
israeli from Turkey   (08.07.12)
Let's hope that he will not come back to blow up the hospital in order to "thank" for saving his life. In past we already had such situations.
14.  Porky Haniyeh' s m(o)uth-cancer
who cares? ,   France   (08.07.12)
Should be dealt with equally.
15. Clarifications as follows
Abu Jihad ,   Jerusalem, Palestine   (08.07.12)
Haniyah brother-in-law has no political affiliations and keeps a very low profile. Also, all the medical expenses are reimbursed by the Palestinian authority. I guess, considering that his home/land inside the green line and those of his entire family (they are refugees) were stolen by the zionist gangs in 1948, and many of his family were butchered or died during the escape by sea to Gaza, u r hardly doing him a favour>
16. Hanyes brother in law
Hans ,   Germany   (08.07.12)
@ Sarah Well, I guess.. because of that different whe are hated
17. we are FRAIERIM ! They kill us we cure them !
18. I really didn't want to know that!
tom ,   tel aviv   (08.07.12)
19. #2
Jane   (08.07.12)
Not the point
20. To Mark #8
Helene ,   Tel Aviv   (08.07.12)
Are you sure that the Palestinian Authority pays for all medical expenses of patients transfered to Israeli hospitalls ??!! I can tell you by personal experience, since I volunteer in one of the hospitals, that many, many, many Palestinians children come to Israel for surgery and it is NOT the Palestinian Authority who pays........ Believe me, I know what I am talking about.
21. #5 - Abdullah
Helene ,   Tel Aviv   (08.07.12)
I happen to know very well the doctor's family who tok care of the Palestinian child.... The video show you saw is one thing, and the reality was something very v.e.r.y different...May be one day when we have peace, I'll tell you
22. why dont hanyeh takes care of his people????
h ,   bs as argentina   (08.07.12)
23. #8 - not always
William ,   Israel   (08.07.12)
In theory, yes, but the PA has been very lax on paying their bills and still begs for global aid to meet the payroll of thousands of residents they bought the loyalty of. They still owe Israel tons of cash, for medical and energy. Then there are the cases where Israel's save a Child's Heart program is funded by donations and saves lives of many Arabs, including the toddler daughter of a Hamas founder just last year.
24. Haniyeh wife in for med treatment
mark ,   Pasadena, USA   (08.07.12)
It's the same story in U.S. Persian Muslims want only a Jewish attorney to represent them, and yet the government of Iran wants to annihilate Israel. Go figure.
25. Anything to say now, quack "doctor" Ben Alofs?
Jake   (08.07.12)
26. hippa
zelig ,   memphis usa   (08.08.12)
In America,no one would know about this because of h.i.p.p.a. confidentiality statutes! We're more liberal than you are!
27. #5 Abdullah
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (08.08.12)
"...Israel uprooted a people and occupies Jerusalem.Israel has blood on its hands,and a long list of crimes." In 1948 even before Israeli Independence and certainly after,the call by the invading Arab armies of Egypt,Lebanon, Syria Trans Jordan and Iraq the call was to throw those Jews into the sea, to finish the job Hitler couldn't, and to destroy the Jewish government of an independent Jewish State.That some Palestinian Arabs were displaced during the war launched against the incipient government and the nation of Israel,is unfortunate,but the blame must be placed at the foot of those who sought and still seek their destruction: most of the Arab peoples and their leaders. Jerusalem is not occupied by the Jewish people.For 3000 or so years Jews have made their home in Jerusalem,despite invasions by Assyrians, Babylonians,Greeks,Romans Byzantines,the powers of Islam, and Gt.Britain. Jerusalem is specifically mentioned many times in the Torah.How many times is that eternal capitol of the Jewish civilization cited in the Koran? I wonder how many Arab countries would medically treat the brother-in-law of the PM of Israel? Have a good day and may you and your family and nation continue to live in peace and security, and not be effected by the blood-drenched civil war in Syria.
28. AbuJi I thought it was "al-Quds"
jericho ,   ca   (08.07.12)
29. #5, #15, Abdullah Abu Jihad
Jake in Jerusalem ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.08.12)
What you wrote is simply non-factual, hate-mongering, anti-Israel slander. King Hussein and Yasser Arafat killed MANY THOUSANDS of Palis during the first Intifada to liberate Palestine - on the Jordanian-Occupied East Bank of Palestine, in Black September, 1970. Hussein knew how to end an Intifada quickly! Jordan *IS* Palestine and you guys already know it. There are other cases of Gazans receiving FREE and life-saving treatment in Israeli hospitals and who then turned to terrorism to kill Jews. Note that Palis, Arabs and Muslims have done the same with generosity granted them by other societies, especially in the USA, EU and Australia. STOP MAKING UP LIES ABOUT ISRAEL!
30. #5 Abdullah
Sergio ,   Tel Aviv   (08.07.12)
Dear Abdullah. You should definitely reread the history again. And Israel has no blood on it's hands since we can fight terror when it hides behind women and children. We have to protect our people and sorry for that but my people and their security is way more important to me then few Palestinians who does not want to wake up and go on. Yes wake up and go on. I've been to Jordan and seen all so called refuges who only know how to curse and blame Jews but they do not want to participate even in life of the country that gave them new home. Vast majority of them left Israel without force. I've seen these refuges destroying life of Amman during new years eve when they are like barbarians coming from their camps over Abdoun bridge. I've also seen and know people who took things in their hands and became equal citizens of Jordan and live happy life there. So please stop this nonsense. We do not owe anything to Gaza. We left the strip many years ago it is no longer under any occupation. If they were normal and constructive people they would use Gaza strip to build better life. They use to attack us instead.
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