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Iran: If war breaks out, we'll annihilate IDF
Dudi Cohen
Published: 14.08.12, 21:51
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1. Sounds like someone's getting nervous
Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv   (08.14.12)
2. Wiping smugness off ugly mugs
Curtis ,   USA   (08.14.12)
Iran's fate was sealed some 2500 years ago when Ezekiel, through the spirit of Ruach Hakodesh, prophesied Persia's future doom in Ezekiel 38, 39. Iran will be remembered as another Haman replay. Iranian Israel-haters obviously cannot learn.
3. More Blah Blah Blah
r8kop20 ,   NYC   (08.14.12)
If this was not coming from a country that is crumbling under sanctions, a dying economy, people that hate their leaders, infected computers and sick egotistical men hiding behind religion and terror then MAYBE just MAYBE there is reason to take them seriously. The current leadership in Iran represents everything that is evil in this world and I hope that they are exterminated one by one by one with 1 bullet to the brain each. They way we do things you small minds cant grasp because they are too polluted with hate and empty threats.
4. annihilate IDF?
Nick ,   Den Haag Holland   (08.14.12)
Dont make my laugh monkey.
5. Like you annihilated the Iraqi Army?
GZLives   (08.14.12)
6. Three or four nukes should do it
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.14.12)
Time to put an end to the ridiculous posturing of the Islamic Republic. There's only so much monkey chatter one can stand. Iran barely managed to eke out a humiliating draw against a vastly inferior Iraq, and Iran lost one million soldiers in the process. Their grand battle plan consisted of hurling (presumably unwilling) twelve-year-old boys under the treads of oncoming Iraqi tanks. Iran's vaunted Revolutionary Guard has been humiliated in Syria by a rag-tag bunch of disorganized rebels. And Iran thinks they are a match for Israel? This war won't go six days. If Israel flexes its muscles the way it should, it won't even go six hours. Six minutes should get the job done perfectly. Iran's fate is now a foregone conclusion. Please remember that Israel tried the most civilized way first. Iran bears sole responsibility for its fate. Were it up to me, I would choose "International Jerusalem Day" as the day to launch against Iran. It would be most fitting that Israel should preside over the destruction of the vile Islamofascist republic on its annual hate fest.
david ,   montreal, canada   (08.14.12)
8. 80 million Iranians will not be kept down by Israel
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.14.12)
...or anyone else, they are a sleeping giant.
9. RE: Vahidi's comments
Shlomo ,   USA   (08.14.12)
Once Vahidi pulls that pole out of his backside he just might be able to see some daylight! His picture says it all. How uptight can anyone look?
10. which has suffered humiliations in the (recent) wars cannot
Lev ,   Brooklyn, NY   (08.14.12)
Which war would that be? Name a war involving Israel where the bigger and more allied Arab countries didnt end up looking pathetic for ever getting involved with Israel.
11. LMAO The persian arab Tin Soldier Speaks
out of the side of his Neck Again!!!!!!! the ILLEGAL regime in tehran Is Gonna Do What They did against iraq LOSE ONE MILLION toy soldier's and Took a STALEMATE against saddam. Well I doubt Their Will Be A Stalemate With The IDF vers the persian arabs? Their so busy reverse engineering things they dont have time to fight a war? Especially With A REAL MILITARY Not and arab make-shift Farmers army with 20th century russian rifles or was it flint locks?
12. As an Iranian, these arab worshipping persians ....
Iranian Hunter   (08.14.12)
sickens me to my stomach. Don't fear them, they are blabbing. The greeks invaded Persia and conquered it, that is when Persia is a superpower and Greece is a minor country. The arabs invaded Persia and conquered it, that is when Persia is a great power. That arab is called Umar. He is a revered person in Sunni islam. When the Iraqis waged war, they almost beat the Iranians. It forces Iran to use child soldiers. This is a morally bankrupt, economically crippled country whose citizen are worshiping an arab with the name of Ali. Look at Syria, Iran is cruel, they are helping Assad killing many arab muslims, just to protect their shia brother Assad. Iran waged many terror acts using hezbollah and many other terror group.
13. talk is cheap fuzz face
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (08.14.12)
Israel has already destroyed two nuclear facilities, might as well make that three..
14. #10
Jorge Mayer ,   NYC, NY   (08.14.12)
1. Iran is not Arab. 2. They qualified the statement with if attacked. 3. Israel can fight a pretty good conventional war, but once guerrilla elements get involved from the South, North, and East, it won't be easy. I'm not saying it's impossible, but don't assume anything in war.
15. who is scared of the arab spring ? in syria for exemple
dovdevan ,   ashdod,paris   (08.14.12)
iran is so scared to loose her ally that they send thousandof soldiers there to crack down on the rebels ! if syria fall it will the end of the iranian influence in lebanon syria
16. iran
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (08.14.12)
if iran feels so threatened why dont it strike isreal, ?? isreal is not on the defence its iran , but if isreal does strike its got to be wham bam no 2nd chance
17. The God of Israel is putting a hook in their jaw...
Scott ,   Haifa   (08.14.12)
And they cannot see because of their own arrogance. Like Haman, they will hang from their own gallows... Look at all the threats from Persians, to Nazi's , to Pogroms, to 1948... Israel is still here. Where are the Romans? Where are the Nazi's ? Where is Saddam? Where is Haman? Ezekiel 38:[4] And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws (read the rest of the chapter, Persia is in there...)
18. Vahidi still chugging through what's left of
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (08.14.12)
..the container of coke that Chavez sent the RGs
19. #14 jorge This True
However Look At History amigo And Tally Both Sides? Who Won More? And Who Lost EVERY SINGLE TIME? Bravado Can't Stand Up Too Experienced Battle Hardened Soldier's sir Now Can They, Besides I'll sign up to defend My Ancient Home Land/ Capital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buenos Noches amigo!
20. #8 agreed, they are sleeping
Ze'ev ,   USA   (08.14.12)
and that is the way their leaders want them. Because when they eventually wake up, their fist target will be the mullahs and their accomplices. Remember the last elections?
21. the persians invented chess
tom ,   toronto, canada   (08.15.12)
if there will be a conventional war with iran, the idf will have to overcome a great logistical disadvantage. iran can attack israel's north, without having to extend long supply lines, and without even having to risk its own forces. hezbollah (along with all of lebanon) is an expendable pawn for the iranians. on the other hand, the idf cannot leave them standing, because they threaten all of northern israel. but the secret to winning at chess is to look a few moves ahead, and not lose sight of opportunities for checkmate.
22. Annihilate IDF, really?
Rolly ,   Tampa, US   (08.15.12)
Ya know, I wonder what general Vahidi has been putting in his narghila? Must be some of that much vaunted Lebanese hashish that Hezbollah is exporting as a source of income.
23. Iran is in for a big surprise
Samuel Prime ,   Canada   (08.15.12)
That Iranian thug is brainless himself. Because we are hearing from other reports that Iranians themselves are bracing for an attack, stocking up on food and supplies that they will need in a coming war. The Islamist entity in Iran will soon face the humiliation it asked for.
24. I can't stand it!!!!
WickedVic ,   usa   (08.15.12)
Please.... Could someone make this clown eat his words))))
25. Israel and the US needs to hit them so hard
David ,   Israel   (08.15.12)
Enough messing about - one huge joint operation with extreme fire power instead of tit for tat responses or direct attacks on their nuclear facilities. A huge widespread and swift operation that will catch them by surprise and send them back decades will put these morons to sleep. The world will thank us all quietly from the UK to the EU to even the Arab states.
26. In the meantime God annihilates them by
Vardina   (08.15.12)
Earthquake as punishment for their threats against Israel.
27. Why do Israelis assume that Iran can't do it?
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (08.15.12)
During wars, things that seem unlikely can and do often happen. The hard reality is Iran has a better than even chance of actually defeating the IDF. Then what? What happens to Israel after its "legendary" army is defeated (just like EVERY "legendary invincible" army during the last 50000 years has been defeated)? Do not go to war if there is the possibility of losing (and there is ALWAYS a high probability of losing).
28. Palestinians
Matt   (08.15.12)
I tell you something if was not for the PA and the non violence, the Palestinians that shacked up with the axis are not going to be popular in the new Middle East. Like Syria, like in Iraq after Saddam fell and when the Iranian regime falls.
29. annihilation-we'll see
iraj   (08.15.12)
Kameinei, if it comes to war, we'll see what happens. Bear in mind that you and your illegal entity of the mullahs have provoked and incited israelis which only has fueled incredible hatred for your and your rotten nada killers. So if it comes to it, we'll see about annihilation.
30. Iran has no idea what Israel is capable o
Stephen in New York   (08.15.12)
They're nervous as well they should be. Iran has no idea what Israel is capable of. Neither do I. But I'm sure it's imaginative, if not amazing.
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