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Ahmadinejad: 'Black stain' of Zionism must be removed
Dudi Cohen
Published: 17.08.12, 12:16
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1. Liberals, Obama lovers & Wimps
Roll call - Please stand up
2. Peres, Dagan, Mofaz, Shelly, Farkash
Kumbaya....O....Kumbaya......Kumbaya....O....Kumbaya......Kumbaya....O....Kumbaya......Kumbaya....O....Kumbaya......BOOM !
3. Iran not to be taken out yet
Paul Attrosford ,   USA   (08.17.12)
All the talk of Iran being taking out is quite silly. Iran still can be hit but not taken out as a threat to Israel. Biblical prophecy won't allow it. That is, because Iran is seen in the prophetic Scriptures as seen joined with the northern confederacy coming against Israel at the end of the age. Yes, Iran might be hit but not removed until done so by the Lord Himself.
4. Is anyone still wondering if Iran
Reuven   (08.17.12)
intends to nujke Israel? Destroy Iran's nuke program NOW!
5. and we are waiting for him to have nuclear power?
Trevor ,   Modiin, Israel !!!!   (08.17.12)
What are we waiting for ... in order for it to be self defense ... the enemy or attacker needs the "means and intent" well...this speech shows he has the intent ... and he is building the means ... again I ask ... what are we waiting for?
6. Sure he is and Ahmadinejad is al Mahdi
Tambour ,   Eilat   (08.17.12)
7. Ahmadinijad, the champion for human rights and freedom.
deavman ,   Acco, Israel   (08.17.12)
8. Iranian regime will soon be put out of its misery
Menachem ,   Israel   (08.17.12)
Pay-back time awaits the arrogant and evil mullahs and their fanatical supporters. Take a look at Hitler, Arafat, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi and Eichmann to get the idea where the Iranian Islamo-fascist regime is heading.
9. doesn't this guy have anything else to talk about?
tiki ,   belgium   (08.17.12)
He has said the same & same & same & same in all tones & nuances and now he starts repeating the 'variations.
10. to ahmadi:
Dream Braker   (08.17.12)
the shiite regime of Tehran is a tumor than will be soon removed from the surface of earth the same way as his Syrian sibling
11. UNBELIEVABLE ! - just yesterday Khamenei
Amos J   (08.17.12)
UNBELIEVABLE ! - just yesterday Khamenei said Israel will soon vanish from the map, and today him. And Liberals & Obama worshippers still want to hug the Ayatollahs.
12. The black stain
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (08.17.12)
Can someone please rewrite this so that even a 4th grader can understand it and then send to Obama, Clinton, Panetta and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.17.12)
If you were to gather the number of stories on Iran in Israel,you will not be surprised.Take Ynet coverage on how to carry out the attacks on the Nuclear facilities and so forth,you will draw your own conclusions.
14. Banquet of flowers
Tony ,   INDIA   (08.17.12)
When PM Netanyahu and Barak shout over rooftops of bombing Iran what do they expect? Flowers? Remember today you may send missiles, tomorrow they may return you those with interest. After all no one wants to keep debt.
15. Obama leaps with joy, and joins the parade....
Iranian Hunter   (08.17.12)
Such great leap, and with great mighty shout he proclaims religious slogan of the religion of peace. Hillarious Clinton cries tears of joy while wearing her hijab. Catherine Ashton screams with joy while wearing her burkha. Ron Paul repeats that Iran is not a danger to the world and repeats that Iran never said Israel should disappear.. CNN reports Al Quds day as "human rights day".
16. The shia are desperate.
Iranian Hunter   (08.17.12)
Look, i am a former jafari shia. If any one of you are confused why he keeps saying such thing is because. 1. The Iranian are sectarianism regime, like Assad and Iraq now. Their religion is specially crafted to DESTROY Islam. It makes Ali into GOD, it makes Hussein into GOD. It is basically pagan Islam. 2. The shias are allowed to lie to sunnis, non muslims to spread their religion. Which is why you'll see many shias pretending to be christian and sunnis to defend shia islam. 3. Look at Syria there, that is what shias must do if the muslims wanted to overthrow a shia regime. Look, the shias can't fight the muslims because shias is still only 10-15%. They had to pretend they want unity. But the problem is the muslims (sunni as the shias called them) are beginning to wake up that these shias wanted to overthrow and conquer Islam. The teachers and masters on the quran in Sunni Islam knows how dangerous shias are. You look at how they rule in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon. If / when the shias has become at least 40% - 50%, the sunnis will see Islam changed, and they will no longer be able to praise Yazid or Muawiyah or Umar or Abo Bakr or Aishya in public, because those people are considered heretics in Shia Islam.
17. Attack Iran?
Rolly ,   Tampa, US   (08.17.12)
Everyone is freaking out over whether the US or Israel, or both, will or should attack Iran. The preferable alternative would be to take out a "contract" on Iran and Hezbollah's top leadership, can you you imagine the effect if Khamenei, Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah were to be assassinated? A far more powerful message than a military strike and far less destructive.
18. why print
real vision ,   usa   (08.17.12)
anything that this piece of human trash says. If anything is a cancer on humankind it is Ahmadinejad and islam and the rest of the islamic shiteheads the world could do without
19. Even Muslims don't know where this ends
Hameed ,   Aswan   (08.17.12)
Ahmedinijad is a manic depressive therefore messianic. Sees himself Al Mahdi coming out od the well. The UN Drame when time stood still for him for 20 minutes ought to worry the hell out of any sane muslim or earthling for the simple reason that he thinks he will arrive when there is armageddon. Saudi's invention of Wahabism, 1750 after Wahab, Muhammed's tribe, or the Egyptians starting the Ikhwan, 90 years ago, both before Israel came to be shows how artful the leaders who control the muslim masses cheat them. Oil peaked and will be swamped soon with renewables. . USA will never put an Obama in the white House again, so Mice, do play Cat will soon be back
20. you gotta love that guy
zionist forever   (08.17.12)
Sadly we lost Gaddafi who was the king if comedy with his speeches and desire to pitch a bedouin tent in Central Park when he went to New York for a UN summit. Now Ahmadinejad is the closet we got to a successor to Gaddafi's throne. Ahmadinejad does come out with some great lines which make you laugh. As far as the Iranian nuclear program goes whilst I can't see Ahmadinejad ever being mad enough to use the things although he would not hesitate though to use conventional weapons or terrorists so he is still a dangerous clown. It is very possible some future nutty president might be willing to use nukes or one iof the ayatollahs will get a vision from Allah saying nuke the zionist entity which is why somebody must take action to destroy the nuclear program now before we reach the point of no return.
21. Is There Any Question To The World
What The Intensions of the little bearded monkey and his ayatollah Cockamamie are? I don't know about you (people of the world) But As For Me I Say NO MERCY, let's compare What The difference is? the ILLEGAL regime in tehran has and is CALLING FOR GENOCIDE of a Nation and it's people, Insults, Incitment, provocation for the STEALING OF LAND HA SHEM Bequethed To His people, and handed over To Groups of arabs For Planing of taking over the World Continent By continent Until This Planet Is Submerged in Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can the world leader's Think That the persian arabs Plan To Murder Every Single Jew World Wide, and Still NOT SUPPORT A STRIKE ON THESE ISSLIMIC MONSTERS? May Bibi and Gen. B.Gantz Be Protected From this evil until the world is saved from these TERRORISTS!!!!!!! שבת שלום/ברוך הא שם
22. The adept of the ugliest sect,
Susya Bar Dror ,   Zionist State Israel   (08.17.12)
the followers of Islam. Invented by an epileptic paedophile. Islam is an ideology, not a religion. Pfui!
23. The Ape man BEGS to be bombed !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.17.12)
24. I hope for the COMPLETE destruction of
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.17.12)
25. #16 Continue
Iranian Hunter   (08.17.12)
And also, the reason why shias are growing is because many christians, sunnis are converting to Islam, but what the media don't tell you is that they converted to Shia Islam. Tony Blair's sister in law i think converted to shia islam, i saw her near Qom last / two years ago. And also, basically if a person go to Iran and say he /she convert to Islam, it is shia islam. The shias (my former religion) are allowed to lie to protect shia islam, it's called taqiyyah. which is why you'll see many shias pretending to be sunni, christian to defend shia islam and insult Yazid, Aisha, Muawiyah etc etc. The reason why many convert to Shia islam especially from the sunnis (muslims) are because the shia religion is specially created to "replace" Islam. Making it into worshiping Ali as GOD in human form, Hussein as the "great martyr" for fighting the sunni Yazid, Muawiyah. They makes fake hadith to insult Yazid, Aisha, Umar, Muawiyah, Abu Bakr. And many more. But the shias are very good at lying and convincing, which is why many sunnis, christians converted to Shia Islam. But they don't say it's shia islam, they call it Islam. Because they are not strong enough to overthrow Sunnis.....yet, wait until they are at least 40-50%, you'll see events like Bahrain happening all over the muslim world.
Musbau ,   Ilorin Nigeria   (08.17.12)
As a very fervent Muslim, I believe the moral essence in the practice of my religion will be incomplete without an acute sense of justice. Justice means to say the truth. The land of Jerusalem and the entire PA land are historically Jewish and are indigenous to the Jews. We read in the QUR'AN that Allah called prophet Musa from Mount Sinai which is in present day Israel. The fact that Israelis were by some circumstances of history scattered abroad does not mean that Jerusalem no longer belong to them. The Palestinians are originally and are still Arabs who came from Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Jordan, Lebanon etc thus they are a ''invented people''. They should be resettled back in Arabia while Jews take back their ancestral lands. It has happened in Nigeria. We ceded Bakassi back to Cameroon without firing a bullet! As for Ahmedinejad and Khamenei they should be careful not to walk themselves into Nuremberg like trial for provoking another holocaust of Jews. Mr Ahmedinejad, the holocaust was a fact of history. Israel will not disappear. Allah will protect Israel because that is the land of his beloved prophet Moses.
27. #13 You are partly correct
Me   (08.17.12)
It is true that Netanyahu and Barack seem to be obsessed with talks about Iran, but it's just that in Israel, people are actually telling them to stay quiet, and find their talk ominous and annoying.
28. Ahmedj wins the month's IDIOT AWARD ... again
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (08.17.12)
29. Just another ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.17.12)
... sermon from the monkey cage. Yawwwn. Standard Friday-afternoon-go-to-mosque fare from the Islamofascist regime. Of course, if Israel chooses to take these existential threats seriously, that just might prove a problem for this particular troop of monkeys, wouldn't it?
30. Right wing nutcase Ahmadinejad has no power in Iran, Zero!
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.17.12)
Wiping Israel off the map, like Palestine was wiped off the map, will happen peacefully, soon, with Obama UN '67 borders, in Palestine Israel.
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