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Documentary follows Hassidic couple on cruise
Tali Farkash
Published: 13.08.12, 07:10
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1. Why didn't g take them on a magic carpet cruise for free?
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.13.12)
I would also expect g to solve their marital problems free of charge. After so much wiggling over the years in a shul, don't they deserve a little compensation from their g? Oh, I forgot, g doesn't compensate in real life, only later when nobody can see or know what is happening. I think this is grossly unfair.
2. Orthodox women also enjoy
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.13.12)
belly dance , modestly clothed of course , they do it with other women , with a teacher , also a women [ Tsarfattv , august ] and without spectators .
3. The UK are showing a lot of nice Jewish documentaries, Look
alex ,   tel aviv / london   (08.13.12)
Look up 'strictly kosher' it was very popular.
4. This are very good, teaches a lot about us!! thanks
jess bo! ,   jslm   (08.13.12)
5. nice to see
Steve ,   USA   (08.13.12)
Charming couple. They seem truly compatible.
6. Much to learn
Miche Norman ,   Hod Hasharon Israel   (08.13.12)
In the UK if you do not follow the state curriculum you pay for your schooling. Haredi fathers therefore go out to work, so as to pay school fees and also make fewer children because they have to pay for them. The average Haredi family in England is therefore much smaller than in Israel. As throughout Jewish history, the real geniuses study full time with support from the community. I remember as a child my completely assimilate father asking me to go to his office one day in the holidays because there was someone who he wanted to meet - it was a hassidic rabbi who went around Hatton Garden every year collecting for a Yeshiva - he was engaging and there was mutual respect, he would never dream of lecturing, but you could see he was full of knowledge and could not help asking questions. The Hassidim are seen as strange, but generally accepted, they are poor but hard working and seen as people with values. How different the situation is hereand how trragic, where the Haradim are suceeding in creating a divide in the people, and turning people anti-religious by their immoral conduct.
7. funny
sheldon ,   israel   (08.13.12)
looks like there is no one else on the boat lol this movie is pathetic and the director must have been bored out of his mind and dying of the smell. i think it would have been cool if they tried to recreate the scene from titanic only to have her wig fly off hehehe
8. Waste of Time
Zivron   (08.13.12)
A totally in authentic production I could watch it it cruises are yoke she naresh kite one must study more just like labor regarded military parades although it was necessary for russia in 1941 the march that stopped the nazi advance.
Daniel Remer ,   Israel   (08.13.12)
This couple is not only "not typical" of any Hassidic couple, they are completely unique and thus do not represent in anyway "Hassidic Jews". Therefore this documentary is NOT about Hassidic Jews and would be very misleading if it was taken as an insight to Hassidic life or customs. The couple do not talk or behave asl Hassidic Jews do.
10. Anyone in the haredi community would instantly notice
Abe   (08.13.12)
that it's far from authentic especially the fact that they're hassidim from Gur.
11. Gaby and Tikwah
aline ,   Israel   (08.13.12)
I watched the program. I liked watching it, It was at the same time funny and sad.... On the one hand they were no different from any elderly couple who after so many years of living together seem to be getting on each other's nerves at time.On the other hand they seem to belong to another world. Gaby looked like someone avid to explore things...another way of living, the TV, goes his own way talking to people, making friends. Poor Tikwa is afraid of her own shadow...afraid of anything she does not know...In the end it was rather sad!!!! One wonders whether they have had children...They both look like children themselves.
12. Israeli filmakers only know to hate
SellingHateFor$ ,   Jerusalem ISrael   (08.13.12)
Sadly the overwhelming majority of ISraeli filmkers know only to produce hateful film documentaries of all that is loved by most Jews tradition and faith are at best ridiculed and I say this as a secular Jew whose major shock and dissapointment was to find that this state(public ) funded film industry produced so many "award winning" films in Europe and other anti Israel"Film Fetivals" VEnice Cannes & that so many Israeli were willing to sell their people and their souls for tainted gold. Truley a tragedy that is beyond understanding I or my neighbors cannot remember the last time we saw a positve film produced here by Israelis evidently even the not so Jew freindly BBC knows to "repent" not so in ISrael sadly
13. This is a Hyge Chilul Hashem
14. #6 Jewish schooling in UK is generally funded by government
AB Mizrachi   (08.13.12)
and hasidic families in the UK are very big too, on average 7-8 children. They have helped the UK Jewish population ride 15% in the last ten years.
15. #1
yosef ,   williamsburg   (08.13.12)
Is there any aspect of MY religion (apparently not yours), the one brought down through Moshe that you will not bash? Your stuff is so elementary.
16. #16 yosef, So elementary not to believe in YOUR religion.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.13.12)
Accept my honest bashing. You certainly need it to justify your creation. By the way, Moshe brought nothing down because he didn't exist.
17. Number 9 Are they Hasidic
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (08.13.12)
I don't know how you define Hasidic, but I know the Locks and they are very genuine Hasidim from Stamford Hill. I don't believe in stereotypes. I think every couple is unique. My wife comes from a Satmar background, but is no typical Satmar wife. I am Litvish but belong to a Hirschian Kehilloh. I'm neither typically Litvish or Yekkish. We're a happy couple just the same. How typical is that?
18. to #13,your atrocious spelling is a huge chillul hashem
chaim.s ,   brooklyn ny   (08.14.12)
19. Why are you people so hateful?
Babishka ,   USA/Mea Shearim   (08.14.12)
What is your problem with this middle-aged couple taking a dream vacation? They saved up and paid for it, let them enjoy themselves! Personally I would rather vacation in Israel than go on a pointless cruise, but in any case why are you making these hateful comments? What did this harmless, nice couple ever do to hurt you?
20. #16 yosef (re: #15)
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.14.12)
Don't take it too seriously. You should never take seriously comments from someone who knows nothing of what he is talking about. And michael has demonstrated again and again that he knows nothing about Judaism, or Talmud, or anything else related to Judaism. I recommend listening to what he says as you would listen to a babbling two year old.
21. Khilul ha-Sheim
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (08.14.12)
Like a Shabbaton at a hotel, and despite incredulously foolish arguments to the contrary, the laws of Shabbat prohibit causing even one's animals to work, much less requiring human beings to wait on you and serve you on Shabbat like Shabbos Goyim -- which is also khilul ha-Sheim. Like their fellow Ultra-Orthodox, and, sadly, also lik many other Orthodox who participate in Shabbatons, they desecrate Shabbat. I'm sure they didn't use electricity -- which has nothing whatsoever to do with keeping Shabbat according to ancient Biblical Torah and Oral Law -- and wasn't even an issue until the time of my grandparents. I'm also sure that they traveled further on Shabbat than a "Shabbat Journey" -- and that their foolish arguments justifying whatever they want to do are no more amusing to ha-Sheim than their foolish attempts to justify causing people to serve them on Shabbat. Sanctimonious hypocrites! BTW, #18, 1 -- can't you distinguish a typo from a misspelling (no, it wasn't my post) and 2 -- even if it were misspelled doesn't affect the correctness of the content. But jumping on irrelevant nuances is all people like you have to argue.
22. #20, You are correct. Gladly, Life and Nature r foremost.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.14.12)
You can take death and religion as far as you want, separately from me. I don't need your juices as much as I don't need second hand smoke, or circumcision, or g and t. Stop polluting and I will offer coexistence with you as charity.
23. 21 is the chilul hashem , a FAKE convert
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.14.12)
but a true baptist minister . And this guy dares to call others hypocrites !
24. #22 michael
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.15.12)
The polluter accuses others of polluting? LOL. The 'problem' is that you enter these discussions, in an Israeli Jewish website, knowing who you will be talking to. You know your views are contrary to most of ours. And not only do you delight in polluting the atmosphere, you accuse us of doing what you refuse to admit you are doing. Look in a mirror. You won't like what you see...if you open your eyes, that is.
25. #24, This is an Israeli newspaper and Israel website.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.15.12)
I once wrote to a Jewish website for a while and discussed whether g exists or not. Went away convinced Jewish website is for tumtums only. This website is perfect for me and it is mine because I am an Israeli. My democratic values in tolerating talbackers like yourself are tested to the extreme, but I know there is something above your shoulders worth feeding. "Israeli Jewish website"? Your invention?
26. #25 michael
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.16.12)
I am not speaking of democracy. I am speaking of your pollution; writing on the same subject ad nauseum, not adding anything to any other subject. You are simply tiresome. To elaborate: There are those who post here whose one and only subject they are interested in is the “sufferings of the Palestinians”. No matter what the topic, they will twist it and turn it, usually in the space of one distorted sentence, to try and steer the discussion to their pet subject. One can hypothesize that they will not, and cannot, speak of anything else. In reality they are tiresome, and show little in the way of listening to anyone else about anything else. You are the same way with your Judaism bashing. You are welcome to each other. And no, that is not a compliment.
27. Solomon 26 .
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.16.12)
Someone who denies everything that belongs to our History , can't be taken seriously at all . We should better skip this guy's babbling , let him talk "tsi de wand" [ to the wall ]
28. #27 charles - you're right!
solomon ,   bklyn   (08.17.12)
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