Settlers more likely to become reservists than rest of population
Yoav Zitun
Published: 09.08.12, 00:09
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1. Judea/Samaria huge assets for Israel.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.09.12)
In case there was any doubt; this article offers further proof that Judea and Samaria communities are huge assets to Israel. Their leftist critics, on the other hand, are huge liabilities for Israel.
2. 69% of reservists are combat troops...
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.09.12)
... and what percentage of reservists are women? If the army cut the service of all women (equally, regardless of ethnicity, religion, sector or gender), how much would it save in the budget to introduce new combat units from the haredi sector?
3. Settlers
Considering most of the settlers in the West Bank are thugs, they are a perfect fit for the IDF.
4. its only logical they would be
zionist forever   (08.09.12)
They are the idealists and some of the more radical ones obsessive idealists. They also live surrounded by enemies and not the safety of the liberal Tel Aviv bubble where or in the ghettos of Mea Shearim cut off from the outside world. They need all the skills the army can teach them.
5. Now you understand
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.09.12)
The "settlers" are the backbone of the IDF, the only thing that prevents the extermination of the Jews. With that in mind, the reason that the extreme Left wants to attack and destroy the "settlers" at any price becomes clear.
6. @3 & 4 - IDF is an Army - thugs and radical idealists
rebecca ,   Modiin   (08.09.12)
make bad soldiers. Often the IDF does not call them up in the 1st place. It seldom calls back people who are not good soldiers, able to take orders well, and fight with intelligence. Look at the other figures that were given. Most reservists are valued employees and many are highly educated. - not thugs.
7. Wonderful to know.
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (08.09.12)
Keep building and protecting all of Israel. The land is your future.
8. LOL Thugs you say??
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (08.09.12)
Don't be jealous cause they continue to kick your them what you want as long as they claim, name, and BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!! You have some gall to mention thugs when trying to defend terrorist pals. No wonder the pals have no claim to Israel, they must have gotten lost on their nomadic squatting, they should know there is no palestine. ( and, how many arab nations keep the pals in camps?) Wait, soon, ALL of Jerusalem shall be israel's official Capitol and you bloody bums will leave Israel, one way or another.
9. # 6 Rebecca
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (08.09.12)
yes and, those insane heroes who despite all the odds, manage to do the impossible. Expect the pals to use words they don't understand, they have no comprehension of why not one can stomach them or, their BS re: Israel and 'palestine'. There is no palestine and there are no palestinians, just the run of the mill lying arabs who'd rather live in Israel, lie and stay there even with Jews than to face their fellow 'arab spring' arabs who're dying like flies. They've goten caught with their ants down and what you see aint pretty.
10. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.09.12)
Coming from someone who never served in the IDF (or any other military, for that matter), and has probably never been within 5,000 miles of Israel, I'd say your comment is most inappropriate. Perhaps you should just go get your vente mocha latte and leave the thinking to those of us who actually know something. That does not include you.
11. #10
Sarah dear....did I hit a nerve? I served in my army to the rank of major, and yes, you wouldn't catch me within cooee of Israel, no matter what the price. Oh and I prefer an espresso if your buying. Ta.
12. # 3 no name no legitimacy
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (08.09.12)
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