Temple Mount (not) in our hands
Yoaz Hendel
Published: 14.08.12, 18:06
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1. They want to wipe out jewish history.
Iranian Hunter   (08.14.12)
Just like they have wiped out Iranian history (they used to be christian before conquered by caliph Umar), just like they wiped out orthodox christian history in Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Egypt. All of the orthodox christian community are now remnant and small and confused, without a leader, without a Byzantine leader. They will sooner or later be cleansed just like the christian and non muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan are cleansed. And these fascist have great power in school, media. They can change history and say Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Byzantium, Spain are all muslim lands. The invaders and oppressors pretends to be the oppressed. Wolf in sheep clothing.
2. Jerusalem has NO religious meaning to Muslims
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (08.14.12)
It is high time BEFORE the Arabs once again attack Israel that we declare Jerusalem our Capitol and control of Temple Mount be placed back in Jewish hands. The Muslims have absolutely NO connection, religious or otherwise, to Jerusalem. Muslims in Israel pray to Mecca not Jerusalem. If Muslims continue to hold Temple Mount, we need to control Mecca and stop the meaningless Hajj where new terrorists are recruited.
3. The problem
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.14.12)
The problem is foreign-funded NGOs, messianic-Leftist rule of the justice department, incompetent police, and corrupt politicians. History will remember Israel as the first country to have dissappeared because its corrupt leadership sold out the citizens.
alan ash ,   nyc ny   (08.14.12)
5. Bnei Akiva go home
George Rishmawi ,   Jerusalem   (08.14.12)
You are simply delusional if you think poor Israel has no authority over what you call the Temple Mount! Always the victim!
6. Who says your religion is right!
George Rishmawi ,   Jerusalem   (08.14.12)
Not all Palestinians are Muslim! It's easier to use scare quotes but it is very ignorant!
7. Israel is wipping out Christians
George Rishmawi ,   Jerusalem   (08.14.12)
At least Muslims allowed them equality!
8. The Temple Mount Control
ltrail ,   United States   (08.14.12)
The Jews that govern Jerusalem must insert their presence into the control and affairs of the Temple Mount. The Mount is holy only to the Jews and its grand support system was built only for the support of the Temple and its Plaza. To be prevented from control, planning, and use, continues to be a slap in the face of Jews by muslims. Mordechai 'Motta' Gur and his troops did not struggle in battle for naught. Yes Jews must insert themselves and become the majority vote in any committee of the waqf and oversight of the Temple Mount. Selah.
9. Yerushalayim capital of BIG Israel AND International City!!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (08.14.12)
10. Rav Aluf Gur (z"l) Used Legal Formulation
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (08.14.12)
By repeating "Har HaBayit B'Yadaynu" three times, he created a legal basis for establishing Israeli rule over the Temple Mount. Dayan's subsequent blunder allowing the Waqf to administer there is not binding, legally. I would suggest allowing them to administer Al-Aqsa and Omer, but that is all: Not the land surrounding those Moslem sites.
11. #7 Hey ayatollah, did you had good mutah last night...
Iranian Hunter   (08.14.12)
with the mahdi's wife ?
12. Jerusalem belongs to the World, not just Jews
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.14.12)
13. #10 Allowing "them" to administer
ltrail ,   United States   (08.14.12)
Al-Aqsa and Omer only; is a good start. Ownership of the Temple Mount infrastructure belongs to the Jews.
14. Lefts & rights in Israel have no doubt about Jerusalem.
E,M Jordan is Pale ,   SF   (08.14.12)
Lefts & rights in Israel have no doubt about future of Jerusalem, They know the entire Jerusalem is capital of State of Israel and nothing can force them to change their minds, and also they are patients and have policy.
15. To # 7 Since when George?
Rachel ,   US   (08.14.12)
16. National problem??? G-d FORBID........
Totally shameful ,   Israel   (08.14.12)
This attitude and Hillul HaShem for this holy site is EXACTLY why Iran will be allowed to attack Israel. On a national level we have totally lost our connection to G-d and respect and understanding of who we are.
17. #7 Not so, George
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (08.14.12)
As a Christian Israeli myself, I know quite well that what you say is untrue. I have always enjoyed full equality under Israeli law. It's your Moslem brethren who are threatening and intimidating Christians and forcing them to flee Arab communities.
18. And then Dayan ordered the flag pulled down...
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (08.14.12)
It was Dayan who undermined Israel's sovereign claims when he ordered the newly raised Israeli flag pulled down from the Temple Mount, symbolically ceding any claims to the place - not that it was within his authority to do so. We've been paying for that mistake ever since, as it's a truism that if one neither asserts nor defends one's claims they are effectively ceded. Time to make clear that "We have rights here too."
19. In 1948 ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.14.12)
... Jordan dynamited 48 synagogues, and murdered or expelled every single Jew living in East Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria. I don't see why we cannot return the favor. The ersatz "Palestinians" have not responded to kindness and generosity. So, instead of offering the carrot, it is time to use the stick. It appears that violence is their lingua franca; the only language they understand.
20. 12
just as paris belongs to everyone and london to everyone as well. israel loves tourists and is a religion freedom practitioner. so, many christians, muslims and jews come to jerusalem to enjoy it. however, it is the jewish israeli capital and no one else's. israel allows everyone in.
21. Education for the rootless
m   (08.14.12)
If you are "secular" what connection do you have to the religious Jewish sitesthat sum up this country? This is the bottom line of the Israeli Police statement. Not for long, time will come and we will give all Israel because the world says, "seculars" then why Israel , what rights to this land do you have? You are just "secular" occupiers of "a land".
22. temple mount
forehead1 ,   usa   (08.15.12)
maybe netanyahu will appoint the levy committee to investigate who owns the temple. LOL
23. I agree with Sigmund Freud
roger ,   zurich switzerland   (08.15.12)
Part of a letter Freud wrote in 1930 to his friend Dr Chaim Koffler .'' I concede with sorrow that the baseless fanaticism of our people is in part to be blamed for the awakening of Arab distrust. I can raise no sympathy at all for the misdirected piety which transforms a piece of a Herodian wall into a national relic, thereby offending the feelings of the natives.''
24. #7 - Yeah, sure, Ahmed. It's still a lie.
Scott ,   USA   (08.15.12)
25. #19 Joan of Arc = Sarah B
Stan ,   Israel   (08.15.12)
Well said Sarah ! Last week it was attack Iran with nuclear weapons, now lets remove the mosques from the Temple mount. (As # 2 Dan said, Jerusalem means nothing to Muslims) It's a win win situation, G-d will rebuild the Temple and we will all live happily ever after ................... The worst that can happen is that it may cause one and a half BILLION muslems to loose their cool, but we don't care do we Sarah?
26. sovereignty must be earned not given
zionist forever   (08.15.12)
As soon as Moshe Dayan came to Temple Mount first order was take down the Israeli flag and e was also behind the decision to let the Waqf rather than Israel run the site. Today we do as we are told by the Waqf and WE discriminate against Jews. Jews are never allowed to pray there and they are regularly banned from even visiting the site. Everyday the archeological garbage pit get bigger as the Waqf dig and destroy archeology whilst we turn a blind eye. Even Shas have very little to say about it. The Mugrabe Bridge is unsafe and needs replacing but the waqf won't let us build a new bridge so we just talk about replacing it and wait for it to collapse & kill people. If we are going to continue this attitude then maybe we need to create an international organisation to control the site ( not the UN ). It would replace the Waqf & be responsible for everything from construction work to ensuring people of ANY faith can visit & pray at all times. I hate the idea of it coming to that but if Israel wants sovereignty over the site it must EARN it by making it accessible to Jews and stopping the destruction. If it can't do that then we must put somebody else in charge.
27. #23 Misdirected Piety? Natives?
bjl ,   usa   (08.15.12)
Oh, that is almost funny. The piousness is in that silly secular humanist quote.
28. it is time we really took it back
jack bauer   (08.15.12)
the evil waqf is destroying ancient treasures in its quest to deny Jews any link to our history. These squatting terrormongers need to be completely thrown off the mount. If a Jew cant go there to pray then why should a hoard of rock throwing moslems go up for their friday lecture on jew killing? Its time our antiquities be protected by our own rather then destroyed by our enemies!
29. #25 since when do they have a cool head?....
jack bauer   (08.15.12)
I for one dont care what the mahdi, the mufti, the PLO, al qaeda, brotherhood, hizb, or anyone of their supporters have to say. They follow the death cult and rational people cant be intimidated by them and their ilk
30. to 27
sura ,   jerusalem   (08.15.12)
yes but no ,,the fact is natives were-are- religouse
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