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US: Hotel owner to compensate Friends of IDF
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 16.08.12, 23:28
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1. I did not know Shangri-La is owned by muslims.
Iranian H   (08.16.12)
And worse, anti jew muslims. I will definitely stop going to shangri-la hotels again. There are many hotels, better too, and the best of all, not anti jew.
2. Boycott
Simcha ,   NYC USA   (08.17.12)
Spread the word and BOYCOTT this chain so that she can get her inheritance, which evidently means more to her than loving her fellow man. Someone needs to tell her Papa- would love to see her cut off when he finds out. Or maybe she will be beheaded.
3. Baruch Hashem and boycott all anti semitic goosesteppin sobs
Abra ,   Cadabra   (08.17.12)
4. Lawsuits have a place in enforcing our rights.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.17.12)
Lawsuits are no substitute for military action. They will do nothing to stop Iran from building nukes, for instance. However, lawsuits definitely have their place in enforcing Israeli and Jewish rights. Those who violate our rights should be made to pay dearly in ever sense of the word.
5. Donate the $1.2M to the IDF
AlexB ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.17.12)
That would really make them throw a fit :-)
6. See, I wrote to u there is no anti-Semitism in Santa Monica.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.17.12)
7. Now you know
Yoav   (08.17.12)
8. Hope the court ruling didn't insult the family honour
zionist forever   (08.17.12)
Would be a real shame if this woman's father decided the best way to deny her of her inheritance was to kill her but there is family honour at stake so who knows.
9. FIDF compensation
Donovan ,   Johannesburg S.Afric   (08.18.12)
Nice one FIDF! Gonna donate 50% to IDF? Hope so.
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