Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Israeli demands from Obama
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 15.08.12, 00:09
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1. What part of Americans don't want a War
Nina ,   NYC   (08.15.12)
Don't you people understand? Demands you say? Who are you to make 'Demands'?
2. No chance
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (08.15.12)
Netanyahu knows Obama will leak any attack plans to Iran the instant he is apprised of them by Israel. Netanyahu also knows Obamas 'promises' aren't worth a dime. Israel had better just go it alone before the election. There will be better chance of US participation before, when Obama is still courting Jewish money and votes. After November 6, Israel will be thrown under the bus. No question about it!
3. Trusting Obama is pure lunacy. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.15.12)
The dumbest thing Israel could do is put her faith in Obama; the most Israel hating and incompetent U.S. President Israel has ever faced. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
4. It does not matter what Obama says, he lies
Richard ,   USA   (08.15.12)
We Americans have learned the hard way that Obama will say anything, anytime that suits him, and that he has no problem going back on it later. He is the LIAR IN CHIEF. You cannot trust him or his people. Israel must protect itself and hope that American Jews are smart enough to back Romney and return a supporter of Israel to the White House.
5. Obama will never attack Iran
Avi ,   USA   (08.15.12)
He can Promise everything to Israel and forget it after the elections. Obama is just a regular lying chicago politician. Obama has one goal, get re-elected at all cost.
6. Israel's stance vis a vis Iran
Sam Spade ,   Las Vegas USA   (08.15.12)
Would your commentators please shut up about attacking Iran if the US doesn't keep kissing your butts. I'm a US citizen and I say go ahead and get it over with and stop trying to suck every advantage you can from the US by promising not to attack. Who really gives a damn what your country does.
7. A US Pledge
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (08.15.12)
Israel's survival is too serious a matter to be the subject of humor, and the idea of Israel's dependence upon a US pledge to attack Iran after the next election is surely a joke. The area under the bus is littered with those who relied upon Obama's promises, and there is room for Israel. Obama seems to be far more concerned about making the Muslim Brotherhood happy than he is about preventing an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel. And so, a pledge of US action would lack credibility , unless it came from Romney, who may not win the election. So, all joking aside, any action to assure Israel's survival must come from Israel.
8. I've Got It Strike A.S.A.P., level Fordo Under
Megatons Of Mountain, Melt missile plant, Incenerate atom research complex. Vote Out b.H.o., Casterate hizbullah, hamas and bring down assad All in One Foul Swoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Are you that foolish
Rachel ,   US   (08.15.12)
To believe any post election promises from Obama?
10. Demand??
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (08.15.12)
What complete rubbish this article is!
11. Really?
john ,   orlando, USA   (08.15.12)
Not a single hypothetical of your article will ever happen...ever. The US will not again be placed in harm's way for the sake of a foreign country. One of Obama's few foreign policy achievements.
12. Bay of Pigs redux?
The Prophetess ,   FL, USA   (08.15.12)
Could this become Obama's Bay of Pigs? Either way, "win" or "lose" the ones who'll get the Hammer will be the Jews.
13. My God! a clear statement from Obama!
Buskila ,   South America   (08.15.12)
You must be jocking, this President does not know the meaning of a clear and committed statement of policy in any circumstance. He is a great philosopher, but not the kind that translates the wisdom into actual action. As a previous social worker (great for his oratorian skills), he always talk and others that listen act. It is not all that obvious that a commitment to help Israel might be consider fpr a time after the elections; I am afraid he surely has not enough guaranty of any kind, especially now with Ryan. Israel surely needs friends and partners, that have a share in the future of all, to take upon securing its existential continuity. To leave it in the hand of a hesitant partner, it is not a way to go.
14. Exacting an American promise to stricke Iran
nadya ,   California, USA   (08.15.12)
You're not going to get that promise. Israel is a sovereign nation, do what you think best, but don't expect America to go to war for you. It won't happen.
15. Israel Should Never Trust Obama
A.C.Guard ,   USA   (08.15.12)
16. Israel Demands on Obama
Lynn ,   Knoxville USA   (08.15.12)
First, HBO is at least a Moslem sympathizer, pretty clear over the last four years. Secondly, surely Netanyahu wouldn't be so stupid as to accept HBO assurances on anything dealing with Iran or anything positive dealing with Israel itself, and surely it has sunk into his gray matter that Israel is either going to act against Iran, or accept that the Mullahs nuke ambitions have been achieved. HBO isn't interested in Israel or its security. It is now time to put up or shut up vis-a-vis Iran or accept some terrible consequences in both the short run and the long run.
17. Take care of your own
Tim ,   Washington, USA   (08.15.12)
United State's interests trump Israel's interests IN THE UNITED STATES 100% OF THE TIME. Fight your own damn wars.
18. Iran
tdub ,   USA   (08.15.12)
Sorry, but the USA does not take its marching orders from Israel. I know this comes as a huge disappointment to war-monger elements in Israel, but I strongly suggest they do not push their luck, at least with this president.
19. US public mood a factor in US-Israel relations
Alan   (08.15.12)
One of the probable reasons why secret diplomatic understandings between the two countries seem to be stalled & are replaced by "negociations" through the press is that the US incombant administration may be sensitive to the reluctance of the US citizens to enter into a new war. It may also explain why in pre-election time Washington officials are likely to limit they declarations of unwavering support mostly to the Israeli media instead of the US media. Israeli requests for stiffer US imposed sanctions on Iran involving third party countries are not likely end up in complete success as the weak economic status of the US does not allow it to dictates its will on better off countries like China & Russia which may resist (& even retaliate) as is demonstrated in the current case of the sanctions against Syria.
20. oy gevault is this satire?
moishe pippik ,   nyc   (08.15.12)
The lack of seriousness in this lieve begins with the headline - how does Israel make demands on the Umited States? First of all don't insult us American Jews by saying this is about our votes. We are overwhelmingly liberal and most of us have never even been to Israel. If there is a constituency that is being sought here it is the fundamentalist "Christian Zionists". Second, who the hell does this anonymous Israeli official think he or she is? The arrogance of giving us an ultimatum is breathtaking. How about this scenario: Israel attacks Iran and the USA - stung that our ally goes against our own policy and not willing to be bullied into actions that are against our own self-interest - sits it out. IT COULD MEAN THE END OF ISRAEL YOU SCHMAGEGIES! Seriously I can't believe that the writer of this piece doesn't offer any analysis of what might happen after an Israeli attack on Iran. Now maybe i was misreading the article because i thought that i read a bit in there that said the USA Must "boycott" China, Turkey, and India. Its hard to understand what that really means in the context of the piece, because if it really means suspend economic cooperation with those countries then the anonymous official is living in a fantasyland.
21. again - are you serious?
moishe pippick ,   nyc usa   (08.15.12)
I just reread this part and I still can't believe what this official is suggesting: "Washington must impose a complete boycott on countries and institutions that conduct business with Iran's central bank (such as India, Turkey and China)" What I'd like to ask that official is 'what is life like living on Mars?' Do you have any idea how impossible a 'boycott' by the USA of China and India, never mind Turkey, would be? I mean you may as well have just requested that America send Superman and Batman to fight Iran too. This makes no sense!
22. What America "must" Do
John Robey ,   Austin, Texas   (08.15.12)
is not fall for this kind of blackmail. Israel threatens to attack (when you don't have the wherewithall) to get the job done unless we rattle our saber. Go ahead an attack if you are so anxious. Leave us out of your rush to judgement.
23. Act now! US "guarantees" to Israel have been 100% worthless
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (08.15.12)
Look at the phony "guarantees" the Bush I regime made to Israel in the 1st Gulf War - "don't hit back if Saddam starts to fire SCUDs into Israel, and we promise to shoot down the SCUDs and destroy their launching pads". It was all a fraud - the US stationed obsolete Patriot PAC 1 batteries in israel which it knew in advance had no ability to intercept missiles, and in fact, they didn't predictably stop a single one. The US flew phony "SCUD hunts" with US jets over Iraq at high altitude so they could be seen on Israeli radar, but they carried no air-ground weapons, and didn't attack or stop a single SCUD launch, didn't even try, it was all for show. Similarly, the US refused to cut off all military aid and arms supply to Egypt, as the peace treaty required, when it became clear that Cairo was massively violating the peace deal by allowing Iran to ship thousands of tons of missiles and weapons to demilitarized Sinai and Gaza via its Suez canal ports. The Reagan White House promised Israel that if it supported to Congress, rather than opposed, the sale of F-15s and AWACS to Saudi Arabia, the planes would remain under US control, would not be converted to air-to-ground attack planes, and would not be based at Tabuk, only 50 miles from Israel - result: they were converted to F-15 Strike Eagles, are not under US control, and are based at Tabuk, threatening Israel, not protecting oil fields 1500 miles away, and completely out of range. Israel has never in its 65 year history benefited - even once - from US troops or pilots fighting for it, and it can't assume that this will change now. US promises to israel are simply unreliable, and even more so with Obama in charge. Israel didn't need the US to stage the entire 6-Day War, it doesn't need the US to wipe out Iran's nuclear program, or all of Iran for that matter. It just needs the US to STFU and stay out of it. The US, which is daily clobbering jihadis in Afgan and Pak with drone missiles, 10000 miles from US shores, hypocritically won't support Israel doing the same thing to defend its own soil - devastating daily missile strikes on Gaza jihadis, with Israeli-made missiles and Israeli-made drones. All Hilary and Obama want is to be sure the Gazastan jihadis have enough pasta while they are firing rockets into Israeli towns. You simple can't trust "friends" like Obama when your own people's lives are at stake.
24. Netanyahu is Destrying Israel
Jim Kendall ,   Kentfield, CA USA   (08.15.12)
Were it eventually revealed that Netanyahu's secret-motivation was to enable the utter destruction-of-Israel; I would say that his behavior has clearly indicated that tendency.
25. What a great plan to get the US to do our dirty work!
ZionistBill ,   Israel   (08.15.12)
This idea would lock the US into attacking Iran! While we could sit back and do nothing (which, of course, is our thing.) Naturally Obama isn't about to fall for this, and naturally the talkbacks on this topic will say how weak and backstabbing (perhaps because he's a Muslim) Obama is. And we Israelis will continue to feel powerless and alone and lash out at the only nation who is our ally. And so it goes...
26. The US will NOT attack Iran, period
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (08.15.12)
I have no doubt, Obama will say anything to Israel that he needs to say before the election and after he wins, he will just tell Israel he lied and tell them to go **** themselves. The hard reality is Americans do NOT want any more war - the costs are too high.
27. what u want us to do
fuck you jew ,   USA   (08.15.12)
so let me get this straight you think attacking another country is self defense? and on top of that you want my country to give you money for weapons and then give you full political support on an attack on iran that could send the WW3 and you dont see the problem with that. yeah just the jews doing what they have been doing for the pastt 1000 years...attack Iran and il come fucking you up
28. "demands"
daniel ,   san diego, usa   (08.15.12)
Check out the tail trying to wag the dog. Shut up and sit down.
29. demands???
forehead1 ,   usa   (08.15.12)
you have no right to make demands from the USA. we owe you nothing israel. you owe us big time. if you are so brave --- launch away. send your planes and soldiers. who is stopping you??? what is stopping you??? fear and common sense -- i think.
30. netanyahu is disgusting
michael arehart ,   usa   (08.15.12)
netanyahu's putrid comments show not only weakness but intolerance for the people of the world. israel does not exist in a vacuum....and the prime minister's hate knows no bounds...if israel lost the total backing of america, they would be nothing which is more than they deserve. the reasonable people of israel are encouraged to find tolerance, read your book, listen to your heart and get away from the intentional hate and ignorance that netanyahu displays...you are a smarter people than to be lead by the disgusting piece of human excrement that calls himself you prime minister.
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