Meteor shower to draw hundreds to Mitzpe Ramon
Ilana Curiel
Published: 11.08.12, 23:40
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1. Light polution
R ,   Israel   (08.12.12)
The problem isn't air pollution, it's light pollution. I haven't seen more than a few stars in the skies for years. Kol hakavod to Mitzpe for dimming the lights so that people could see the show. Isn't there anywhere in central Israel to see this?
2. Underlines one thing...
Tim ,   Brighton   (08.12.12)
The massive unrealised Tourist potential of the Negev Israels Tourist Profile is largely Sight Seeing or Family Visits..but Family Leisure and Activity Holidays are largely ignored though comprise by far the largest potential Thats why so many families Jewish and Non Jewish especially with young children do not find a holiday in Israel particularly appealing..though if there were a series of large dedicated Holiday Water Parks/Lidos in the North and Central Negev based on say a Centre Parcs formula..but with differences that reflect the Outdoors...analysts say this could create $billions for the North and Central Negev economy And after all this is an area where wall to wall sunshine almost every day is virtually guaranteed!! Clearly doing this has been difficult up to now given the shortages of water..but as more Desal Water comes on line very soon...this may be the right time to get building!
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