Palestinians dodge security checks en route to Tel Aviv
tamar Fleishman
Published: 15.08.12, 17:17
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1. Don' t be scared STRIKE BACK !
2. no more terror
Sami ,   nablus   (08.15.12)
Be rest assured that all, not most, westbankers are against any hostile act against israeli citizins inside israeli cities...... people here started cursing those who may commit such is is interested anymore.......workers wish to have free passage to israel as before. the problem with israeli leaders if an insane commits a hostile act, they accuse all palestinians of terrorism and this is not cannot blame all palestinians for the acts of a mere insane!!!
3. one solution
Chan ,   FL, USA   (08.15.12)
Make Kfar Tappuach the central bus station for Middle shomron. Everyone has to get off there and wait to get on the main bus to TA.
4. Dan bus services had no problem!
Israeli grandma   (08.15.12)
For many years Dan Co. provided public transport for Shomron, and in later years with armoured buses because of Arab enemy attacks on the main roads. The drivers had no problem asking to see the entry permits and ID of Arabs wishing to ride the Israeli buses. All was done with politeness and the drivers recognised most of the regular Arab commuters who had army permits. Afikim service which replaced Dan Co. several years ago has lower standards of maintenance and time keeping as well as not bothering to do minimal checks of passengers. The bus service was licenced to serve the Jewish villages primarily, which is why they are armoured buses.
5. Sami,you deny-and confirm in the same breath. "All are again
ab   (08.15.12)
st" but "a mere "insane" might..and you blame "Israeli leaders" for "blaming" pals..
6. what is your solution sami?
MIGUEL ,   ISRAEL   (08.15.12)
i'm not being sarcastic, rather i am asking serious question.
7. #3, Another solution, spread Democracy to all of Palestine
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.15.12)
...not just to the jigsaw puzzle, Jewish majority parts.
8. #5 Sami is correct
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.15.12)
Face the facts, most Arabs of Judea and Samaria are good people who want to live in peace. The problem is that Israel imported the Egyptian pig Arafat and his Fatah criminals to Judea and Samaria. Israel gave Arafat the weapons to murder peace-loving Arabs and Israel gave Arafat the power to educate a generation of Arabs to hate. Hopefully, Netanyahu and Barak will move to America soon, and a Zionist government will be elected, a government that will get rid of Fatah and finally make peace.
9. This was exposed by the media months ago
Tracy W   (08.15.12)
It was disclosed by Arutz Sheva, and so far the government has done absolutely nothing to stop it. In the meantime leftists scare Jews against annexing Judea and Samaria alleging that the large Arab population living there would upset Israel's demographics. But those same leftists don't seem particularly disturbed by this wave of Arab infiltrators, or African infiltrators, for that matter.
10. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.15.12)
First of all, I do not believe that you can speak for all West Bank Arabs. Secondly, enough West Bank Arabs have committed vile acts of terror against Israeli Jews for seven decades to render your blanket assurances completely ridiculous. Thirdly, didn't you people want autonomy? I don't think any of you should be allowed to work in Israel at all. I think you should encourage your so-called "leadership" to do something positive which will attract investment capital to the West Bank and which, in turn, will create jobs. You cannot have it both ways. You wanted autonomy -- and you have it. What right do you have to demand free passage to the State of Israel "as before?" You chose your path; you must live with the consequences of your decision.
11. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.15.12)
They wanted autonomy; they have it. Were it up to a great many Israelis, no West Bank Arabs would be permitted to work in Israel at all. Let the ersatz "Palestine" Authority attract investment capital and create jobs.
12. To: Israel Israeli at No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.15.12)
You have GOT to be kidding! Good people who want to live in peace? Celebrating terrorists who murder Jews is your idea of wanting to live in peace? I don't think that West Bank Arabs should be allowed into Israel at all. They are a never-ending security threat. If they want to work somewhere, they can cross into Jordan and look for work.
13. @Sami
Rafi ,   Tel Aviv   (08.15.12)
If you don't do anything and let them act it means you support them, aka, the terrorists. When you start fighting them yourselves maybe we can start thinking of believing you. Meanwhile I'd rather see Filipino workers than Palestinian.
14. #2 sadly, your leaders (Palestinian Authority) ...
Zvi   (08.15.12)
... continue to encourage acts of terrorism by glorifying terrorists as heroes.
15. 7
democracy is anathema to the arab intellect and mind. look at all arab countries to understand the above apart from that, most arabs are violent, too emotional, don't think with their heads, too volatile personally. look at what they are doing in all arab countries, the deaths, murder, bombings and killings amongst themselves. israel is way way too developed and modern democracy. but it has to be careful so that even one terrorist doesn't board a bus and kill hundreds of innocent people. yes, israel is scared. do you blame it? look at the pal behavior and arab behavior in general. do you really think democracy changes a terrorist mentality? i doubt it.
16. @israeli israeli
Yitzhak ,   TA   (08.15.12)
Of course. And I suppose that Arafat was in on the 1920 riots, as well? Oh, wait.. that was before his time. Face it: Arabs hate us. The solution is simple: expel all Arabs back to Jordan.
17. #7 Getting real handy with cut and paste
A ,   Belgium   (08.15.12)
too bad the rest of us are treated to the same boring, anti-Israel, ridiculous garbage you previously posted. Come on, Benazzi, a little imagination now, come up with something new to laugh at.
18. #7 Steve
Why don't you live in Israel and put up with the crap instead of being an arm chair quarterback!
19. to #2
Chan ,   FL. USA   (08.16.12)
Sami, what happens to a Jew that goes to Nablus? Best condition he gets escorted by the PA out of there, worst condition, he gets butchered in the nearby slaughterhouse. One of the biggest reasons that I hate the Palestinians is because they FORCE me to rely on #1 basic instinct "kill or be killed" "Have mercy and die." Don't tell me that my option is to run away with my head between my feet if I don't want to die. Alei Barikadot .....Herut Nesa_____.... Because we need some freedom from this BS.
20. Steve Benassi is a PUNK!!!
Z.Z. Coltrane ,   USA   (08.16.12)
21. Not all Arabs are terrorist!
Ted   (08.16.12)
It is totally wrong to call them all in a collective, terror group. Arabs too deserve respect due any human. i think it is important to establish security checks, but the paranoid of some Israelis are overboard. Some Israelis are even rude to the Arabs on public transports.
22. Ted@21
Belinda   (08.16.12)
Your naïveté is ASTOUNDING!!!! You sound like Rodney King!
23. WOW
Me ,   USA   (08.16.12)
You don't sound like a racist at all. Good job!!
24. evasion of security via use of buses
Ayala Choma ,   Ginot Shomron, Israe   (08.17.12)
At the Eliyahu crossing, the people who are payed to check the buses lack the courage to confront Arab passengers and demand to know their business in Israel. Instead they harass easier targets, such as Filipino women hired to care for the old and infirm.
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