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Boycotted Algerian author moved by Lieberman
Roi Kais, Roi Simyoni
Published: 17.08.12, 01:57
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1. The last quote is true:
A. Assayag ,   France   (08.17.12)
"Common people are always more progressive than those who pretend to lead them" When Ehud Barak made his far reaching concessions in Camp David and in Taba, most ''experts'' said that it would be very difficult for him to have the population supporting these proposals. It turned out that around 60% of Israeli Jews endorse the Clinton parameters. Average people tend to be much more moderate than they appear to the elites.
2. Wow
Rick NJ ,   South Jersey, US   (08.17.12)
Imagine a Middle East populated by Boualem Sansals..... a world at peace with the differences of its neighbors... what a beautiful dream (and a nightmare to the majority of the leadership of most of the region's nation-states)!
3. Boycotted Algerian author moved by Lieberman
ltrail ,   United States   (08.17.12)
Well.....I was moved by this author's love for Israel. We can tell that someone has hit a resonant note when hamas calls something like Boualem Sansal's visit to Israel, a "betrayal of the Palestinian people". So much so that I copied the article written by Roi Simyoni, for re-reading tomorrow. Sansal's vision is one where the words such as "Israel", "Jew", and probably "Zion" can be allowed to be used freely. And so, I too send a very special greeting to Boualem Sansal, where ever your are tonight. Blessing and great health to you and yours. Shalom.
4. I'll buy "An Unfinished Business"
Yossef   (08.17.12)
This guy worth to be read. BTW I've been invited in Algeria for a conference but my visa has been refused because I'm israeli, yeap... I would have love to see the roots of my family there, too bad...
5. Anyone touched by Lieberman's concern should see a shrink.
Marcus   (08.17.12)
6. Finally, after so many years of not being
Israeli   (08.17.12)
informed about Algeria except for violence, crimes, Islamists, dictatorships, I hear another voice. Sansal's voice is like a cool and crystal clear spring in the middle of the desert. His wish of sanity, of non-hindered dialogue, of vocal criticism (not violent one) sounds like sweet music to my ears. I am really moved by this Algerian's wish for dialogue and peace. Let us all pray for more such voices, for them to join in a chorus of normal life and for such people to convince their countrymen that this is the true way to follow. Sansal I wish you AD MEA VE ESRIM !
7. Boualem Sensal
NYC Girl   (08.17.12)
Will somebody please nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize. He certainly deserves it more than some of the previous winners.
8. Voltaire, Rousseau, Jefferson, and MLK would be proud
Logic ,   Israel   (08.17.12)
Like a supernova in a distant galaxy, a spark of light appears in the Arab night, but it may take generations to see it.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (08.17.12)
10. #5 Maybey your's has an open date ?
DelusionalLeftist ,   Jeruslem Israel   (08.17.12)
11. #7 - The Nobel committee is too busy nominating people
William ,   Israel   (08.17.12)
who haven't actually done anything yet.
12. # 7 N Y Girl
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (08.28.12)
Maybe the Noble Committee can give obama's 'peace prize' to this man who is far more deserving??? obama wont be president after the next election proving that only the European's love this blow hard who only produces his own self made gas....
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