'Netanyahu, Barak mulling fall strike on Iran'
Published: 10.08.12, 13:23
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1. Irresponsible.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (08.10.12)
This article is irresponsible and dangerous. Better idea send directly to the ayatollah all of Israel's strategic plans for war and defense of Israel. Yediot and its supporters are working over time to endanger our soldiers and the nation.
2. Lebanese MP says Iran will destroy Israel
Lebanese Hezbollah MP Walid Sakariya told Television this week that the nuclear weapon Iran is developing is intended to annihilate Israel. He told the interviewer on al-Manar TV Tuesday that once Iran acquires a nuclear weapon it would serve Syrian as well as Iranian interests, namely the eradication of the Jewish state.
3. Netanyahu is perfectly correct
Dan Goldman   (08.10.12)
Netanyahu is perfectly correct. Imagine if Israel had not bombed Osirak (against American & European objections), those Scuds that hit Israel in the Gulf War in 1991 would have had Nuclear warheads on them. And the Ayatollahs are 100X more fanatical & extreme than Saddam ever was ! And who benefitted the most from Osirak attack ? Obviously America, they were able to throw Saddam out from Kuwait & invade Iraq easily. If Saddam had a few nukes, he would have been the Emperor of the Middle-East by now !
4.  Public Opinion is Crucial ( Take Y NET POLL) :.
Roland Seener ,   London England   (08.10.12)
5.  Bibi Chuchill
zionist forever   (08.10.12)
Bibi wants his Winston Churchill moment despite the fact that Israel just doesn't have the hardware to do the job. If he does it before the US elections if Obama wins the presidency in November ( looks like he will ) then there will be hell to pay. Iran sees America & Israel as two sides of the same coin and if one attacks then Iran will retaliate by attacking both and that means Obama gets dragged into a war just a couple of months before the election which is the last thing he needs. Even if Iran doesn't attack America so close to an election if Obama wants to keep the Jewish vote which is essential in states like Florida then he needs to be the president who comes to the aid of America's ally in its time of need and that means dragging America into it. Either way America will be involved. If there is any tactic involved here and its not just Bibi & Barak looking for their Winston Churchill moment then they are probably counting on initiating the war forcing Obama to finish the job. When its over Bibi & Barak can take the credit for having the courage to do what needed to be done and politically it will either kill them or make them heros.
Donny   (08.10.12)
7. I wonder what.....
Shan Ti ,   Belgium   (08.10.12)
I wonder what Barak and Bibi's would do if they would know upfront that among the many casualties their sons and family would be the first to fall. Would they still call it "the casualties are worth the goal"? [And yes, I know Bibi lost his brother in Entebbe. But that's why I say "upfront", loud and clear. If they too will suffer the consequences that they will put upon the people of Israel, and against the opinion of the Chief of Staff IDF!
8. The media today is nothing more then tabloid!
Stellla   (08.10.12)
who believes this crap?
9. wait for?
max ,   washington dc   (08.10.12)
If only the free world acted sooner, millions of innocent Jewish and Christian Souls would would be with us today.
10. Just do it already! Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.10.12)
We know we must destroy Iran's nukes. It is an existential matter. So let's stop talking. Just do it already! Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
11. Bibi,Barak
Roxy ,   Israel   (08.10.12)
First thing they will do is put their families on planes out of here, as will all Knesset members before any attack on Iran. It will be us regular citizens who will be left behind to deal with the after math.
12. a war if necessary, but not necessarily a war
tom ,   toronto, canada   (08.10.12)
no one should lose sight of the parameters of this game: the mullahs are "on a mission from god" to destroy the great satan, and the little satan. they intend to provoke a war and precipitate the return of the mahdi. a war with a nuclear-armed iran will be much more dangerous. the objective is to neutralize iran's nuclear weapons capability, whether by force, or other means, and not just to inflict casualties. unlike ww2, massive casualties will not deter the mullahs. the best solution, all around, is regime change, but it is also the most difficult, and there is no evidence that washington is even considering it.
13. @Shan Ti
mindRider ,   The Free World   (08.10.12)
How many lessons do you need from history to learn? How much better would an attack on Germany have been when Hitler was uttering hist threats rather than when he finished building his army to full strength.How many shall die if Iran gets a nuclear bomb?
14. Quotes? References? Proof?
Jake   (08.10.12)
15. #5 Take into account
Jake   (08.10.12)
the dirty had of the media in all this. Since none of the confident assertions made in this article are backed by a shred of hard evidence, they should be taken with a grain of salt. Thus, whether or not Netanyahu has any real intention of striking Iran (and there is no hard evidence that he does), this kind of media hype is designed to create controversy leading to external pressure, so that Obama will "clap the handcuffs" on Netanyahu.
16. Speculation? Vers Reality?
So let's See how things are and not what Some want us to believe. the ILLEGAL regime in tehran Have Stated Their Intentions For My Ancestor's Familial Home and Capital, On MORE Than One Occation, and I believe them. u.n./nato are Like Tits ona Bull USELESS! b.H.o. and eu Have Been Draging their feet for OVER 3 years! Seems to me that SELF INTERREST is what's important to All Parties involved! Deterant is on Israel's Side, Know how and EXPERIANCE is on Israel's Side, To Execute A Plan is On Israel's Side, Some who are Willing to do What Need's To Be DONE Will Prevail For The Nation of The Jewish people! Israel Has To Have Forethought Way into the Next couple Of Decades, to draw from past outcomes and M.O. of its neighboors and Act Accordingly? I Pray For Bibi and Lt Gen. Benny Gantz and AllOf IDF Personel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May You Have A Blessed Shabat, Shalom and Baruch Ha Shem
17. no fan of barak but
alexi   (08.10.12)
I am no fan of barak but he is correct on the necessity to hit iran. barnea has never recovered from the loss of his son and has become sadly like olmert, a pacifist and coward. he talks about peres being against the hit as if peres is sound on such matters. peres stinks to high heaven on major operations. He was against osiraq, for oslo wh ich stinks, for unilateral gaza withdrawal which also stinks. His judgement is flawed. As for gantz,frankly, he did not rally the idf during nasrollah's war and reinvigorate a good conterattack so I don't put that much on his counsel. Let guys like ben gal, orr, gallant and eitam and kalahani look at the plans to hit iran and I would feel a lot better.. Diskin was no great shit bet figure and dagan though good at mossad, feels israel needs better missile protection before such an attack and so that is why he advocates waiting. The saudi peace plan stinks and is totally unreliable. Israel would be the mother of all shmuck countries to withdraw from any more land.
18. Less talk.
Abu Yussef al Yahudi ,   Bue_Aires-Argentina   (08.10.12)
The survival of Israel is at stake ! The lives of millions of Israelis is in danger ! .. Less talk and more action is what Israel needs .. JUST DO IT RIGHT NOW !!!!
19. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.10.12)
Are casualties worth the goal? That would depend on the frame of reference. The goal, in this case, is the preservation of civilization, to which Iran represents the greatest threat that has ever existed. Moreover, the State of Israel is worth preserving. Europe is a lost cause; keep your pithy opinions to yourself. More Jewish blood has been spilled in Europe than on any other continent -- that's why we don't pay much attention to what most Europeans have to say.
20. #7b Shan Ti
Alice ,   Israel/Canada   (08.10.12)
Bibi lost his brother, Jonathan, in the daring rescue mission of Antebe. Bibi knows the pain of losing a family member in the battle.
21. No faith in Ehud Barak as DM
Rachel ,   US   (08.10.12)
He's a disaster!!
22. Barnea is known for his leftist pacifist opinions.
23. IDF or some leftist generals ?
It would be the end of Zionism !Then STRIKE IRAN NOW !
25. The israeli people supports the strikes against Iran !
David   (08.10.12)
Even if it will be of course dangerous but there is NO other option !
26. pacifism always helped the foes of the Jews
27. Israel must attack just before the election
C-Low ,   US   (08.10.12)
Israel strike just prior to election will force "O" into support, after the election I don't think the support of "O" can be a guaranteed. A US stutter would open the door to a Sunni flip baited by a very possible chance to give a real defeat to Israel. Worst case on a Israeli strike would be a slowed Iranian program but still allow Israel the opportunity to gut the Hezbo's via air/land and gut the Syrian regime via air. Iran may then get a nuke but Israel would chop the Shia cresent in half leaving in its place a power void were Sunni could fight it out vs the Shia supported lebanon/syria elements on a even field. Israel can do it. Its more about re setting the impression of power that has kept Israel safe for years. I would maybe even say Israel instead of concentrating on the nuke program go for a decapitation move on the Mullahs and let the whole house of cards fall apart in on itself.
28. Nuts Nahoo and Barak
Mason ,   ArlingtonHeightUSA   (08.10.12)
Let's go why you are waiting for fall.There is old saying what you can do today do not postponed tomorr ow.IIsrael does not have the balls to attack Iran. Iran got 150000 mislle pointing at diamona.
29. Well This Year Everything Has Been Early
spring was early, summer was early, So May Fall/Autum Will BE EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shabat Shalom/Baruch Ha Shem
30. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.10.12)
Oh, I beg to differ. As has happened in all of Israel's past wars, what you will see are expatriate Israelis getting on the first flights to Israel they can. You will also see a great many non-Israeli Jews coming to volunteer in any way they can. Your jaded -- and inaccurate -- comment is not supported by the facts. Although I'm sure MKs Tibi and Zoabi will be on the first flight out. Hopefully, they will elect to remain wherever they elect to go -- and we don't have to let them back in, either.
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