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Story of Gaza doctor to take Habima stage
Merav Yudilovitch
Published: 14.08.12, 13:29
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1. Will there ever be a Habima Patriotic Play?
TheatreOfHate ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.14.12)
Truly a tragic story but war is hell will there now be a play about the Hatuel family slaughtered in Gaza a mother and her 3 young innocents shot throught the head at point blanK ? I guess we all know the answer NO and even if they did they would twist to make the slaughtered Jews guilty somehow. Habima the National Theater of Jewish Self Hate
2. Dr. Abuelaish Is Not A Traitor, He Is A Realist
Tim Upham ,   Tum Tum, WA   (08.14.12)
Dr. Abuelaish is not a traitor to Hamas, he is a realist in stating that Israel and Gaza cannot be polarized forever. We should all follow his example, because his example is found in the Siddur with "You will love your fellow man, as though you will love yourself." It is also in the hadith of the Prophet Mohammed, which says "You will not faith, until you love your brother as much as you love yourself." All the Muslim clerics I have spoken to, define "brother" as all of humanity. Dr. Abuelaish has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, and he deserves it, because he is teaching us all how to grow. To grow beyond hatred.
3. #2
Paul ,   Perth   (08.15.12)
Well said, BUT it will take another 400 years before the Muslims will understand it. So don't kid yourself and take your blinkers off and face reality.
Kamal ,   Iraq   (08.15.12)
What about the other refugees: Is there no human interest in Jewish escapees from Mideast? Almost 1,000,000 Jewish refugees kicked out of Islamic countries with just clothes on their back? All ethnically cleansed, many tortured, imprisoned, hanged in public square, beaten in prison -- like my father, grand-father & Uncle & many more Iraqi Jews who can attest to that?
5. I cannot understand how he can survive without hatred
Yossef   (08.15.12)
I'm s sad for him. I'm so sorry.
6. Tragic as the story is(every war produces multitudes of such
tom ,   tel aviv   (08.15.12)
what`s even more tragic is the authors loss of any moral perspective, while suscumbing to a purely political propaganda narrative. This should never have been written by an Israeli, period. If you donĀ“t know why, then it is too late...
7. #1
Your mistaken about the Hatuel family,there were actually 4 young innocents shot in the head at point blank range. Their names were Merav aged 2, Roni age 6, Hila age 9,and Hadar age 11,and the mother Talia age 34 ,who was 8 months pregnant at the time she was murdered.
8. Tragedies
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (08.15.12)
I read about the tragedy of an SS man, who lost his family in Hamburg bombing. But he served on in an Einsatzgruppe unit undisturbed.
9. Re #1
Andrew Brehm ,   Zurich   (08.16.12)
It is a patriotic play. That's why the Jewish nation is different from all other nations.
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