Firebomb attack: Palestinian 'pulled kids from burning car'
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 17.08.12, 00:56
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1. violence creates violence
Yousef ,   Palestine ,Hebron   (08.17.12)
2. Israel won't punish the settlers for this
James ,   Canada   (08.17.12)
As if Israel will bother to punish the terrorist settlers who did this. There have been mosque arsons, shootings, stone-throwing, and pogroms committed by Jewish settlers--and I have yet to see Israel punish a single person for it. That's because behind the scenes, Israel's leaders condone this terrorism against Palestinians.
3. Settler "code of silence" will protect guilty party, again
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.17.12)
4. Shocking
Ezra ,   SanDiego USA   (08.17.12)
I have to comment on this. I hope they find who did this and punish them.
5. Very, sad it makes Israel look like non-Jews
k ,   US   (08.17.12)
Very sad to see this, I know non Jews do these things, but when a Jew does it it is not nice, Jews are supposed to be held to a higher degree then non Jews, when I see a Jew doing this I cant help but think they are influenced by the non Jews in the world
6. Attempted murder and,,,,,,,,
Carl M. ,   Waldorf M.D.   (08.17.12)
This was a terrorist attack, it has no bounds. A Jewish terrorist attack. I believe the Jew and the Pal have forfeited the right to the sanctity of this land, nothing less of an earthquake for these two entities to releive the pressure of an earth that is in so much pain.
7. Imprisonment Is Too Good For Them
Douglas Fireman ,   Chicago, USA   (08.17.12)
This was a senseless act and the perpetrators should be Severely punished.
Josh B ,   NYC   (08.17.12)
Zionist terror at it's finest, brings back the memory of Zionist terror that spread through Palestine in the early 20th century.
9. Jews descending to the level of Hamas
Stephen in New York   (08.17.12)
can not be tolerated.
BI   (08.17.12)
11. Sad casualty of war
Chan ,   FL, USA   (08.17.12)
Sad casualty of war when the first thing that has to die is your humanity. Its a sad casualty where you have to live by "kill or be killed." I'm not justifying this, only demonizing the the nation that wanted a Judenfrei Israel since the mid 20's. They created these Monsters that they will have to live with. The alternative could have been living in peace with the Jews from the beginning.
12. works two ways...
fair ,   Israel   (08.17.12)
Maybe it was a Palestinian disguised as a Orthodox Jew. Standard tactic for incitement. Israeli security forces have arrested Palestinian terrorists dressed as IDF soldiers. So why not as an orthodox Jew?
13. the difference
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (08.17.12)
By us we have one or two 'nut' cases, but the rest are normal. Arabs walk free in West Jerusalem with no fear. By them, those who hate us are few, one or two nuts cases, but the rest, who hate us, are the norm in their towns. We can not even walk in East Jerusalem, not to mention Beit Lechem, Jenin or Shechem with out putting our life in danger of a lynch. By us, those who attack Arabs are not from the norm, but by the Arabs those who attack Jews are considered as the norm. That is the real truth of the situation. If you don't believe me, take a walk in Ramallah, etc, with a Jewish star visible on your chest or wearing a kippah and see how many daggers you collect as you stroll.
14. Firebomb attack
David ,   Germany   (08.17.12)
How dare you be like them? If it is true then you are not Jews who read the Torah!! Be ashamed to go down their level!! Our G´d does not make war on children.
15. Criminal....they should be punished for attacking these
r ,   Atlanta GA   (08.17.12)
Innocent people....Abbas negotiate a settlement with Israel bring prosperity and dignity to the people you seem to care about, you and Netanyahu can forge a peace.
16. yeah right
jack bauer   (08.17.12)
everyday there is an attack against jews by arabs. They stone, stab, etc and nobody ever is held accountable. The one time a fakestinian says a jew did it the shin bet are on the case .... this is laughable! They might be lying by the way and will implicate someone who names them for what they are, an Illegal squatting 5th column
17. This story lacks something
Sarah B , ,   U.S.A./Israel   (08.17.12)
We don't know where the cab was coming from. We don't know the commitment of this "family" with terrorist activities... were the "children" the ones dressed in Hamas uniform presented in TV shows? Maybe the man with peyot was a Hamas operative disguised.... I simply don't buy this piece of information. Sorry,
18. To: Fair at No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.17.12)
Thank you for pointing out what is likely precisely the case. The costuming was a little over the top, which makes your scenario so accurate. Thank you again.
19. Good - Palis should know what it feels like
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (08.17.12)
to be persecuted. They can kill any amount of Jewish woman and children in vehicles (etc.) and not have same done to them? What - are they thinking - that they are Gods? Untouchables ?
20. We are turning in to our enemy
Ethan Schwartz ,   Eilat   (08.17.12)
21. Madmen abound. Ynet lioves stirring sh1t
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (08.17.12)
22. not so quick...
Marcelo ,   BA/Berlin/TLV   (08.17.12)
Arabs tend to lie all the time and tell fascinating stories about a little child returning from the mosque when they actually were throwing stones to a car as happened with the help of arab al-sh**zeera. I do think the same now, arabs are busy hating and planing killings of Jews and Jews are busy living their own life and making the difference?
23. #10 cought on fires....
Marcelo ,   BA/Berlin/TLV   (08.17.12)
This shows that arabs knew what was going to happen...typical arab murderer society, you don not care about your own elements, you only care about showing Israel as the bad guy...hope more of your own species keep throwing molotovs to arabs taxi drivers....
24. To #2 you must have fallen asleep
Daniel ,   Shomron Israel   (08.17.12)
בס"ד Not True.
25. If this story is true, then this is abominable
Tahl   (08.17.12)
Terrorizing and murdering innocent civilians has never been the Jewish way. I want to believe this story is not as reported, but if it turns out it is - then these hooligans should be locked up for a long time, and the Yesha council should condemn this horrible act in the most severe way.
26. #8 Utter rubbish
Tahl   (08.17.12)
"Zionist terror that spread through Palestine in the early 20th century"? Huh?... You mean, Israeli settlements protecting themselves against Fadayoon attacks? Need I remind you of the 1929 massacres, long before the establishment of the Jewish state, long before 1967?
27. #2 Because you hate so much the Jews
Isac   (08.17.12)
you are unable to think clearly. Since Israel has a independent judiciary system, similar incidents are very well documented. And yes indeed, Jewish Israelis are harshly punished if they injure or murder another person. Contrary to Arab/Muslims court systems, in Israel is no difference in the court sentencing regardless the religion. So just take a deep breath and start thinking! On a different issue, the picture of the Arab family members laying around on the floor of the hospital grounds says really a lot about the decent Arab culture.
28. Many thanks to Ynet
joe ,   vienna   (08.17.12)
especially to Your forum. I recommend it, with extra attention to "Sara B.", to readers in other newspapers. As an "eye opener".
29. Disgusting
David ,   Israel   (08.17.12)
These shameless Jews make us look just as bad
30. How do we know it wasn't really an Arab who "missed"
Riva ,   Betar   (08.17.12)
First of all, can we take the Arab driver's word for this that it was a Jew who threw this and not an Arab (or one dressed as a frum Jew) who thought it was a Jewish car or worse, was trying to get Jews in trouble!! afterall, the Arabs are expert in throwing Molotov cocktail at Jewish cars all the time! And MUCH WORSE! Will the PM condemn these CONSTANT ATTACKS by the Arabs! I was once pregnant and had a Molotov cocktail thrown at my car. NO, the monster Arab was not caught! fortunately, he missed our car but the incident put me into shock esp. being a pregnant woman! So, when i hear this stuff, i am so angry because UNLESS THE ARABS STOP THIS HORRIBLE PRACTICE THEY CAN'T EXPECT TO HAVE NOTHING DONE TO THEM!
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