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Chinese 'very impressed' with Israeli economy
Itamar Eichner
Published: 08.08.12, 17:15
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1. Start-Up Nation a la China?
The Prophetess ,   FL, USA   (08.08.12)
Interesting news. The Chinese bigwigs must have read "Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle" by Dan Senor and Saul Singer. Can Big Chinese Gov., adapt Israel's early-on insight, that Gov. must back off, allow breathing room,/laissez faire to encourage individualism and entrepreneurship to drive the economy? Interesting juxtaposition: China Gov becomes less ham-fisted over in industry, while the US administration continues to smother and suffocate small business owners.
2. Have readers enjoyed Number 69 Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup.
3. "Middle eastern Chinese"
Toby   (08.08.12)
My sister in her visit to Beijing saw Chinese food vendors, looking Middle Eastern but speaking perfect Mandarin. Lots of ethnic diversity in China with its borders touching on a multitude of other countries.
4. Thanks for the Good news!!! (nc)
Shoshana Rubin   (08.08.12)
5. The Chinese government needs to be very smart
Iranian Hunter   (08.08.12)
There are many elements in the middle east that wanted to drag them in their holy SHIA war for domination in the middle east. The problem is that China has a lot of turks, muslims, fanatics in it's north eastern area. And China needs to smarten up. They needs to KNOW what those fanatics believe, what their hadiths and quran teaches about buddhist. You won't like what you find though ! But i am CONFIDENT that Chinese and israelis will have a good future, just like Russian and Israelis will have good future sooner or later. It is in the interest of these three to fight jihadist, islamist, fanatics. Again PLEASE, KNOW what those fanatics believe, what their hadiths and quran teaches about buddhist. Don't believe the apologist. HADITHS are fundamental to Islam.
6. Chinese government needs to create an entity
Iranian Hunter   (08.08.12)
to study the belief, the source of islamic extremism. And STOP it from spreading in North East China. Create an entity that is brave to speak politically incorrect things about Quran, Hadiths, Shia hadiths (shia like me have different hadith...i am former jafari shia). Know whether the moderates are true muslims that follows quran and hadiths. Or it turns out the "extremist" are the one that follows their book. You won't like what you find though. I fear for the chinese, but i also have a big hope for them, because these people are smart and many of them are brave to speak out against islamic extremism. Go China ! Again..... don't be dragged by elements in the middle east that wanted you to join their shia holy war. Chinese don't have a history of pogroms and holocaust and islamic intolerance of jews. These are people that helped sheltered jews under the holocaust and medieval pogroms and persecutions.
7. China is impressed with the Israeli economy...
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.08.12)
...but I am not impressed with the Chinese government's stance on Jerusalem's status, China's indifference to Iran's intention of aqcuiring nuclear weapons to annihilate the very Jewish people the Chinese seem to love to "study" -as if we are some exotic aliens from outer space, and China's government continues to support Syria and Assad and China's government continues to bully India, Japan and Asia, continues to occupy Tibet, continues to deny 1.4 billion Chinese men, women and children fundamental democratic rights, strangles the Internet, denies the Chinese people free access to information on the Internet, censors all bad news in Chinese newspapers and either imprison or execute dissidents. I'm impressed with China's old history, culture and philosophy and their economic growth but I am not impressed with the Chinese government's moral character. I prefer that China is less "impressed" with Israel and instead start to act like decent and honest human beings instead of being mixed up in a cynical war of reckless capitalism and secular despotism. Modern China seems to be about 1) China being/becoming a superpower and bullying others 2) reckless trade, economic growth at all costs and building skyscrapers, and 3) behind the glorious exterior deny the Chinese people freedom and democracy. I think Israel should be cautious when selling or teaching China know how and high tech. Israel shouldn't teach China any know how. Instead Israel should sell it for strictly civilian use and make China dependent on Israeli high tech and out of this Chinese dependency on Israeli high tech make certain and very specific demands to the Chinese government. China doesn't like demands? It goes in both directions. Arab oil is in abundance but Israel's high tech cannot be found in abundance. The question is which China values the most. As I see it, China must choose between Israel and the Arab states.
8. This all seems hot air to me .
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (08.08.12)
9. Chinese interest in Israel
henry ,   Cavite, Philippines   (08.09.12)
To Israel: Beware the Chinese. Believe in the prophesies in the Bible...the formidable King of the East with 200 million soldiers is no joke.
10. The "dragon" likes Israel? Is that a good news???
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (08.09.12)
Oh,the dragon likes Israel,feels yummy....Copy,that s what China is good for...
11. Pollution,China is the most polluted place on earth
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (08.09.12)
China is the most polluted and pollution made country in the planet;come and see what it means living in china or Hong Hong or just be a neighbor or China!!!! Impressed...
12. I was "impressed" with the way China cleared whole patches
tom ,   tel aviv   (08.09.12)
of land from it's inhabitants in order to impress the world with big-time Olympics. I am also impressed with mass slaughter of it's citizens when the lofty idea of Communist Heaven called for it during Mao. It is just like with the super rich: they can afford to make so many more mistakes without consequences; China can murder to the right&left : there're plenty more where "they" came from..... In short: impressing China shouldn't impress anyone!
13. Don't ever kid yourself about that Chinese choice, #7
Cameron ,   USA   (08.09.12)
If they have to truly choose between Israeli tech vs. the resources & vast markets of the Muslim lands, they'll simply drop Israel off the side of the cliff, guaranteed. The Chinese do solely what is best for the Chinese. Let that fundamental rule always guide you in considering China.
14. Different views
Zeev ,   Tel Aviv   (08.09.12)
A 4th grade teacher asks the students who was the most important person in all of history, and says that whoever answers correctly gets an apple. Little Mary raises her hand and says: "It was Martin Luther King Jr." The teacher says that he was very important, but not the most important. Little Johnny raises his hand and says: "It was Abraham Lincoln." Again, the teacher says that he was very important, but not the most important. Little Moishe raises his hand and says: "It was Jesus." The teacher, surprised, says that the answer was correct and gives Moishe the apple. After class she calls Moishe and asks if he really believed Jesus was the most important person in History. "No," he says, "but it doesn't matter what I believe: business is business!"
15. Beware of the Chinese,the new spy
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (08.09.12)
masters of the world,china is investing 200 Billion Dollars a year on spying,Israel makes a good target.
16. Sadly, most of those Hebrew students will be spies.
Scott ,   USA   (08.12.12)
It's the nature of the regime.
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