Yishai: Next phase – arresting Eritrean, Sudanese migrants
Omri Efraim
Published: 16.08.12, 18:31
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1. Moses vis-à-vis Assad
observer ,   Egypt   (08.16.12)
Moses commanded the Hebrews that they should not oppress the strangers or non-Jews in their lands, Exodus 12:49, 22:21, 23:9, Leviticus 19:33-34, 25:35, Deuteronomy 10:18-19, 23:7, 24:17, 27:19. Assad's Grand father sent a letter to the France asking to protect Alawites and "poor" Jews emigrants in Palestine against Muslim ruling Ottomans and Syrian Muslim majority. Alawites succeeded in the era of Hafez Assad the son to extract unilateral recognition from Lebanese Shiets Leader as a Shiets faction or cult. Which side Israel is on? Israel's interest is in the Muslim majority's side.
2. A Muzzle for Yishai
yaakov ,   TA   (08.16.12)
Yishai manages to makes things worse with his incendiary statements-in any other government, he would have been fired long ago for his well demonstrated stupidity and narrow focus. Please get another spokesmen to explain the situation...!
3. Beitzim
Chan ,   FL, USA   (08.16.12)
La hombre tiene Beitzim. Some one sees a solution to the problem and purues it. Kol Ha Kavod.
4. Positive News
Paul ,   Israel/UK   (08.16.12)
One way to make people feel more secure would be to publish some positive news once in a while rather than creating panic with all those assumptions articles where a 'source' that cant be revealed might have had some information and blow it up .... there are many good things happening, why not report those for a change ...
5. Detention facilities should be meant as a temporary solution
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.16.12) order to find out 1) the exact name and identity of each illegal immigrant, 2) his/her nationality/country of origin and 3) his/her purpose for entering Israel illegally. When Israel has made all the necessary arrangements for expelling the African intruders, Israel should make the "major" step of simply dropping them off on the Egyptian side of the border. Israel should also shoot to kill at anyone who ventures to enter Israel. Israel should also contact the governments of the countries where the African illegals come from. Anyone found guilty in Israel for helping the Africans and other illegal immigrants across the border into Israel, should be given a very very long jail time, cancelled civil rights and no possibility to get a future employment in Israel. Life should be made unbearable both for non Jewish illegal immigrants entering Israel and Israeli citizens assisting the illegal immigrants in entering Israel and/or granting them employment. Companies hiring the illegal immigrants must shut down their company at once or expel the illegal immigrants at once. Israeli police should sweep Israel from north to south and hunt down the illegal African immigrants day and night and expel them from Israel. Israel should also contemplate military action against African countries relatively close to Israel in case they do not cease to flood my country with Africans. This incessant stream of non Jews into Israel has to stop. Accepting so many non Jews in Israel is nothing but a declaration of war on Israel's Jewish demographic character. I will tell you how many illegal immigrants and non Jews will be tolerated in Israel: zero. We have already too many non Jews in Israel. We don't want more non Jews here. What we have already is enough.
6. Yishai is more dangerous than infiltrators
Larry ,   Or Yehuda   (08.16.12)
7. Do not waste money irrationally
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (08.16.12)
Concentrate 5000 infiltrators, near Eilat, pack them to an old cargo ship. At sudanese, eritrean coasts sunk the ship and bring back the sailors with military boats. To transport back infiltrators with airplanes, with premium money is a crime against the people of Israel !
stude ham   (08.16.12)
and don't forget your massive bigotry while you're at it.
9. Yishai is doing a good job.
Reuv   (08.16.12)
But the officials stopping him from deporting all the illegals are doing considerable damage to Israel.
ZIMBI ,   NJUSA   (08.16.12)
11. Inapproriate
David ,   London, England   (08.16.12)
It is not his job nor is it the states job to make anybody's "life miserable". By all means arrest (with cause) and lock them up (with cause) but this is is always ever temporary. What he does not realise is that he does not make anybody feel better with such statements. it shows a very basic lack of understanding. He is not Minister of the Interior material.
12. #5 Poor boy,
stop writing bullsh!t and get a girlfriend.
13. Yishai
Floriane ,   Israel   (08.16.12)
Finally a sensible Man.! Please tackle that horror we have to live through, Mr Yishai
14. Human rights groups,put them in your house.
ROSENVALD ,   BRASIL   (08.16.12)
15. Look at California with cities declaring bankruptcy. Illegal
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.16.12)
aliens are the biggest contributing factor as they lower the going wage, pay taxes only through sales tax and such and suck up medical and other social benefits and bring down the educational level of the schools. Illegal aliens destroy the economy and removing them makes the country healthy. Legal immigrants contribute in a controlled way, illegal aliens simply suck the country dry.
16. A birdbrained fool in government
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (08.16.12)
a Cuckoo. It can only happen in Israel.
17. Yishai
Moragh   (08.16.12)
I'm not crazy about Yishai but I give him a thumbs up there. Frankly. I wouldn't be too happy to see my country turn Black, then again I have always said ... Live and let Live, but in the same breath Israel shouldn't start it otherwise there will be no end to it and it won't take Israel long until their tiny country turns black. Think good and hard about it!
18. For once Yishai may be doing something right
Ted   (08.16.12)
These infiltrators are really making the locals suffer and not ashamed of their deeds or reputation. If there were any good ones among them, they should have warned or tried to stop such crimes done by their own people!! Collective punishment is necessary in this case - nobody knows which will be next.
19. Illegal immigration, Aliyah Bet, wiped Palestine off the map
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay,   (08.16.12)
20. Send them home
Rachel ,   US   (08.16.12)
21. #5: Would you plan apply to white illegals, too?
Israel   (08.16.12)
I hope your feathers get just as ruffled by the 1000s of non-Jewish whites who lied and cheated their way into Israel "legally" on our shekel, only prove to be criminals and anti-Semites.
22. All usual IL HATER- YPosters are complaining of Racism.They
Alan ,   SA   (08.16.12)
want Israel to be WHITE ANTED! (Termited)... Its all part of their nefarious War on us JEWS!! All usual ones are quoting from Bible. But they dont quote the bits from Bible where it says Israel is for JEWS!
23. Dont jail infiltrators.Expel them NOW&Jail their EMPLOYERS
Alan ,   SA   (08.16.12)
Africans have NO business making Aliyah. Africa is big enough for all of its people. In South Africa we have the KRUGER GAME SANCTUARY....For preserving wild animals for posterity... In the whole wide world we have a JEWISH STATE which is THE SAME SIZE as the Kruger... THE VERY SAME SAME SIZE PLEASE NOTE ..for preserving Jews There is no room for Africans or Europeans or Asians or whatever nationals on a wholesale basis.
24. No 5 = Racist
Paul ,   Israel/UK   (08.16.12)
So, dear Alexander, this is pure Racism. I am not Jewish but my wife and children are ... should I leave the country in your opinion? you are a disgrace to Israel and to Judaism. Go to a Rabi and let him explain to you Jewish values ... with your violent way of thinking you might fit better with christianity or Islam ... it only takes a yes to become a muslim ... you should consider it ... I'm sick of people like who are trying to tell me I don't belong because I'm not jewish ... pure racism and considering the past you should know better .... go to school and educate yourself. No 12's comment about the girlfriend might be helpful but I don't think any woman would want to be with someone like you ... Again, you are a disgrace to your heritage and you are the one that should be deported
25. shame on you
peter ,   tel aviv   (08.16.12)
shame on you Eli Yishay as a human being. All we need is someone like you to fulfill the zionist dream . Your followers don't even want the zionist dream. They want a segregated society where one üart is hard working and serving while you and your cronies think about where to build the next mikve and where to segregate beaches and of course stop females from being shown anywhere in public. You want to fulfill the zionist dream then leave us in peace and stay in your yeshiva and leave the running of the country to real zionists.
26. wow, what a clever solution!
Israel   (08.16.12)
Unbelievable! And how exactly they are going to increase the budget I wonder?! By raising taxes again and making our life more miserable! Bravo!
27. Yshai
Floriane ,   Israel   (08.16.12)
#2 maybe if it hit home, i.e. Your sister, girlfriend or any woman you know, you may Have a different opinion. You should be the One to be MUZZLED
28. sounds ok to me
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (08.16.12)
let the liberfals pay their way back or give them forced labor to pay their fares.
29. #12
Oded ,   Beer Sheva   (08.16.12)
Do you know him personally? Why would one thing contradict the other? What exactly is bullshit? Israel's existence can't be taken lightly. Without Israel's survival you wouldn't have much of a life yourself. I assume you are Jewish.
30. Yishai and migrants
Henry Weil ,   Jerusalem   (08.16.12)
It just shows how unfit this man is and the frighting thing is that such an individual is in the security cabinet deport if necessary but shut up with the nonsense of Iran, never said any thing worthwhile
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