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Man walks 30km on Shabbat to propose to girlfriend
Akiva Novick
Published: 14.08.12, 09:19
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1. Is there an Eruv in those areas?
Jerome ,   AKL   (08.14.12)
Is he allowed to walk that distance outside the city limits on Shabbat? Ham is apparently yummy and much cheaper than kosher salami. Am I allowed to break the law because I think I would love it so much :)
2. non-hostile village resident
was it necessary to add "hostile Arab villages"? I swear if I met him on his way and knew he did that to propose I would have walked with him the whole way! Media always inserts of sending short, repetitive messages to some naive people! Beware my friends!
3. One word for this guy
Yehuda ,   Ashdod, Israel   (08.14.12)
4. Two halachik problems
Dov   (08.14.12)
1) Didn't he walk more than Techum Shabbat? 2) Giving a gift on Shabbat?
5. Not too reassuring
Igor ,   Germany   (08.14.12)
I see: He entered unnoticed into Ofra. So what are we supposed to think now about security in the settlement?
6. A Hostile Israeli
Ariela ,   Netanya, Israel   (08.14.12)
"Hostile Arab villages"?! Anyone who goes to those "hostile" Arab villages knows that they're not hostile unless you're going there to start problems in the first place. 30km if definitely a great walk and that alone would've sufficed as a fantastic story, especially to do at night alone. Regarding the religious halachic "problems" with his trek - screw you. Romance, love ... Abraham, the first one who actually did *this* with his whole heart and correctly, would've done it, too. Mazal tov to the couple and may you continue your 'trek' together from now to olam haba in peace and happiness.
7. All I can say is....
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (08.14.12)
HOW ROMANTIC!! Yes....a bit foolish on his part....but what a story to tell their children!
8. Shabbat ENDS, you know
Charles   (08.14.12)
Please tell me Golani brigade isn't full of guys like this.
9. She got a KING among princes, Mazel Tov.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.14.12)
10. cucumber time
iselin ,   Oslo, Norway   (08.14.12)
Silly stuff. This is the kind of article that gets published in the middle of summer vacation, when there is no real news out there. In Scandinavia, this period is called cucumber time, when the most interesting thing you can do is to watch cucumbers growing in the garden.
11. This Superman can do anything because he served in Golani.
Michhael ,   California, USA   (08.14.12)
12. Article fails to explain the issues
Zak   (08.15.12)
Par for the course, no background, no why or wherefore, take it or leave it, if you're not on the inside you're on your own. And that by the way is the Israel experience for most olim in a nutshell.
13. #1 He may wear the ring, it's ok
Yossef   (08.15.12)
14. Halacha
Bubba ,   Burbank, CA   (08.15.12)
Is he Dati? Carrying on Shabbat? Walking beyond the techum? He should have stayed in a neighbor's house in Ofra without telling the GF and then popped the question without all these issues.
15. Fake?
Nathan ,   Raanana, Israel   (08.15.12)
There are too many halachic (eruv, t'chum) and security (entrance into Ofra) issues for this to be true. Sounds like a made up story on a quiet news day.
16. Why the urgency? Was she pregnant?
John ,   Raanana, Israel   (08.15.12)
17. Ahavah,doha Shabat.
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (08.17.12)
18. Pikuach Nefesh
Frank ,   London   (08.17.12)
Of course there are many halachic issues like walking 30k on Shabbes, carrying, as well as making a financial transaction - the giving of a ring to the would be fiance has an inherent transaction aspect. This is why no-one marries on Shabbess - it would be impossible to give over the ketuva and ring... The only justification would have been Pikuach Nefesh, say if he was mortally in love with her, and she said she considers breaking away...
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