2 Ramallah lynch perpetrators arrested
Yoav Zitun
Published: 09.08.12, 17:44
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1. It Is A Step, But Will They Be Sentenced?
emanon ,   USA   (08.09.12)
Yes, I know I'm jumping to the presumption they will be found guilty. That too, remains to be seen.
2. My eyes were opened that day
Yackov ,   Joburg, SA   (08.09.12)
When I saw this lynching of the Israeli solders my eyes opened and for the first time I actually understood the enemy we fight. With Barbarians like these there will never be peace! Hang them high like Haman.
3. barak never broght these guys to justice
mohson   (08.09.12)
remamer when the arabs in ramallah smeared t hemselves in dying idf soldier's blood as they lay dying while lousy barak did little to punish ramallah because of his oslo sensitivities. I tell you,barak has no intention of attacking iran, zero. If it will be done, it will be pushed by yaalon, begin and lieberman as barak does not have the guts to do it and bibi is constantly wavering. In the same vein, barak says if israel hits iran, then it must do another unilateral from the palestinians to of course please washington and the cowards of europe. Barak is afraid of his own shadow. Israel doe snot have to make concessions; it is the arabs who have to start waiving concessions if they want peace. Barak is out of his element as one of the worst defense ministers , only slightly better than peretz and olmert.
4. When will you impose death penalty for these terrorists?
Rachel ,   USA   (08.09.12)
5. And these animals were set free?
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (08.09.12)
Please don't release them again.
6. Barak will release them again,that dumbo that bombed empty
ab   (08.09.12)
police station as "response" to lynching.
7. Dumbo is too good a name
macktheknife   (08.09.12)
for that little fart Barak. Oh come on Bibi, get rid of the flippin' idiot. I can't even stand looking at his fat overfed face!
8. May the fools who eliminated the death penalty get no mercy.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.09.12)
9. #1 yes
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.09.12)
They will be sentenced, and held in a luxury prison, allowed to meet their children and wives who will be heavily subsidized by the Fatah terror organization. In prison, their only dangers is too much coffee and too much baklava. Then, in the not too distant future, some corrupt Israeli government will release them.
10. Suspicious
Dovid ,   Queens,NY   (08.09.12)
Why would it take Israel 12 years to crack this case?I suspect it is political.They look so bad for releasing these vicious animals for the dangerous Shalit deal and now maybe Barak wants to look tough?Shameful.Also it seems that Israelis don't know how to use the word "lynch" which is a verb.It is called a "lynching".
11. The just punishment would be . . .
nibor ,   israel   (08.09.12)
for them to be lynched by a band of Israeli citizens. But we don't do that.
12. Why only 2? I see a violent mob of 50+
William ,   Israel   (08.09.12)
13. Kassem's joy will not be complete until...
William ,   Israel   (08.09.12)
"My joy will not be complete until all security prisoners, who suffer from tough conditions, will be released." Well, good news. That number is very, very low since no one considers "weekly family visits, full meals and clean facilities, workout facilities, libraries, Arab TV channels, and access to education" to be "tough conditions. Around the world, we call it a University, except the Israeli prison cells are larger than typical dorms.
14. so what now?
ma nishma ,   modiin   (08.10.12)
will they be sentenced to death or will they get a life sentence meaning until the next prisoner swap upon which they will become heroes. they should have had their head blasted off and not brought to trial.
15. why do I have to see pictures of the lynch???????????
sue ,   jerusalem   (08.10.12)
16. We have video and we only get two?!
Josh   (08.10.12)
Shows how inept the police are. Seriously! Hoodlems at soccer matches that overturn cars are prosecuted in sizable numbers and we have a murder and we can only identify two after the confess. The whole lot should have been rounded up and I can see no excuse for this paultry effort to collect such killers. In the memory of these two oppressed soldiers, shame on us for not holding our own leaders accountable for not seeking justice..
17. REVENGE is never the answer....
Edithann ,   USA   (08.11.12)
it wastes time and progress... TATA
18. Other than a fat
Elizabeth   (08.12.12)
paycheck, what is the clown Barak hanging around for. Does he not understand how useless he is, and for that matter so is Bibi who lets the sob hang around collecting his fat pay-cheque. I used to be a great fan of Israel, but it's now making me sicker by the day!
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