Revised gov't protocol gives PM unprecedented powers
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 12.08.12, 15:28
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1. This is no different ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.12.12)
.... than the United States' War Powers Act. It has no effect on democracy, but it does unchain the prime minister's hands to do what he considers to be Israel's best recourse. And since no one -- not even his government ministers -- have access to the information that he has, expanding Netanyahu's powers is probably a good thing.
2. Grant them - prevent stalled decision making like 2006
David ,   Israel   (08.12.12)
3. #1, I totally agree with you 100%.
Israeli ,   Haifa   (08.12.12)
In time of war, like the one we are about to face, meaning, possible NATIONAL anihilation, we certainly do not need self seeking, personal adgenda motivated, ambitious MK's who will take advantage of the situation and bring division right when we must have unity to survive. It is only an adendum to war time. So there is no need for the alarmist headline.
4. Power corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely
PaulZion ,   Israel   (08.12.12)
5. #1 Sara B
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (08.12.12)
The 1973 war powers act places limits on the ability of the president to send troops to combat areas without Congressional approval.Under the act ,the president can send troops into battle or areas where imminent hostilities are likely for 60 days without a declaration of war or a specific congressional mandate.The president can extend the time for an addtional 30 days without a congressional mandate.The act does not specify what Congress can do if the president refuses to comply with the act.Comgress can suspend all funds for the troops and override a veto.The article does not offer enough detail to determine the conditions under which the PM can expand the offices powers.
6. Bibi Seeks Powers
Nili   (08.12.12)
Absolutely Not! Bibi and Barak will give this country away as they have been doing all along. They lie to get votes then go against our citizens. Elections are needed now!
7. Trust Bibi !
Tomar Berg   (08.12.12)
Trust Bibi ! He is the brother of the man who conducted the most spectacular hostage rescue operation in history (contrast to the American failed hostage rescue attempt in Iran in 1979). His father is one of the most renowned Israeli scholars. Both he & Ehud Barak is also highly educated and highly decorated veterans. Trust both of them, not Obama or USA - they are only bothered only about their election & economy. Remember WWII - no one came to help and 6 million died. Depend on ourselves, not others. Bibi & Ehud will save Israel from the dreaded nuclear fangs of the Ayatollahs and the second Holocaust.
8. More POWER to you Bibi !
Amos J   (08.12.12)
Take it & trash the Ayatollahs and their lackey Obama.
9. #8 More power to you Bibi!
August 12, 2012   (08.12.12)
I aint so sure about that. I've lost all reasons of respect for Bibi. As for the useless one Ehud Barak..... do us all a favour and send the clown to where he belongs..... in Jail!
10. Looks like war then
Sarah B (yes its me)   (08.12.12)
Netanyahu is about to make the greatest mistake ever made by a Prime Minister in Israel's short history. He is gambling Israel's future for his political legacy in the expectation that the United States cavalry will come to his assistance. Already on my way to the airport, going to get on the first available flight with my kids, this is the beginning of the end.
11. A plague of Wimps
Frank T   (08.12.12)
Israel has survived successfully against overwhelming odds for the past 50 years thanks to quick & decisive action against any threats by the leadership. However, recently a plague of wimps & wussies have descended on the scene such as Meir Dagan, Mofaz, Shelly, Farkash etc, who like to chatter & emit a lot of hot-air, together with the all powerful wussie Obama & his pet Panetta. This cowardly cacophony has slowed and hampered the awesome Israeli war-machine and almost brought it to a grinding halt. Netanyahu & Barak should throw the wussies in the trash-can and take action immediately and decisively, as was done in the past so that Israel wont be overwhelmed by its enemies.
12. #7 "trust" ????
Michael ,   Haifa   (08.12.12)
I would rather trust a second-hand car salesman from, say, Sicily
13. #1 Sarah B I Agree As Well THE RESOLVE Of Bibi
May Hinge On A Coarse Chosen To Protect Many! The Facts are that Israeli Has Been Surrounded By hostile neighbors and Thrives, Good Economy, improvements And Progress. This Must Continue AT ANY COST!!!! אנו כל ' שיהיה תומך ראש הממשלה נתניהו וסוכנויות אבטחה! ייתכן הא שם יברך את האומה העברית/הישראלי
14. if he gets them or not should depend on his political intent
zionist forever   (08.12.12)
The decision on granting Bibi these powers or not should depend on what he plans to use them for or just how much power he will be given. If it is for say an attack on Iran he should be given some power because in these stupid coalitions it takes months to debate even the smallest thing and if we were to attack can't wait months, So with military matters the PM should have some degree of decision making as long as he also accepts full responsibility for it. If it is for other things like passing a budget or tax hikes because he knows Shas will vote against so it won't pass it or if he wants to impose a haredi draft but on his terms then its a step to far. There has to always be a balance between the powers the PM has to deal with important issues and the power of the Knesset. Right now I have a feeling the thing on Bibi's mind is not Iran its the budget, he wants to pass the budget then call for a snap election.
15. @12 - easy for YOU to say
Amos J   (08.12.12)
At least Bibi has done something for the country in the special forces in the 73 war and is very well qualified educationally as well. What about YOU ???
16. Very good decision - Executive Powers
D Kaplan   (08.12.12)
Very good decision, almost like executive powers of the US President to order an attack. With so may wimps, wussies & cooks spoiling the both, its better one man is handed the power & responsibility when a terrible threat like Iran looms over the horizon.
17. #10 Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out
and don't come back when you see Israel's borders expanded.
18. I smell a Hugo Chavez move!!!
Zeev ,   Tel Aviv   (08.12.12)
19. Revised gov. protocol
Galante David ,   Kfar Saba - Israel   (08.12.12)
I think that the approval of the revised gov. protocol is the most ....... thing ever decided in the 64 year existance of Israel.
20. opposition should shut up
21. #7 " no one came to help"
Robert ,   Australia   (08.12.12)
Are you totally ignorant? More than 30 million were killed fighting Hitler.
22. Bibi, use these powers to set Israel on a long term course.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.12.12)
He can use these powers to reduce money drain to the Occupied Territories. Consolidation of power in Israel is needed because the coalition with religious parties is a paralysis. Now Bibi, use these powers to abolish the rabbinate in Israel, use it to write a constitution and set the country on a long term course, not to be a yoyo blowing in the wind..
23. A bridge too far and the 67 analogy
Avramele   (08.12.12)
Israel has chosen a parliamentary system not a presidential one. Within that model power rests with the Knesset which establishes a government. The present government in it's wisdom created a group of 8 to bring recommendations forward on national security matters. Bibi now takes steps to restrict decision making to his whims. That is a bridge too far that will exclude any check on the power of the PM. In 67 Eshkol brought Begin and the opposition into the government for a fateful decision. Some version of this precedent should be invoked now giving kadima and labor standing with the group of 8.
24. Agree with you #17
D ,   Israel   (08.12.12)
OK let's get this show on the road now. The PM is finally acting a like a leader and is willing to stand up to the whole world to save Israel.
25. What's next? IDF swearing oath to him?
StoutViking   (08.12.12)
I can see it already... "I swear by God this sacred oath that to the Leader of the Jewish empire and people, BIBIYAHU, supreme commander of the Israeli Defence Forces, I shall render unconditional obedience and that as a brave soldier I shall at all times be prepared to give my life for this oath."
26. #15 Amos who writes rubbish
Michael ,   Haifa   (08.12.12)
I happen to have higher educational qualifications than Netanyahu, which is irrelevant. I also fought in the 1973 war, which is also irrelevant. My point was that I don't trust Netanyahu, but clearly you were not bright enough to understand that.
27. #21.Robert: You're the ignorant
Tom W ,   USA   (08.12.12)
These are the historical facts, bro: America never helped Israel in her life-or-death situation: As soon as Israel was born the British "Sir John Glubb pasha" unleashed the Arab Legion to finish off the Holocaust surviving Jews, including those who were previously languishing in British concentration camps in Cyprus. In these fateful hours President Truman imposed total arms embargo on Israel. It was Stalin who ordered the Czech to provide arms to fend off the Brits and the colluding Americans. Weren't for Stalin's help Israel wouldn't exists today. The US maintained an arms embargo between 1947-1962. In the '67 war Pres Johnson reinstated the arms embargo, so did Nixon until Israel threatened him with the use of nukes. This is the true face of America. Americans back stabbed the Vietnamese, the Hungarians in '56, now the Poles and seemingly Israel. Everything that coming from America is based on the expediency of the ruling elite's fleeting whims on the spur of the moment. I quoted hard, irrefutable historical facts you can check with Google.
28. #10 You are lying.
Jake   (08.12.12)
The article on this same subject at Jpost has this quote from Likud cabinet secretary, which says the exact opposite of what claim: " "There is nothing in the changes that is relevant to questions on fateful decisions," Hauser said in a rare telephone briefing with reporters following Sunday's cabinet meeting. "I want to remove that cloud. There are no changes to [the processes involved in] those types of decisions." "
29. This bigger than one leader - even Bibi
Haifen ,   Haifa   (08.12.12)
Without saying that I like bibi or not(it's irrelevant here) this is too much power concentrated in one man. Bibi had a huge majority but still caved in to religious minority pressure. He didn't make the real changes that we need (universal service, separation of religion and state, election reform, etc.) when he had the chance. This will allow fewer points of view and debate that enable better decisions. Bibi is afraid of that debate. Even if it is closed and classified in his cabinet. Hail king Bibi!
30. The post at No. 10 is not mine
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.12.12)
Should be obvious to everyone.
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