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Anti-Semitic Peruvian leader: Spanish conqueror was a Jew
Published: 20.08.12, 14:44
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1. not smart
motty ,   usa   (08.20.12)
if i'd believe that the jews control the global economy i would not want to kick them out of my country , i would be nice to them.
2. Expulsions :
Walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (08.20.12)
The Peruvians have to read about the History and learn what happens when a country kick out a whole ethnic group. By exemple, the XVe century Reconquista who kicked out The Jews and the Muslims out of Spain cost to the Spaniards an economic crash. At last, maybe the peruvians prefer to be called The New Zimbabwe...
3. Eating too many coca leaves
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.20.12)
That much is obvious - no brain cells left
4. Somewhere must end politics
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (08.20.12)
and begin psychiatrics. This article's place should have been in the "Health, Hospitals" topic.
5. How is this any different than the Arabs in 1950s
William ,   Israel   (08.20.12)
expelling all of the Jews because Israel beat Arab nations in a war of extermination?
6. So the Peruvians got pissed off too ,...
split ,   US   (08.20.12)
7. Damn he's kind of stupid
Michael ,   Texas, Dallas   (08.20.12)
Doesn't heknow Hitler was a Jew,,,,, some people,,,, any reason to hate a Jew,,, Damn.
8. Really? I used to love Peru and its people
William ,   Israel   (08.20.12)
Certainly the ranting of this Peruvian idiot are far from the more peaceful nature of the original inhabitants there - the Incas. Perhaps, because of his own colonialist ancestry, he should expel himself from Peru. Nevermind that during the time of the Spanish expansion, Jews were also being attacked at home and would never have been given the high-honor role of pillaging new lands for Her Majesty.
9. Spanish conqueror was a Jew
T. W. ,   Modiin Israel   (08.20.12)
So what? Jesus of Nazareth, to whom you perhaps knee every day, was also a Jew. Even you Quispe Mayta, be careful not to shake your genealogical tree, else a couple of Jews might fall from it.
10. Not surprised the Guardian interviewed this guy
Max ,   San Diego, CA USA   (08.20.12)
11. 8 - pillaging new lands for Her Majesty ,...
split ,   US   (08.20.12)
They robbed her of the riches of Iberia and the loot from Americas right there in Spain, by usury ,...
12. Time for the Mossad to have a serious chat with this dude...
Rafi ,   US   (08.20.12)
13. Re #11 Bright one
Andrew Brehm ,   Zurich   (08.20.12)
"They robbed her of the riches of Iberia and the loot from Americas right there in Spain, by usury" Right. After Spain took all the gold from South America home the kingdom borrowed money from the Jews (that had already moved to Turkey by the time). Have you ever received a medal or something? You are super-stupid. That is rare!
14. Time to go Jews of Peru
Kiwi Girl   (08.21.12)
Time those 5000 made aliyah- might as well concentrate all that genius in one place! Peru's loss will be Israel's gain..
15. Big surprise the writer is Dan Collyns
Tripster ,   LA PAZ, BOLIVIA   (08.21.12)
This Indian nazi lover lives in his one room office in the outskirts of Lima,even his neighbors want nothing to do with this sicko,now thanks to the best israel basher the guardian can pay ,we have one famous little indian.the article fails to mention that Dan collyns was based in beirut and was able to interview the devil himself, nassralh,i wonder why?
MARICEL ROMERO ,   LIMA, PERU   (08.21.12)
I am peruvian and I had not heard this horrible declarations. Nobody knows this man. Well I didn't know he exists. Conqueror Pizarro jew ?? Wow what a fairy tale. I am christian non catholic and love Israel, God's people. HE will give Israel victory over their enemies. The conquerors were catholic spanish and didn't kill native Peruvians like the English did in North America, where they disappeared them. Here, native Peruvians were treated like persons not animals. The were exploited, it is true, but treated like persons, even were taught in the Spanish catholic religion and baptized. God bless Israel, as HE always does.
MARICEL ROMERO ,   LIMA, PERU   (08.21.12)
I am Peruvian and, you Jews are considred here as in any country : some love you and some hate you. I love you Israel people. You are God's chosen people and anybody that curses you, is cursed by God as HE said. I love God, so I love HIS loved people. This guy Quispe, he is not known. At least I don't know who he is. When Pizarro came here in 1532 aprox, Jews were all over the world and not thinking of conquers or genocides. This man Quispe must have said this to gain celebrity. Sorry he is Peruvian. But God will take care of him, I'm sure.
MARICEL ROMERO ,   LIMA, PERU   (08.21.12)
I am Peruvian and know History. One Peruvian named Quispe doesn't know what he is saying. It seems he is trying to get in politics and nobody knows him so he makes explosive declarations. This news has not been published in papers or TV here. I don't know where you got it.
19. Pinhead @ 13 ,...
split ,   US   (08.21.12)
Ever heard or read about marranos or conversos ??? ,...
20. 6
the peruvians? those poor indian "mexicans" whose intelligence is next to zero? who the heck cares what this idiot says or how he says it. just look at israel and look at peru. there lies there answer. one is third world, the other is advanced beyond incredible. and you want us to care about what this imbecil says? who cares if he is mad or whatever. he can bark all he wants but we will continue to prosper and become a huge economy. just keep in mind our natural gas and oil discoveries. HUGE!!!! THIS WILL MAKE ISRAEL VERY VERY WELTHY. TOGETHER WITH ITS GENIUS BRAIN, WE ARE UNSTOPABLE! how is that for a crystal ball for you? don't like it. well, too bad. rot in your infinite jealousy.
21. 11
we are phenomenal business people with a genius for math, science and business. don't like it? too bad. rot in your jealousy.
22. Pizarro Jewish???What an idiot!!!
Wow! ,   Israel   (08.21.12)
Pizarro was a brutal illiterate pig- breeeder from Extremadura, jew- hater like most spaniards of his time. Many jews were burned alive by the inquisition in Lima, where there was a street called "Matajudios" (Jew killer) The name of this idiot (Quispe Mayta) shows his indian ancestry, (Quechua nation), whose vopcabulary include many hebrew- sounding words with the same meaning as in hebrew, so that is thought that perhaps some is- raelites of the "Lost Tribes" reached them somehow.
23. Face it, spite, you got owned by Andrew, LOL
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (08.21.12)
The joke's on YOU!
24. #3 More likely his hate killed his brain cells, Gee
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (08.21.12)
The leaves contain calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins A, B2 and E.
25. It would be nice if all the stuff people say about us were
Henry from New York ,   USA   (08.21.12)
true. We Jews would be so powerful and fiercesome that we wouldn't have to worry about antisemitism again. Ah well....
26. to #19 true, or the ghosts of Goya,
ghostq   (08.21.12)
the inquisition was still on.
27. ALL South America has been infiltrated by Hezballah and Pals
Alan ,   SA   (08.21.12)
28. Another illuminated in sight
Antonio ,   Spharad   (08.21.12)
Pizarro? Churchill? I guess this guy has the best documented genealogical tree of these governors in the world, but his. Quispe Mayta? If these surnames are native, when and who began to register his genealogical tree? Hmmm ... Meanwhile conquest finished, monks began to register the first native names and his alleged family knew reading and writing, perhaps at the end of 19th century. Then, he may have 16 generations before him of Jews, Christians, Muslims, Spanish, Portuguese, Hollander, French, ... and some other illuminated like him.
29. 23 - The joke's on YOU! ,...
split ,   US   (08.21.12)
No kiddin' - It looks like you two got the same history teacher ;) ,... Marranos or conversos (converts) or those pretended to be them didn't move or got out of business of lending money and rip off trade ,...
30. to #29 but the converts became chritians.
ghostq   (08.22.12)
not jewish, they were no longer jews, sheesh, you just claimed catholic chritians did banking. baaa no use goats got better logic than you. and thank you for proving that catholic chritians did money deals, you ignore that the catholic church is "sell" me a miracle is still on.
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