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Egypt admits: We had early warning on Sinai attack
Roi Kais
Published: 08.08.12, 00:47
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1. "but we never imagined that a Muslim would kill a Muslim..."
Airdrone pilot ,   World   (08.08.12)
Take Mr. Mowafi to a tour to Aleppo, Damascus, Bagdah, Somalia, PKK in Turkey, North Pakistan, Afghanistan, to find out if there is a single muslim killing a muslim as we speak.
2. "Never imagined Arabs would attack
Stephen in New York   (08.08.12)
Arabs during a fast-breaking meal?" But real easy to imagine Arabs attacking Israel on Yom Kippur.
3. Fasting from food, fasting from murder
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (08.08.12)
Both are broken at sunset during Ramadan.
4. Oh!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.08.12)
So it isn't a Mossad plot after all! Duh. A lot of egg-covered faces in Cairo and Gaza City, I wager!
5. "blame Israel" means it's the same old egypt, after all
rick ,   walnut creek   (08.08.12)
the country is never going to improve as long as there is a widespread failure to accept responsibility combined with a failure to eschew paranoid, conspiracist, anti-Jewish delusions.
6. Arabs killing Arab
SE ,   Boston, USA   (08.08.12)
It should come as no surprise to Egyptian officials that the Syrians are indiscriminately killing each other before, during and after the Ramadan meal. Why wouldn't it surprise the Egyptians that the same could happen in their country.
7. Egypt officer felt it Ok if Jews killed but
Justin ,   USA   (08.08.12)
not fellow Muslims. He appears to admit he allowed attack as long as the attack was against Israel and it killed Jews never thinking Muslims would also be murdered. Bet it was Israel that warned Egypt of imminent attack, but he allowed it thinking 'only' Jews would be murdered. His poisoned explanation shows the festering illness prevalent in Egypt and in Arab societies that is pestilent
8. Apology
Mohameed Ghareeb ,   Alexandria, Egypt   (08.08.12)
אני מציע את התנצלותי באופן אישי על פי מה שנאמר על הצבא הישראלי
9. To 7# you`re absolutely right.
Nora Tel Aviv   (08.08.12)
Now they will beg them to kill only Jews.
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